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I have been reading cards now for thirteen years, at first I was afraid to let anyone know that I had this gift to read the cards, for fear people would look at me weird and criticize me, but with the loving support of my family and friends I have been doing this professionally for about three years now.

I give insights from my cards into your situation or question. I feel this is GOD'S way for me to help you.

I don't give predictions like you may think. I give FEELINGS on what possible outcomes will come about and in what POSSIBLE timetable that it could come to pass. Please just remember we are all on GOD'S timetable and not our own!! :)

Here is what you can expect from me if you get a reading!

I will do a three card connection with you to see if I am reading you or the situation correctly, and if I am then and ONLY THEN if we have connected we can continue with the reading. IF interested in this opportunity, since we will already be in paid chat I will tell you we are not connecting and we can discontinue the reading. If we don't connect I will refer you to someone else that will be better able to assist you.

I do a three card connection because I feel I should know a little bit about YOU or the SITUATION with-in three cards and most of the time it works!!

For the connection I will need to have you to tell me right off how many times to shuffle the cards, your name, name of person involved if any, and question/questions.

Please be prepared to hear only the TRUTH!! I only tell what I read in the cards GOOD and BAD. Only if you are ready to hear what is truly in store for you please contact me!!

I am glad that I have this gift and am able really to HELP people.

My clients that I have had said that I was very on target for them, and that they would come back. I have had many people come back, and have done tarot parties for one of my repeat customers.

I truly feel I can help you...PLEASE let me do that!

The following is a disclaimer:

I use the cards as guides and are intended for the client to use them as guides as well...the cards are for a POSSIBLE outcome and are NOT to be used as a tool that you HAVE to follow or your future or life depends on it!! I only give you ADVICE on things to look out for or CHANGE for your is up to YOU the client what you do with the information provided and I am in no way held responsible for what you decide to do with the information.

You must also be 18 years of age or older to use my services!!!

For entertainment purposes only!

My hours that I am available will vary Mon - Sat and Sundays I am off.

If you would like a reading and I am not available please leave me an email and we will set-up a time to meet online!

I have been charging for quite a few years now for my service. I mainly do these cards at home, but as I mentioned in my other information I also do tarot parties, just to show you that I do have qualifications and experience in this field.

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