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Dear Clients, I receive divine messages from angels and spirits for my clients as solution to their problems. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathetic psychic reader. I use no tools for readings though I can use tarot cards and pendulum also for those who interested in. Many of my clients have also acknowledged my abilities of connecting with spirit through mediumship. I have a strong intuitive ability which I use for my clients during reading sessions. If you are confused about your spiritual growth, relationship turmoil and financial milestones; please feel free to call me for clarity. I also offer my healing powers to heal different emotional and psychic complaints.

My grandparents and parents have transmitted healing and reading gifts to me. Some of those gifts are:

Love and Relationship Analyzer(Family issues, breakup with beloved, re-union, new love coming in) Empath, Clairaudient , Clairvoyant and medium
Ability to read things by making remote spiritual connections
Picture Reading
Healing through Telepathy, individual energy chakras meditation, spirits, angels and crystals
Spiritual Coaching and Guide Channeling
Angelic Counselor
Fenshui Advisor
Interpreting meaning from Dreams
Color Therapist


What does my love think of me?
When is he /she coming back?
When will I get married?
When will my husband divorce me?
When will I move on to new house?
Is my home haunted?
Why am I not getting success in career?
Who is creating blockage in my life?
Should I stick to my current lover or move on?
Are we two compatible?
What does future holds for me and my beloved?
When will my beloved contact me?
Does he/she think of me?
Will my mother/father get better in their health?
Is there new man/woman coming into my love life?
What does future hold for my kids?
Should I change my job or stick to it?
What does my beloved think of me?
Why does my family have a bad karma?
Which archangel is helping me?
Which archangel I should call for help?
Which stone is best for my success?
Do I have psychic gifts also?
How can I strengthen my psychic abilities?
How can I strengthen my spiritual powers?
How can I activate my third eye chakra?
Will I travel to other country?
Will I get my visa extension?
When will I have more money?
Why do I feel stuck?
Will I have a new family life?
Will I regain my lost powers?
When will my sufferings end?
Will I get study visa?
Will I get success in examination?
Will I get this job?
Will my wish come true?
What does this dream mean?
How can dreams help us?
Which color should I use more?
Which area in my room would bring love to me?

Waiting for you in my chat room. BLESSINGS

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" StarzGodMessages81 is awesome, helpful, sincere. She's helped me a great deal today. Thank you!"

Posted by: Tanya on 09/07/18
" I had wonderful reading from her and run out of time. Thank you very much"

Posted by: Navin on 10/21/16
" She's such a beautiful soul <3 SO accurate, kind and she really helped me. Highly recommend her <3 I'll be back for sure :)"

Posted by: Searching for myself on 09/29/16
" Thank you for your very sweet and accurate insight. I won't go in to detail on our conversation but she helped me tonight. Thank you again <3 "

Posted by: L on 01/02/16
" Great reader, and gets to the heart of the matter : )"

Posted by: African Amethyst on 05/30/15
" one of the clearest readings ive ever had been with this reader for along time and she never lets me down"

Posted by: naakigoshe on 06/01/14
" She was a true pleasure to chat with! thank you for your time:-)"

Posted by: Diva Stay Ty on 03/14/14
" she was awesome. no way she could have known so much detail unless truly gifted. i enjoyed so much my conversation with her."

Posted by: valerie on 03/09/14
" I love her advice . Recommend any one looking for psychic service."

Posted by: Dipak on 12/31/13
" she is very intuned and news I did not want to hear but she was very honest and will be back again to update her"

Posted by: Josiphine on 12/25/13
" She is awesome.. will be back to get more readings from her"

Posted by: Mariam on 12/06/13