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I was formerly known here as StarzAmaya. I am back now and so glad that the universe brought my path back to here!

I am a well known, well established spiritual consultant and published author who can help you in love, finance, family and career. \ I offer blunt, direct advice with tact and caring but no sugar coating. I believe that there are no negative messages, that all messages have the ability to give you a positive outcome and may just be showing some changes that are coming in your life and relationships.

I offer truth and compassion with my psychic readings and my guides, Tomas and Holly, have amazed many with their accuracy with dates and times frames. My guides offer straight forward psychic advice to help you find your true path in your journey and I freely allow my guides to use me as their messenger. I come from a long line of metaphysical , Pagan and Native American lineage and I believe that my calling is to help others find the light on their path. I offer you a safe haven to come, share your worries, gain advice and assistance to make a difference on your personal journey.

If you want a reading that will astound you, bring peace to your spirit and uplift you , then give me a try today.

A message from my guides is like a cool breeze on a hot summers day, allow them to help you find peace, joy, happiness and love on your path!

Clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient from birth


Channeling angels and guides

Dream Interpretation

Past life assistance


Crystals and Stones readings

Aura reading


Ordained Minister-4/20/02

I have worked for several other psychic companies as a featured psychic and I am willing to help you! :)

Published Co-Author of Eldhin Island: The Beginning To begin your Live Psychic Reading with StarzAutumnDancingHeart Click Here.

StarzAutumnDancingHeart's Reviews

" She doesn't beat around the bush and as usual gets to the point of the matter. She will say what she sees even if it isn't necessarily what I wanted to hear. However, this helps me a lot and lets me refocus on get back on the right path again. She is great!"

Posted by: Michele on 06/26/18
" Always fast, accurate and to the point. I have touched base with Autumn for many years now and she has always been on target. She's the best!"

Posted by: Michele on 05/18/17
" Another fantastic reading with Autumn! She is the best and always makes me feel better about the situation!"

Posted by: Carolyn22 on 04/10/17
" Tried the photo reading from Autumn. Very to the point and added insight to a situation I am struggling with."

Posted by: Michele on 04/03/17
" Blunt and straight to the point. Always great readings and good advice."

Posted by: Lasouris on 05/13/16
" Right to the point. Helpful as always!"

Posted by: Michele on 05/11/16
" Another fantastic reading! Autumn is wonderful!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 05/05/16
" Autumn is the absolute best! Love her!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 09/08/15
" Autumndancingheart helped me so much tonight... I cant beleive how in tuned she got... Knew and understood my situation well.. And gave me the confidence and insight to keep pushing forward... Thank you so much again and i highly... Highly recommend anyone to her"

Posted by: Patrick on 07/22/15
" Awesome session again!"

Posted by: Michele on 06/24/15
" As always, straight to the point. Advice has been spot on. Love her!"

Posted by: Michele on 06/14/15
" always great, blunt and to the point!"

Posted by: Michele on 05/26/15
" Once again, always helpful!"

Posted by: Michele on 05/24/15
" Continues to help with an ongoing issue. VERY honest and will tell it like it is. Love her advice!"

Posted by: Michele on 03/23/15
" Accurate and honest - blunt if necessary. Will continue to seek advice from her!"

Posted by: Michele on 03/12/15
" Always quick and to the point. All advice has been on target and helpful. Will continue to seek advice and guidance from Autumn. She's great!"

Posted by: Michele on 03/01/15
" Autumn is so honest and to the point...Another fantastic reading!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 02/23/15
" Always helpful :)"

Posted by: Michele on 02/23/15
" Always quick and honest. Good guidance and will not sugar coat a situation so you have a good picture of the truth."

Posted by: Michele on 02/07/15
" Autumn continues to help and advise with a situation I have been having. Her advice, along with that of the guides, has proven true. She has never candy coated anything and always told me like it is. I will definitely speak with her again! :)"

Posted by: Michele on 01/28/15
" Autumn continues to help me with issues I've had the past few months. She is always truthful even if it isn't want I 'want' to hear. Her advice and her guides are extremely helpful and always accurate. Definitely great!!!"

Posted by: Michele on 01/20/15
" Autumn has been helping me with an issue on and off for the past month. Her information and guidance has been completely accurate. Many years ago I had talked to her also, and at that time, she warned me against some decisions that may not go well and they did not. She is always completely honest and does not candy coat anything. She looks out for the best for the person who is asking her guidance. I trust her 100% and will ask advice again."

Posted by: Michele on 01/08/15
" I can't say enough good words about Autumn...She is phenomenal! Thank you!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 11/13/14
" Phenomenal as usual!! I love Autumn - she is very direct and to the point!!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 07/16/14
" Another fantastic reading! StarzAutumnDancingHeart is so quick and to the point! Love her!!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 03/06/13
" StarzAutumnDancingHeart is always on point. I appreciate her candor. "

Posted by: yvonne on 03/02/13
" This is the best reading I have ever had...So much information and accuracy in such a short period of time. What a gift!"

Posted by: Judy on 02/22/13
" Excellent reader - very quick and to the point!! Highly recommend!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 02/12/13