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Hello & Welcome.
Dear once you call me. I will pick your CALL, but it will take sometime to connect us, so kindly stay there, because I will be here for you
As long as I can remember that I was blessed with this gift.
For all your questions about love, relationships, life, career and finances, soulmate and wealth etc, I ENJOY GIVING PEOPLE GUIDANCE ON THE
Having mastered the art of tarot reading, Chakra alignment And precognition I
am A direct clairvoyant to provide you with a reading that is quick, concise, clear,
and without judgment! I will give full life crystal readings, including Psychic
Readings, Love and relationships, Astrology, Numerology, Spiritual, Religious,
Tarot, Therapy, Counseling, Dream analysis, Etc.
There May be Messages waiting for you
You are just a click of a button a away from all your answers!
Certified as:
• A Master Psychic
• Tarot card reader
• Meditation Expert
• Chakra balance expert
• Currently studying for Doctorate of Divinity
9 years experience providing readings professionally in my office and 5 years
experience providing chat readings online.
I have a very high accuracy rate as the result of years of study and training I
tough myself how to get connected to not just my spiritual guides but also my
clients spiritual guides
Reiki Healer
Experience in Multidimensional healing.
9 years experience, over 4000 readings done.
5 star reader on various platforms. a certified psychic ranked in the top 
percentile of my field.
All My life I have been doing this. I was born with this gift, Passed down to me
from my grandmother.
I am Honest, Reliable and Dependable. Come be Amazed By My Accuracy!
I come from a family of Clairvoyants & Also Empathics which allows me to feel ❤
what other people are feeling. I can Hear, See, & Feel. I get Visions, Vibes,
EnergyFeelings and Dreams.
Emotionally & Physically that is how I connect with people.
I have also worked in the public at numerous metaphysical shops and festivals all over the country and am available at various prominent web forums and social
networking sites where I write about my views, experiences, and provide general help within the metaphysical community
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StarzPsychicLoveGuide's Reviews

" So much information. Thank you so much! X"

Posted by: Sarah on 04/30/17
" She gave me peace with what she told me. I am hopeful in what is going to happen next in my life."

Posted by: justcux on 03/27/17
" She confirmed everything and answered my all questions.she ia my go to advisor. I am just waiting for things to pan out. Its been rough 2 month of my life. Than God send her to guide me get me out of darkness. I'm already feeling positive. I will call you back and will give you update. Nailed it. Ty"

Posted by: idontknow on 03/26/17
" Lover her! She is so connected and clear. She picked up on everything and was easy to talk to. She gives great information and advice. She is very honest and types fast without wasting your time in great detail.give her try"

Posted by: Gina on 03/26/17
" This was the best $50 I ever spent on a reading. I had been going through a lot these past couple weeks, and had a lot of worries, but after I talked to her, I felt a lot better and was was finally get a good night's sleep. Thank you!"

Posted by: amber on 03/19/17
" Very good reading. I will definitely read with her again! Very straightforward."

Posted by: Cece on 03/11/17
" Wonderful reading I loved her ability to really understand without me having to say anything. She has given me hope for my future to be filled with love and happiness. I cannot wait for this year to play out! Definitely would recommend to any one who needs guidance!"

Posted by: Dannielle on 02/13/17
" She picked up about the situation very fast and gave nice reading. I recommend her. Very good phychic"

Posted by: Navin on 01/27/17
" Very good "

Posted by: carolann saracco on 01/18/17
" Here's what I can say about this advisor, she has done numerous readings for me over the past year and at first I was skeptical because of how quickly she answered some questions. But after having many many readings from many many advisors on here, looking back over all of the readings she did for me, they always came to pass. The time frames were a little off on some, but they always happened as she depicted. That is why I choose to work with her, because she has a proven track record with my situation. Thank you."

Posted by: seriouslyantoinette on 01/06/17
" She was excellent very intune with the person i asked her about and has given me clarity in the situation"

Posted by: Mina on 11/27/16
" " Excellent reader, very insightful and helpful. 5 stars""

Posted by: vj88 on 11/06/16
" Bravo!!!! he is excellent accurate and honest.thanks for guidance.i will be coming back in time of need."

