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When I was five years old and attending church, the elders of the church pointed out my gift of prophecy. I was visiting my grandmother’s church and they were having a revival service. I will never forget what happened next. A prophet looked at me, called me to the front of the church, looked into my eyes, and stated “YOU ARE A PROPHETESS”! He explained that a prophetess is the mouthpiece of God. Since, this time, I have allowed God to use me and to guide my ways!
I do not use any tools; however, if a client so desires, I can use angel cards. With that, I have the ability to foresee death, marriage, career, love relationships, and many other occurrences pertinent and relevant to the client. Nonetheless, I will NOT fabricate details to appease the client. If a client asks me about something and I am not getting anything, I will be honest and say I am sorry but I am not getting any clarity on that situation. Finally, I have one request: come with an open mind and your reading will go very well. This is my promise to you! To begin your Live Psychic Reading with StarzProphetessQ Click Here.

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" I told her I was having issues with my stomach and she told who could help me and they did she is great!!!! this woman is great"

Posted by: Gene more on 05/08/18
" This woman is nothing but the truth omg she pickup on what I was going thought then told me something's to do and it worked out this is about my fourth time she has given me a reading and whatever she tells you to do please do it will work. "

Posted by: beverly on 05/08/18
" Thank you Prophetess you are fantastic!"

Posted by: Wondering Mind on 01/27/17
" This woman is bad to the bone she told me I was going to meet someone and sure enough I did. The personality of the person was just how she said goodness is all I can say"

Posted by: Lisa on 04/27/15
" WOW! she was great she deserves 30 stars"

Posted by: pam on 04/27/15