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How it Works


Advisors are Exclusive to You!
Advisors are Exclusive to You!
While Advisors are in chat with you they are prevented from entering a chat with another user. This ensures that you are getting the full attention of your Advisor throughout your chat session.

Private & Secure
It's Private and Secure
We will never reveal your private information to anyone else our web site. You will create a "nickname" that you use to chat with readers so that your real name is kept confidential. Starz Psychics also does not handle or store any credit card or personal information. All transactions are handled by PayPal.

Buying Minutes
Buying Minutes
You can purchase minutes at any time after you have created an account. If your minutes run out during a chat sesion, you will have two minutes to purchase more minutes and return to your chat session before it ends. As of now, we do not track seconds as this complicates our billing process. All minutes will be rounded accordingly.

Chat Timing
Chat Timing
The chat timer will start as soon as your Advisor types the first message. The timer will continue to count down until you either have no minutes left or click the "End Session" button. It's important that you remember to click the "End Session" button to prevent your minutes from running out accidently.

Download Your Psychic Chat Sessions
Download Chat Sessions
After your chat has ended, a downloadable copy of your session will be available in your account. This can be accessed at any time. Only you can download the copy of the chat session.

No Special Requirements
No Special Requirements
The chat screen uses common browser technologies and requires no special software or skills to use.

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