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Hello, I am Prophetess Red Hawk, your choice for empowerment, enlightenment, direction and hope. I'm all you'll ever need if you are looking to make positive changes in your life. My brand of services will leave you with a sense of renewed self-worth, as we work together to get you back on the positive side of life.

I have been working online as a spiritual adviser since March 22, 2011, but have at least 35 years of working my divine gift on this planet. I am considered an intuitive, who has the gift of prophesy from the Divine, and I largely use clairsentience to deliver the truth directly from the Source. Sometimes the things that I tell you will NOT be what you want to hear, but if you are looking to be set free from your current path of depression, disappointments, directionless-ness, then I should be your first choice. I have recently added tools to my work, in the form of Angel Oracle cards, which basically, confirms what we discuss in our time together.

Select me if you need help determining if your current relationship is worth saving or ditching. A lot of times we just need confirmation from an outside source to help us break away from emotional bondage due to strong, but wrong partnerships. Life is full of decisions and if you need a second opinion on something that has been pulling at your heartstrings, I'll be your guide to help you get a clearer picture as to what you need to do.

Please be advised that I have to ask questions in order to get to the root of your issues. I don't pull answers out of the sky, I operate based on the information you share, and if you purposely leave something out, my Q & A session will help you to deal with what you are trying to hold back. We must deal with the WHOLE truth of your situation in order to come up with the best possible solution.

Looking so forward to making and keeping a divine connection with you.

Red Hawk

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StarzRedHawk's Reviews

" This reader was amazing, accurate, compassionate and a true guide!! I would recommend her to anyone who wants true guidance and accuracy :) TY:)"

Posted by: Vee on 03/11/14
" I'm screaming inside right now! this woman has a fountain of information at her disposal=impressed!!!"

Posted by: Star Ty on 03/05/14
" Such a wonderful and compassionate reader! Lots of wisdom and accuracy! Will be back again!"

Posted by: debbie on 03/03/14
" Heart, soul, compassion and clear sight. Excellent."

Posted by: iinkk on 12/26/13
" empowering reader. accurate to the core"

Posted by: mia on 11/21/13