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Allanah is a caring professional reader with over 15 years helping people from across the globe.

Her empathic ability makes her exceptionally sensitive to the personality traits, intentions, needs, and emotions of others and this is why she's often approached for readings that focus on interpersonal relationships. Her clients have found her ability to connect with others astounding and her insight into why people do what they do has helped countless couples find their way forward. Relationships can be challenging, but once someone knows the 'why' behind their partner's actions, they are empowered to take positive action.

She reveals what she is shown in a caring way, and her calming demeanor is something that has had clients raving about her services over the years. You'll walk away from a reading with her feeling calmer, grounded and empowered to deal with the situation you're in. She doesn't judge, and will give advice on how to deal with your situation in the best way possible.

She believes in empowering those she reads for and shows future potential along with insights on how they'll get to where they need to be. She affirms free will and an individual's ability to control their outcomes and futures. The future is changeable and understanding how past and present actions, choices, and mindsets affect the future helps us make changes accordingly.

She's been a guiding light for thousands of clients over the years, and you have found your way to her profile for a reason. Connect with her now via email or chat to get the answers you're searching for.

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StarzAllanah's Reviews

" she was very kind and honest"

Posted by: nursesrock on 04/25/14
" Atell is the best! Love her!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 04/08/14
" Great reader ! able to pick up on things accurately!"

Posted by: Mia on 03/26/14
" Her insight seemed amazing, like she was sitting in the room with the person i was wondering about. She also is very quick with responses and she is kind and caring as well. She did not need much information from me. I recommend her highly."

Posted by: Valerie on 02/11/14
" I only had a very short time for my reading with this awesome reader! She got right to the point and was so wise and kind. Extremely accurate and caring! She has a true gift and it was a blessing to hear her wisdom. I am so grateful! I will be back for sure! Thank you so much!"

Posted by: Debbie on 12/31/13

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