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From: NJ, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Jun 3rd 2020    Last Login: Yesterday

Im always in touch with your spirit guides that provide me clear messages. I have had many years experience as a natural born psychic. I begin by asking for your name and question. No tools needed but can use tarot at times. I am also a physical and emotional empath. Wonderful with love and career readings.
I comfort and inform. Take the information that I channel and use it for your highest good. To begin your Live Psychic Reading with StarzZara Click Here.

StarzZara's Reviews

" I found Zara to be warm and what she said resonated with my plans for a future home purchase. She picked up on a move to the Southern area of USA which is exactly what I had planned. Thanks Zara "

Posted by: spiritseeker on 06/11/20
" I found Zara to be warm direct and to the point!The points in her reading resonated with me and what my 'plans" are for the future she picked up on the move to the south I am planning. "

Posted by: spiritseeker on 06/11/20