Posted by: hiba237 on 05/15/16
" when i call him.i was confuse and broken. this psychic help me to be calm and lift up. true help.will come back. money well spend. thank :) "

Posted by: c84 on 08/27/15
" Thank you. "

Posted by: Lwebb on 06/15/15
" he is true help.God bless you for guiding me on right path. thanks xoxoxoxoxo"

Posted by: poobear on 06/04/15
" Thank u "

Posted by: Lwebb on 03/10/15
" thank you for the clarity, "

Posted by: sam on 01/16/15
" Your great thank you for the picked up on both people in question. Your great :) "

Posted by: Unknown on 12/11/14
" when i came to him.i was confuse and scatter but he give me clarity and peace of mind. will come back again. thanks for your help .highly recomemded "

Posted by: GOGI on 10/31/14
" The reader is very honest and detailed. I am looking forward to embracing the predictions. Thanks very much!"

Posted by: Leah on 02/11/14
" This psychic was lovely. Gave a lot of great advice, picked up on things I didn't tell her. Doesn't need too much info before she gets into it. You have to try her !! :D "

Posted by: Mel on 12/02/13
" Very great connection but ran out of minutes and hope to come back again and finish the reading. "

Posted by: Josie on 10/25/13
" I really like that about him because he truly does care in helping out with your issues..whatever it may, finance, career...etc. He is someone that I can always trust and go back sugar coating, telling me good and bad news. Thanks for always being honest with me! :-)"

Posted by: sss on 09/20/13
" I have always felt that Love Guide truly cares and would never judge you but at the same time, will always tell you the truth. He gives great advice and now it's up to me what I want to do in my life. The conversations has always been flowy and never was a silence in all of our chats. Love Guide focuses and has your FULLY attention. :-"

Posted by: janababe on 09/20/13
" amazing! she connects with ur feelings and the feelings of the people around u.she knew exactly how the guy in my life was feeling and what was going on in his life. she is very sweet and giving with her time.will deff be back to talk wit her again. if u have questions and want the truth have a reading wit her.she tell whats going on not just what u want to hear nothing but the truth!Thanks again 4 all ur help and giving me some peace in my heart. godbless xx"

Posted by: sha88 on 08/29/13
" vry very very frinedly .. very honest .. he will tell you if he is not sure .. doesnt care about money as much as he cares about you.. I will update you ! you are the best"

Posted by: zee on 08/24/13
" She's very understanding and patient, and helped me interpret my nightmares :) Enjoyed chatting with her! x"

Posted by: julee on 08/19/13
" It is impossible to put in words the amazing talents, gifts, love, and honesty of LOVE GUIDE. I feel beyond blessed to have had this opportunity. He is everything his reviews say and more, very kind, very very generous and wonderful advisor. Was right on about the people around me and the things that happened even though I didn't mention them or give any details. Gave me strength. Thank God for allowing him to help me today! I'm so grateful to have found him and if you try him you will be too. "

Posted by: parathy on 08/19/13
" WOW she is wonderful. I always get so much more than I expected when I speak with Asia, she is kind honest, compassionate, and accurate. Her passion really is to help people, thank you so much for your patience and generosity tonight, you are an angel :)"

Posted by: kaylee on 08/19/13
" Shewas very good and also very compassionate and I will return again. You can't go wrong geting a reading from her :)"

Posted by: Josephine on 08/17/13
" WOW i needed to hear that - the truth about a person in question. Most on here were telling me opposites maybe to make me feel good (not sure) even the one that seem so genuine, but I think they might have been genuine, but this lady just told me the truth and held nothing back about this person, in my heart I know she is spot on about him, but why did I not want to hear the truth?? Its hurts I guess. Ok now I know what I have to do....IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARE FOR THE TRUTH...EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU ARE...A READING WITH THIS LADY CAN MAKE YOU QUITE EMOTIONAL."

Posted by: love88 on 08/16/13
" "Amazing! gives great insight! really cared about my questions. I got great answers! will definitely be back!""

Posted by: scorpio1991 on 08/15/13
" she is a lovable person who knows what is going on in my life. She knows the person very well, and is not there for money, you should try."

Posted by: star555 on 08/14/13
" Thank you for all your kind words and help - it is like speaking a close family member who has your best interests in heart"

Posted by: green on 08/14/13
" made me feel very calm after feeling frenetic & stressed. I highly recommend him, great intuition & understanding. Wonderful energy."

Posted by: courtenay13 on 08/14/13
" very nice caring and accurate reader.confirms many things.worth more.thanks for caml me down and being honest.see you soon "

Posted by: cindy on 08/13/13
" excellent. Put my mind at psychic.derserve much more. strongly recommended and will come back again an again.thank you"

Posted by: jennifer on 07/28/13