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Life can be really hard and it can get confusing living in this world. Sometimes we need someone to talk to that can listen and then give some helpful thoughts about our lives. Maybe a change in perspective? That is what I do. I offer you a change in perspective as I do your reading. I can't guarantee that I will tell you what you want to hear or that you will even like the messages I am given to tell you. But I will always be honest and upfront with you. Need a change in perspective? Need someone to hear you? Let me be that person.

I have studied metaphysics for many years and have been an Intuitive Advisor since about 1995.

I do tarot readings, Lenormand cards,and Oracle cards. Above all, I listen to my Spirit Guides. My specialty is relationships but I am also drawn to survivors of trauma and loss. I also work with people trying to grow as people.

If you need someone to talk to and some guidance you can contact me via phone, email, or chat.

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StarzMataya1's Reviews

" The best psychic on here! So quick with replies and very understanding. Went for a reading about relationship and finding love but other important issues came up which are totally relevant to me to focus on at the moment! Thank you so much! I'll definitely be back!! Xxxxxx"

Posted by: Sarah on 04/24/17
" she was really great- helped me tremendously "

Posted by: samantha on 12/08/15
" As always, Mataya gets to the point and makes it clear cut. She's a great lady. Always a pleasure! "

Posted by: Connie on 06/10/15
" She was very good."

Posted by: V. on 01/18/15
" She is great and she confirmed something before I learned about it very kneen to what is happening in your life"

Posted by: Steph on 12/01/14
" she was honest and I liked her"

Posted by: nursesrock on 04/25/14
" Lovely reading..very empathic and caring. Highly recommend!"

Posted by: GF on 04/08/14
" Very kind reader, easy to speak with and was very direct with what her Guides gave her. She also gave me good advice to have a positive outcome with a situation I was struggling with. I will definitely be taking what she said to heart. Very spot on and very please. TY!"

Posted by: S on 03/24/14
" Great reader, very encouraging!"

Posted by: Mia on 03/09/14
" Great reader :) Highly recommend her!"

Posted by: miapoli on 08/25/13
" I love a reading from Mataya, I could talk to her for hours! I read too, and from reader to reader Mataya is one of the best psychics that I have run across in the past 20 years. She picks up on crazy stuff real quick, she uses guides that lead her to say the most interesting things, her guidance is direct and concise, she doesn't mess around and gets straight to the point. Her readings are far from fluffy, so if you want to hear the truth and get out of a ditch she is the one to turn to. I was in deep chowder when I turned to her and when the reading finished I felt an amazing shift in perspective. That's what I think a reading is about, it's about changing your life for the better, and that's what you get from a reading with Mataya. I deeply respect her and her guides, and a reading from her comes with my highest recommendation."

Posted by: Stina on 07/14/13
" StarzMataya was right on with her reading. I will be back again :)"

Posted by: josephine on 06/14/13
" I was so surprised by her skills and impressed by her serious efforts to help me .She was like a close friend and I will contact her again - and so should you - you will be in good hands !"

Posted by: Mickey on 07/12/12
" Lovely and very insightful, lots answered right away. You must give her a go!"

Posted by: Judy on 04/28/12
" Mataya is the real deal. She predicted something was going to turn my world upside down and within a week it did! It wasn't quite what I was thinking would happen, but definitely had the same effect. I'm glad I was mentally prepared for it! "

Posted by: Connie on 04/15/12