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Life is hard for sensitive and gifted people, Let me help

NOTE: My sessions are email or audio chat only.
Please see my shop for healing energy cards, I am also a Reviewer for Mystic Living Today. I post energy cards on the blog.

I am a Certified Angel Card Reader. Using the Angel Tarot Deck or the Fairy Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine I do one, two and three question email readings. Please go to my shop to order an Angel Card Reading or a Fairy Card Reading.

With the God-given gifts of empathy, clairsentience, clairaudience,claircognizance and others (that I really don't have a box for) during my voice chat sessions I connect in a deep way that many have found comforting and clarifying. I offer loving support to help guide you through your hard times, and tough decisions.

We work together, please have a list of the kinds of areas and questions you want to look at and have it with you for our session.

I am a Spiritual Intuitive, with my own private practice for over 37 years. Many gifted people come to me because I understand the spiritually sensitive and their needs. I am a spiritual teacher,guide and mentor.

As an energy reader I can get right in there and see the true nature of the situation, "what do they REALLY mean", "what is REALLY going on"

I am a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist, Long time friend of Bill W.'s and Dr. Bob's. I am also GLBT friendly. I hold a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Sciences.

I can help to clear many things including auras, curses and spells.

I also connect to Fairies,Dragons, plants, animals, your inner child and other cool stuff.

If you feel drawn to my energy please let me help you through email or audio-chat. God Bless, Love & Light,

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StarzRainbowRose's Reviews

" I have known her for many years and I would trust her without a doubt. Please let her guide wont be sorry as she is of the light and a more:)"

Posted by: Lana on 09/21/16
" StarzRainbowRose did an energy healing for me in the solar plexus and throat chakras. I was expecting to get a short reading back with two energy cards to meditate on. I requested them yesterday, 6-27 and received them today, 6-28. These were personally generated and guaranteed not to be used for anyone else. Only for me and my needs. What I got back was a long and detailed reading. I got one over-all balancing card. I also received an energy card for being scattered and unable to focus, and one for emergency alignment situations. I also got one personal energy card to stay connected to my highest purpose and my integrity. AND I received two compassion cards to help me release blame for myself and others. I also received two highest wisdom cards for enhancing my connection to Spirit and my channeling abilities. I asked for two energy cards and I received 8 (eight)! Wow oh wow! StarzRainbowRose went above and beyond! Just what I'd expect from a StarzPsychic reader! I'm not saying that you will receive 8 energy cards. You may not get that many. What you WILL get is personal attention. LOTS of it! I mentioned needed energy cards for peace, wisdom and communication because I was blocked in all of those areas. That was it. The rest, RainbowRose (Riki) connected with on her own. The rest she included to help me get grounded and focused because she wanted to really take care for me. She didn't have to, but she did! I'm SO glad I chose StarzRainbowRose to do my energy cards! "

Posted by: Alicia J. on 06/28/16
" StarzRainbowRose is awesome. She gave me immediate insight into my issues and the meditation cards are absolutely awesome. I've never been so drawn into energy work as I was with the cards she sent for each issue that needed attention. I will continue to follow her instructions and feel confident resolution is near at hand. Her approach is unique, comforting and at the same time amazing! I would recommend her to anyone who needs more than just a chat because what she gives in response can be used over and over. "

Posted by: Katty252 on 06/25/16
" I have had many people tell me what they 'thought' would help over the years, and most have not even been close. Yet StarzRainbowRose was so on target. Not just her view of the issue, but also why it happens and what would help. I am extremely grateful and recommend her to anyone needing to find the right path for them. Thank you tons!"

Posted by: N.J. on 06/25/16
" StarzRainbowRose has been my mentor and friend for many years. She has guided me with all her wisdom and love. Talk to her you wont be sorry."

Posted by: Lana on 06/25/16
" I have only used Rose once, but she is such an amazing channel I will definitely use her again. Thanks Rose so much. I feel like I have known you forever. Carol "

Posted by: Carol on 01/21/14
" Rose and her Angels and Guides are always there for me. I can tell she cares. Deb"

Posted by: Deb on 01/21/14
" I have been working with Rose for awhile and I just love her. The other day I had something really awful in my house and she and her dragons were able to take it right back to where it came from and it hasn't bothered me anymore. Thank you so much Rose, you are a Godsend. John "

Posted by: John on 01/21/14
" I am from Thailand and I love how Rose could get right inside me and help me to see what my spiritual focus should be and she gave such amazing suggestions on how to move forward that I really felt supported. Emma "

Posted by: Emma on 01/21/14
" I am from Mexico and I have been coming to Rose for healing sessions over the phone for a long time. I know it might sound crazy, but she can actually see the entitys that are attacking me and helps to remove them from me. When she gets done I always feel a lot better. Alex "

Posted by: Alex on 01/21/14
" I like working with Rose because she can see right into what is going on with me and lets me know everything is gonna be ok, she also helped me to move forward in my relationship. Michael "

Posted by: Michael on 01/21/14
" I have been with Rose a long time, she helped to calm me down during my divorce, and even helped me when I started looking for a new fella. She has always been there for me and I appreciate her very much. Selene "

Posted by: Selene on 01/21/14