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From: PA, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Oct 15th 2012    Last Login: 5/20/24

Expert Love Psychic specializing in Oracle and Tarot cards readings, and Spirit guide and Angel readings. I am also a Numerologist and dream interptor. I'm here to listen and help you to feel the love, light, and protection that your spirit guides and angels are sending to you at all times. I'm here to act as a bridge between you and them, allowing you to connect to them and them to you. Let me help you communicate with them, and help them relay to you the messages that they are longing to share with you. I have been working as a psychic reader for over 20 years. I’m also a Reiki healer and have assisted in many face to face and long distance Reiki healings. I have helped many people with relationship issues and financial concerns and have assisted them in realizing their hopes, dreams, and goals. I truly feel it's my life's mission to assist others with my psychic and healing abilities, it's also my PASSION. Let me help you move in a positive new direction of success and happiness today.

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StarzHopeRaines's Reviews

" Will be back ! Enjoyed it."

Posted by: Carol on 04/06/23
" Thank you for confirming I'm long overdue for some "life". I'm worth it!"

Posted by: Punkytuff1 on 04/21/22
" She's always spot on! Hopeful for the predicted outcomes this December! Definitely contact HopeRaines for anything on your heart! <3"

Posted by: Deborah on 10/22/20
" My reading was on 7-11. At the time she said she saw me involved with gardening or flowers, as part of a healing process, but I don't even really go outside and don't have flowers. HOWEVER, after my reading, I ended up painting/drawing flowers on my countertop and wall, just as something to keep my mind busy. I soon realized that must have been it! Thanks so much for your gift!"

Posted by: Deborah on 10/19/20
" We got disconnected before my reading began. I hope we get to connect soon, the reviews are really nice! "

Posted by: Deb on 06/28/20
" Genuine reader!! Honestly very amazed at the level of detail she picked up in our reading!! Probably one of the best on Starzpsychics."

Posted by: Danielle on 05/02/18
" Had a totally amazing conversation with HopeRaines, connected on so may levels not to mention I was given incredible insight, clarity, advice , doesn\\\'t waste your time , fast typer , shared a laugh, actually quite a few and left the chat feeling not only calm but inspired and very peaceful. If you\\\'re reading this please trust its for a reason , connect with this incredible lady and you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much for sharing some time with me, I am forever grateful. I was so relaxed I forgot to leave you a review hence being a few days late; sorry . Many Blessings here :) \\\"

Posted by: Anon on 03/28/18
" Wow is all I can say. This reader is amazing and I would definately get a reading from her again. I just want to thank you for such a wonderful reading and for the amazing messages that were coming through from my animal guide. Thank you for connecting with her and also for your own advice :)"

Posted by: Alexani on 01/06/18
" I really enjoyed this reading! Nice lady and I will definitely be chatting with you again :)"

Posted by: Mary on 12/17/16
" Short read but very lovely woman. Clear detailed and genuwine . Thank you so much"

Posted by: Jay on 10/13/16
" Amazing. Very genuine woman. I got a sense of calm while talking to her. She was very on point and quick as well. "

Posted by: Sabi on 08/29/16
" TY for excellent reading, right on point in many areas. Much appreciated you know me better than myself. "

Posted by: Susan on 08/29/16
" I highly reccomend her!!! She's so patient and sweet. She's extremely accurate and spot on! She listened to everything I said, and gave me very helpful advices and made me notice my negative behavior patterns. I also had a reiki healingn session for all my chakras and I left feeling lighter and better. I'm very sorry my minutes ran out again, I didnt notice they were about to end. Thanks so much for everything!! <3 <3 <3"

Posted by: still learning on 05/16/16
" Thank you for your insight I will follow up with you as hopefully things transpire...lots of details it really helped"

Posted by: Heather on 05/15/16
" Last night after connecting with me Hope Raines suddenly ended the conversation. I received an email from the Natalie, President of Planet Starzs to let me know that Hope had contacted her because her email had suddenly gone out and she put 4 mins back on my account. I just wanted to say thank you, it shows as a reader you are honest and have true integrity. It indicates that your readings probably reflect as such. Therefore, I would highly recommend you to anyone requiring a reading. Thank you."

Posted by: Terrie Lynn on 02/03/16
" Thank you :) "

Posted by: L on 01/05/16
" Thank you. You are always accurate and on point. Thx again "

Posted by: L on 10/30/15
" Thanks a million! Very helpful and insightful! Very caring and compassionate and honest! "

Posted by: Danielle on 09/06/15
" You can definitely tell she is very intuitive. Not only is she clear, accurate but she's also very straightforward. No sweet talk just 100% honesty. However, she was not as specific as I would have liked. "

Posted by: Chelsea on 08/14/15
" He contacted finally as YOU PREDICTED! This lady has been highly accurate when I speak to her. Her predictions are always as she says. Have NO DOUBTS in her abilities! Thank you!! "

Posted by: L on 08/07/15
" You have eased my mind so much. I have been having a hard time since yesterday and you have comforted me so much. I will be back. <3 "

Posted by: L on 08/05/15
" Fabulous reading! Very intuative and always so helpful and spot on with what i am going through!! You wont be disappointed!"

Posted by: HHopeful on 05/16/15
" Very good, easy to talk to, made me feel at ease. Thank you for your insight and compassion. : )"

Posted by: AfricanAmethyst on 02/22/15
" Thank you very much Hope. You are truly gifted. You tuned into my situation and were able to give me clarity and make me understand things in a better way. 100 Stars! Will be back."

Posted by: Vee on 02/04/15
" She's very very kind and patient and sweet. Thank you so much for your help today :) Im feeling better now :)"

Posted by: Luana on 01/25/15
" Such a beautiful person. Always enjoy her readings. Very honest but reads with compassion. Thank you again."

Posted by: T on 01/24/14
" Wonderful, tuned right in. Will contact again"

Posted by: Lisa on 11/25/13
" Very good reading indeed. Well tuned into my case, and give me clear and straight forward answers for each my questions, but was generous with details/ advice too. Too bad I am running out of mins, but again it was a very good reading. Thanks a lot! "

Posted by: Fairy73 on 10/23/12