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Over 25 years of experience. I have known since I was a child that I held a gift. My grandmother was a great intuitive spirit and although I am not sure she had ever fully realized the extent of her gifts I do believe that they were given to me as well. Using what God has given me is simply something that I must do to feel whole in my own spirit. And bringing positive energy to those I read for is a wonderful and gratifying result. I offer guidance on life's choices. Love, relationships, work and career, and a guiding hand for you when you need it. If you have a question, simply ask and we will go from there. There are obstacles in all of our paths. I can help you learn to lift them, take steps in a more positive direction. I do on occasion have an ability to detect spiritual energy as well. My skill is not as defined in that as other areas but if that comes around in your reading it may be an added treat. There are many questions we have day to day, in order to make stronger decisions for your own path. Allow me to guide you on your path today!

I also offer email readings as well as live chat readings and I do use Tarot cards now and again when further insight is needed, or if you would like a sequence drawn for you. I look forward to reading for you today.

Have a blessed day
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StarzMaxine's Reviews

" Thank you for the reading. I feel much more at ease. I am thinking strong and positive thoughts in my situation. Letís see what happens from here on.. please keep me in your prayers.. much love x"

Posted by: B on 04/02/21
" Just a magnificent reading. She takes time with you and if you want a good reading with her plan on spending at least 30-60 min Thank you Starz !!! "

Posted by: Lana on 09/05/18
" Maxine; you are pure gold ! Great insight , fast , connected with every question and provided spot on info time and time again . So glad i got to connect with you and someone who understands without need for words not to mention great sense of humor . Many blessings here "

Posted by: Anon on 09/05/18
" My reading with StarzMaxine was phenomenal. She connected with both my close friend and mother, both passed, with accurate details and information, providing both closure and comfort, with sensitivity and grace. Definitely an unexpected reading -- beyond my expectations -- and I highly recommend a reading with Maxine."

Posted by: Moosie on 08/24/18
" she seemed on point , and tuned in !! "

Posted by: All Love on 11/17/16
" Thank you, you are great :) on point with everything ..."

Posted by: L on 01/04/16
" Awesome reading! Thank you :) "

Posted by: Lwebb on 07/03/15
" Hi all I felt compelled to say a great thank you to all my lovely clients who have left sweet kind words in their reviews and appreciate you all coming back to me, could not be more appreciative and God Bless you all "

Posted by: Starz Maxine on 05/27/14
" Thank you very much for your insight and wisdom. You clarified things for me and did not sugar coat anything. TY :)"

Posted by: V on 04/16/14
" She is someone that needs no fluff, she tells you what changes are needed and how to bring them about, very positive and very much focused on me and my reading, Love her and will be recommending to my family and friends, thanks so much "

Posted by: Pamela on 03/12/14
" She gives sound advice... very nice... speaks from the heart. "

Posted by: bubblegumgirl14 on 01/29/14
" Thank you! Very insightful and honest. "

Posted by: Lori on 01/24/14
" sorry i ran out of time! but she's definitely god-sent :) will be back"

Posted by: mias on 12/02/13
" She is fast and accurate . She not only let you know the problem but also helps you to figure out the issues and resolve it. I feel relief talking to her "

Posted by: David on 11/22/13
" Maxine is very intuitive, can see what you need her to and what you ask of her, no sugar coating for sure! she tells it like it is and really is able to see into what I ask her, will have her read for me anytime. "

Posted by: Brian D. on 11/05/13
" She has read for me many times in the past. Always great and always very intuitive without sugar coating it, Will always come back to her for a reading, God Bless"

Posted by: Emily on 10/03/13

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