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From: VA, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Mar 14th 2013    Last Login: 8/06/17

I have been a psychic channeler who speaks to guides for all my adult life, but I started giving counsel to others when I was 7 years old. Spirit communication is a normal thing, no one stops existing when they die. Death simply removes every thing that prevents us from experiencing fearless Love. My lifelong friend, soulmate and for the last 6 years, fiance, passed away April 24th, 2017. He is now my angel, and we are One. When you speak to me, you speak to both of us. To begin your Live Psychic Reading with StarzPhoenix Click Here.

StarzPhoenix's Reviews

" Thank you for our talk :) "

Posted by: L on 11/11/15
" well i am heartbroken n angry…but she is very very honest…doesn't wanna just please clients…she never lies…everyone gave a false hopes…she just said it…n crushed my heart…but i had to hear it to move on…about time!"

Posted by: r on 11/04/15
" Thank you for your honesty. "

Posted by: Lweb on 07/09/15
" WOW, straight to the crux of issue without any information and consistently hit nail after nail. I was hoping for clarity and i got it along with empathy and compassion .Thank you so very much for your time, much gratitude and blessings here today :) x"

Posted by: anon on 04/26/15
" Thank you so much! This has been incredible for me. You opened my eyes and I feel so enlightened! This advisor was incredible! Wow, 100 stars!"

Posted by: Vee on 01/09/15
" I am picky and very intuitive. I KNOW when someone is a true healer/visionary. I knew I had an incomplete healing this week- so I came to Phoenix for confirmation. She explained why the healing didn't "work" and went in to my energy and helped me out. This woman is the only energy worker I will work with from here on out. I love her spirit and I trust her completely. She's remarkable. If you want to get better, and see the truth this is the reader for you (and me- hehe) "

Posted by: Samantha on 01/09/15
" I pretty much fell in love with her. She's impressive and extremely fun to chat with. Helped me greatly. "

Posted by: Samantha on 01/06/15
" Great advisor! I will BE BACK! "

Posted by: Unknown on 01/04/15
" She is amazing !! Very kind and fast. I didn't have to give her any information she was detailed in her responses . She gave me a lot of predictions and I will be back so see what happens !! Thank you so much :)))"

Posted by: MY on 04/15/14
" WOW! ok this lady is AMAZING! she told me numbers, which didn't click at first cos of the way it was written in conversation, but believe it or not she actually told me the anniversary date of when i started dating my partner! how unbelievable is she to know that! im amazed, you know she's the real deal when she knows those things haha"

Posted by: krystal on 10/02/13
" StarzPhoenix picked up on various issues in my life with extreme clarity! Thank you so much!!"

Posted by: MissT on 09/18/13