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From: ., United States     StarzPsychic Since: Apr 25th 2014    Last Login: Today

Denise is a Professional Spiritual Advisor & Psychic with Over 20+ Years of Metaphysical Expertise.

Denise has been blessed with her spiritual gifts since the age of 5.

Denise specializes in Love and Relationships, Career, Pet Reading, Feng Shui Interior Design, Angel Oracle Card Reading, Tarot Card Reading, Horoscope Tarot Reading, Aura Readings, Reiki Healings, Psychic Development, Animal Totem Reading, Dream Interpretation, Astrology, Numerology, and so much more! She is an expert in the Metaphysical Field and very open to any and all questions that you have. :)
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StarzCosmicDenise's Reviews

" This was my first time using STARZ PSYCHICS. I was under the impression she was an astrologer but felt she was just using her intuition. I wrote down information about the date for follow up. It's interesting because I've contacted several readers concerning my specific situation but none of them can provide the answers I am seeking. One even told me "I'm blocked" form telling you anything. So at least I received information from Denise. Oh and she told me to bananas!"

Posted by: IntuitiveLuck777 on 06/06/17
" great, help me define some issues!!!!! "

Posted by: susan on 05/13/17
" Insightful. To the point. Knowledgeable."

Posted by: OrphicSoul on 02/10/17
" Good for the most part thanks !!!"

Posted by: Love89 on 11/07/16
" Denise was amazing picked up things that were dead on...will come back for another reading"

Posted by: Terrie Lynn on 11/03/16
" Thanks for the quick, honest answers. I appreciate that!"

Posted by: Lisa on 06/24/16
" She doesn't sugar coat at all. Zero nonsense or shoulder patting. She gives you very clear, very fast, very objective answers and readings. I'll be back for future readings, she's the most objective and fast reader I've seen here."

Posted by: Amazed at her speed and objectivity on 04/23/16
" She is Fabelous! Things she told me - happened and I was so stunned! I believe in her eadings 100% Thank you =)"

Posted by: Teri on 03/04/16
" Thank you "

Posted by: L on 09/22/15
" Thank you for the wonderful reading and accuracy. I will look forward to your timeframes."

Posted by: Vee on 09/04/14
" Thanks starzcosmicdenise for a great reading. You really spelled out some accurate characteristics of his personality. I can't wait to see if the time frames you stated will be accurate although I am confident they will be. I would say you are the real deal. I'll keep you updated!"

Posted by: Rachel on 08/05/14
" I went back and re-read my reading with Denise (we spoke in May 2014) and she told me that my property would sell in July 2014 with a move in date of August 2014. I didn't think that was possible since it had been listed for 2 years and I was losing hope that it would ever sell haha! But low and behold, Denise was right! My property sold in July and they are moving in August 13, 2014. Thank you so much Denise - you're the real deal!"

Posted by: Debbie on 07/30/14
" I had a reading with Denise in May 2014 - I was completely single and not seeing anyone. She said I would be in love mid-July...and she was right! Thank you Denise!"

Posted by: Debbie on 07/28/14
" Denise was right on with my situation and is a very copmassionate Reader. I will be back to let her know what happens."

Posted by: unknown on 06/18/14
" She was very good! Fast and accurate knew my situation and gave me time frames for future!! I highly recommend "

Posted by: Katy on 05/03/14