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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the live chat work?
1. Create an Account
2. Purchase Minutes
3. Choose an Advisor
4. Enter the live chat room and start typing your questions.
5. When your minutes are up, your chat session ends.
6. Buy more minutes to keep going, or end the session.
7. Enjoy!
I'm paying by E-check, when will I receive my minutes?
After your check has cleared your minutes will be applied to your account.
Which web browser works best with Starz Psychics?
Our site is most compatible with FireFox and Chrome.
How do I pick a Reader/Advisor?
You can browse through available psychics advisors on the Home Page. If the advisor is offline, you can purchase an email reading, or visit their profile and click the button to be notified when they are online.
How do I Add Minutes to My Account?
You can purchase minutes at any time after you have created an account. If your minutes run out during a chat sesion, you will have two minutes to purchase more minutes and return to your chat session before it ends. As of now, we do not track seconds as this complicates our billing process. All minutes will be rounded accordingly.
How Are The Reader/Advisors Chosen?
Reader/Advisors are interviewed and thoroughly vetted before they are allowed to join the Starz Family. Most of them have a great deal of experience and have a proven track record. Their skills have been tested and found to be of the highest quality.

Because of this thorough testing you can be assured that Starz Reader/Advisors are going to give you the very best reading. Their ability to connect with you is paramount and assures that you will have a good experience and get your questions answered.

How can I leave a review for an advisor?
Once your reading is finished and you want to praise the Reader/Advisor, a box will pop up and ask you to review your advisor.

Our Reader/Advisors appreciate knowing what you think of their skills and you help them when others are choosing someone to do a reading for them.

Please be honest, concise, and clear with your comments.

How can I contact support?
To send a message to support, click here and fill out the contact form.

What are the different types of Psychic Abilities and Specialties and what are their meanings?
Each of the abilities and specialties of psychic advisors on Starz Psychics are explained:

A person who is involved in a cooperative effort between a person in Spirit and the person able to communicate with them (the medium).

Tarot Card
An ancient deck of cards made up of 78 cards divided up into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana which are mostly used for divination.

Readers who have the ability to bring in information from the deceased, spirit guides or angels.

One who has �clear sight� into the Spirit world and can �see� answers to questions.

One who has �clear hearing� and can discern messages from the Spirit world.

Spirit Guides
Beings who surround and help us in our daily lives and who can usually be contacted by a Reader.

Oracle Cards
Cards used for divination, fortune telling, astrology and spiritual guidance.

Beings of Light who surround and protect humankind and can be called upon for assistance.

Practitioners who understand the movement of the planets, luminaries, asteroids and fixed stars in relation to each other to look at a person's talents and look into their future.

A person with an acute sensitivity who can pick up on another's energy and feelings in order to assist them with a problem.

Naturally occurring formations found in the earth that have their own vibration and can be used in divination or healing.

The use of numerical sums made up from a date (birth, event, etc.) and then translated into a series of numbers used for a forecast.

A person with supernatural mental abilities such as future sight, telekinesis, remote viewing, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.

A weighted object suspended at the end of a cord or chain allowed to swing freely in order to get a simple answer or direction.

Ancient art of doing readings with a plain deck of playing cards.

What does Personal Advice Mean?
It seems to be a simple phrase, but it's jam packed with meaning. How many times have you turned to a friend for personal advice? How often did that friend just listen and let you work it out by yourself? How many people do you know who can actually give you good advice? Not many, I'll bet.

However, you are very lucky because you're reading this. It's connected to a wonderful site where you can find skilled, professional Advisors who can actually give you personal advice. Good personal advice.

So take a few minutes and review the bios of our Advisors. Get to know them and choose one who resonates with you. Purchase some time with them and ask your questions. Get that personal advice you so rightly deserve.

From this time forward, you know where you can turn for personal advice and find it... we wish you well.

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Where do tarot cards come from?
We know very little about the origin of the Tarot de Marseilles, but we can however that the Tarot de Marseilles deck appeared in France during the reign of King Charles VI. When Charles was declared insane, he was locked up in a castle by his wife Isabeau of Bavaria. Odette de Champdivert, his mistress brought him a deck of Tarot cards.

In fact, these tarot cards were composed of 56 paperboard pieces decorated with figures and signs. These cards were used by Saracens in the Middle East. Charles VI asked Jacquemin Gringonneur to redraw the figures in order to make them look prettier. Some claim that the first illuminations of the cards appeared in Italy but the work of this artist is listed for payment in the journal of Charles VI's banker.

The Tarot we talk about here was not a divination Tarot but a card game; which still exists and is still used in Mediterranean countries. Although opinions are divided and the experts seldom agree, the Divinatory Tarot de Marseilles was born from this game.

Twenty-two major arcana were associated to the fifty-six basic cards (minor arcana). These major arcana are more often used than the minor arcana. The graphics of the Tarot de Marseilles look medieval and reflect the ideology of that time when people sought perfection in medieval icons.

Advisors who use Tarot: StarzAmbercat, StarzAngel, StarzEffieK, StarzGnosis, StarzIndigo, StarzMarie, StarzMataya1, StarzOwl, StarzPersey

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