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Welcome to my office at Starz!

Have a question about Love, relationships, finances, career or life purpose? I provide a confidential space to ask whatever's on your mind and know that my spiritual team of Angels and Tarot cards will dive right in and answer what you need to know.

I bring my 18 years of professional experience as a numerologist, psychic and cartomancy reader to the table to lift any confusion, show you what's really going on with your situation and give you the best guidance you need to move forward.

Think of a session with me as an intuitive jam fest, where you type your questions and I pull my oracle cards, and interpret the symbols and images with the help of my spiritual team of Guides. So, you get a double dose of insight from the Tarot and your Angel allies!

As an extra treat, if time allows, you'll get a ritual takeaway to whip up some manifestation magic with your personal team of Angelic Guides.

Ready? Let's peek into your future and get your questions answered in a psychic reading!

Please Be Aware of My Karma Friendly Policies

I don't do health or legal readings, provide false hope or read for clients under 18. A thorough reading on your situation cannot happen in just a few minutes. So, please allow at least 10 - 15 minutes for your reading. It takes time to pull the cards, check in with my Guides and deliver the information that you need.

I'm a seasoned intuitive reader and numerologist but I'm not a mind reader so please be clear with your questions and what you need to know. The best reading is one where you're an open book, don't play tester games by withholding information and always provide feedback on what the reading reveals.

FYI: My Spirit Guide team are a no-nonsense group of truth-sayers, so buckle up when you come into my chat room, because the session's going to be full of practical, clear nuggets of intuitive information that you need to step up in your life.

No matter what, they are your biggest champions because they want the best for you, and don't sugar-coat if they feel you need to course-correct or open your eyes to a new perspective to get to a place that supports your happiness + success. If you're ready for honesty and guidance, let's chat and see what my trusty oracle cards and guides have to say about your life!

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StarzZuri's Reviews

" She's able to roll on the questions to get them answered and give even extra practical down to earth incite."

Posted by: Kyle on 07/11/16
" She accurately picked up on the personality of someone I am involved with and the situation without me really saying too much. All her insights were accurate. I appreciate her help!"

Posted by: Michele on 06/18/16
" Thank you :) "

Posted by: L on 01/04/16
" She was very helpful and picked up on a lot of things that I did not even mention! Thank you!! :)"

Posted by: Kendra on 03/25/15
" She was insightful and very accurate! Highly recommended."

Posted by: V on 10/27/13
" Phenomenal! Direct, detailed and to the point, tells it how it is not what you are hoping to hear, loved it! I highyly recommend her."

Posted by: Joby on 09/06/13