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My name is Coyote and I love this job. I am a shaman. Part of what this means for me is that an altered state of consciousness -- achieved through a form of meditation -- is my go-to for all magical workings, whether that is talking with spirits, helping to clear negative energy, or tapping into Time to seek knowledge of the future. I will do a reading with any combination of cards, runes, crystals, etc and that meditative state.

The best way we can connect is if we talk -- so let's talk :)

I would love to chat with you, and if I'm offline or you don't have the time, let's try an email reading!

May Lady Luck watch over and guide you :)


The past is dead.
To-morrow is not born.
Be to-day!
Be with every nerve,
With every muscle,
With every drop of your red blood!
-PG Wodehouse

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StarzCoyote's Reviews

" Very quick and informative and made me feel at ease. She told me things I wouldn\\\'t have known unless I told her and provided advice as well as predictions. Amazing"

Posted by: S on 02/03/15
" Very informative and a pleasure to talk to. Made me feel at easy and described things she wouldn't have known unless I told her. Amazing"

Posted by: S on 02/03/15