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From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia     StarzPsychic Since: Nov 22nd 2013    Last Login: Yesterday

StarzAshi is a natural intuitive who's psychic abilities and strong energy were encouraged from a very young age by his maternal grandmother who was born with especially strong spiritual powers. His grandmother taught him to develop and make strong his intuitive style using tarot cards. He is reputed to be one of the best in tarot card reading and has been completely aware of his intuition since the age of 10 years when he saw a vision which showed him his abilities. His grandmother helped very much to assist him to completely explore his spiritual powers and she helped so much to find more gifts and help him understand that he is a natural born psychic from a long line of gifted readers.

His amazing talents lie in his ability to do angel readings, channeling, dream analysis, Verdict astrology and horoscope interpretation, crystal ball reading, family counseling, clairvoyant readings.
Ashi is a psychic medium who is clairsentient , clairvoyant and adept at giving accurate career and business advice for success and prosperity,

StarzAshi is a very special Love Psychic. He is well known as a specialist in love & relationships, reuniting lovers/getting back together/reconciliation, soul mates & twin flames, lesbian & gay relationships, dating advice, breakup & divorce, love & intimacy questions, relationship advice, relationship timing, marriage, cheating & affairs.

This is an awesome reader who works with his spiritual power and psychic energy which comes from his family bloodline. A natural born gifted psychic who has been reading with over 20 years experience, confident, very friendly with natural skills/

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StarzAshi's Reviews

" The reading was very detailed and insightful. It gave me clarity and motivation. In difficult times this is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much."

Posted by: Ctsui1 on 08/06/19
" great reading, quick connection, answered all my questions, gave me answers before asking "

Posted by: vonnie on 07/15/19
" I really enjoyed my reading with you, thank you so much !! StarzAshi helped with my area of concern. I would recommend."

Posted by: B on 11/30/18
" Nice reading with StarzAshi. Great insights and predictions."

Posted by: Moosie on 11/16/18
" The reading was very good and detailed. Thank you very much for your advice."

Posted by: Ctsui1 on 11/15/18
" great reading, quick connection, right on the money with what was going on, looking forward to things that are going to happen"

Posted by: yvonne on 08/04/18
" great reading, cant wait to see when it comes true"

Posted by: vonnie on 07/06/18
" Thank You! Your insight has been helpful. I recommend her for a reading :)"

Posted by: Neshae on 07/04/18
" Inzi was kind, insightful, very positive and optimistic, gave interesting details and predictions about my future. I am looking forward to seeing how well things turn out. Inzi left me feeling very excited about my future. Thank you! "

Posted by: Tigress on 06/25/18
" excellent reading, quick connection made, looking forward to seeing things come true"

Posted by: vonnie on 06/24/18
" not sure how accurate his reading was, english was a little confusing. hoping all is right. Will come back and update if it comes true :) "

Posted by: brittany on 06/13/18
" Quick connection,picked up on situation right away, gave alot of information in a short time, great reading"

Posted by: vonnie on 05/21/18
" aVery good, connected fast and I enjoyed reading, I hope everything turns out as I was told . Thank you"

Posted by: teri on 04/20/18
" So far I have been happy with my readings. Inzi seems to always put my mind at ease. Only time will tell if these things come to pass but I definitely appreciate the sincerity of my readings. "

Posted by: Alwayssad on 04/15/18
" Great psychic. he was very well tuned into my situation and knew facts and was quick. I highly recommend him"

Posted by: trish on 03/31/18
" Gave me a positive reading with a time line. I was happy with my reading. Only time will tell. He was able to provide a detailed reading in a short amount of time. "

Posted by: Trish on 03/30/18
" Inzi gave a great reading. Insightful, thoughtful, and highly accurate. Planning more readings with Inzi in the future -- highly recommend."

Posted by: Moosie on 03/10/18
" Wow , what a wonderful gentle reader , who has calmed me , given me rock solid clarity, insight and advice . I am so grateful i reached out to you , many blessings here . Try you will not be disappointed "

Posted by: Anon on 02/14/18
" I really enjoyed talking to StarzAli's. It was uncanny how much she knew. I got quick responses and she was very caring and offered great advice. I am looking forward to speaking to her again in the future"

Posted by: Lisa333 on 07/02/17
" Thank you for your insight. I will keep you up to date on 3 month prediction. Very kind person, non judgmental. Appreciate your gift, and sharing it with others "

Posted by: kcsgirl on 02/04/17
" thanks so much! i will be back :)"

Posted by: mary on 01/01/17
" Accurate reading gave tons of predictions waiting to see if they come true thanks so much!"

Posted by: happi18 on 10/28/16
" very accurate! nice person to get a reading from! will be back!"

Posted by: ksara on 06/22/16
" A lot of details and very understanding! I will be back!"

Posted by: Laurie on 05/17/16

Posted by: NEHA on 08/30/15
" Thank you, so much for my reading. I\'m not sure what happened but I went back and seen what you wrote. Sorry about the misunderstanding in chat. It was my error not yours :)... You are so AWESOME and keep giving information!! :)) wish I could have chatted longer you are a great lady <3 "

Posted by: Labb on 06/25/15
" gave some time frames and predictions , which are tricky knowing we all have free will . Truly hope they came true. Blessings here and much gratitude . TY "

Posted by: Anon on 05/05/15
" he is really accurate i like i got it my answers all worht money "

Posted by: nesha on 02/17/15
" Well he seemed very confident in his prediction. He told me two weeks i will see some change and to contact him back in two weeks. overall, i liked the reading. i will be back in two weeks either way to let him know if he was correct or not."

Posted by: vj on 06/07/14
" He is very accurate. Picked up on a lot I felt is true. Very descriptive. Very happy with reading will call back again. He is very good. Thank you!"

Posted by: Patty on 04/08/14
" StarzAli is awesome and connected to my situation well ....she even gave me the lst sentence of my reading with her when the time ran out...Thank you Ali and God bless...She is very carying and compassionate...I will be back to let her know what happens"

Posted by: Josie on 02/24/14
" thoughtful sympathetic and understanding"

Posted by: helpme on 01/14/14