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From: AR, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Aug 25th 2012    Last Login: Today

Hello, and welcome today. My name is Maya and I have been a professional expert in Spirituality for more than 35 years. I feel that God has blessed me with the ability to tap into energy, situations, relationships and your personal journey. I am considered one of the best love psychics as I tune into energy and romance.
I have followed my life's calling and purpose and my guidance and insight can help you to find and achieve yours. I have been a part of the Starz "family" for 4 years. ***I DO NOT LOCATE MISSING ITEMS INCLUDING PETS****

After greeting you, I will ask for first names, date of birth's and any specific questions you may have. If you are a returning client, even though I already may know your name and dob, please type this as it gives me a quicker connection to your energy and situation. I am here to serve your highest good, and therefore I am always honest. I am very empathic, and can feel your pain or joy. You are welcome to talk as little or as much as you like, I am here to serve YOU and YOUR needs. I often refer to my "guides" as I believe they communicate information to me, which I then am able to share with my clients. I do not use astrology, but my guides tune in by your dob, as this helps us to see your current Karmic path, your lessons and your future potential. I am very experienced with phone and chat services and have been offering my guidance via this type of platform since 2005. I do not judge your situation, nor do I give my "personal" opinion. All information, guidance, insight, advice comes from a higher source. My gifts include but may not be limited to; spirit guides, medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, tarot card reader, numerology, cartomancy.

If you ask for a "general" reading, you will likely get more general answers. The more specific you are, the more details I can usually provide, however~~ this does NOT mean that I am asking you to describe each and every detail of a person, relationship or situation. The more information you disclose at the beginning the more difficult it is for me to validate my gifts. I understand that some clients feel a bit skeptical, and believe me when I was quite young (8-10) I was skeptical of myself! I never feel offended if a client prefers to give very little information, in fact I prefer that. However I will always ask that you respect my gifts and my time, and that you try to have an open mind during our session. Having psychic abilities does not mean we are "God", nor are we mind readers, nor can we guarantee an outcome. What we can provide, is some details that you, the client have not shared, the potential for outcome based on the current energy and what we are shown as your special purpose and your path. There is a line where destiny or fate meets free will and choice. I believe that we each have the power and ability to change our lives for the better, we just sometimes need some direction in accomplishing this.
It is my true honor and pleasure to share your journey and to offer to you the very best of my gifts, wisdom and guidance.

I attended traditional college, double major; English and Psychology.
I also studied drug and alcohol counseling, families in crisis and intervention programs.
I have a doctorate degree in Divinity from an accredited Esoteric University.

I am a certified Aura reader and healer. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher. I am a channeler, medium, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and pet communicator. I do past life readings, and believe that we have emotional DNA patterns that can be altered and shifted.

I believe in destiny, Angels, miracles and true love. I believe our potential or opportunities on this earth are unlimited. I am optimistic, caring, sensitive and very honest. My personal faith is in the Christian God, but I am accepting of ALL religions and beliefs. I am constantly in awe of the resilience of the human spirit and have dedicated myself to this work. I am glad that you found me today. If you feel I have been helpful and are pleased with my service I truly appreciate when clients take a moment to write a review. Please also know that I am always here to serve you and I promise to give 100% of my attention to your situation. I feel blessed to be able to share my gifts with ALL of my clients.
**Unless you are a returning client with a quick update or follow up question, I respectfully ask that you are prepared to spend at least 15-20 minutes in session. If for any reason we do not connect or resonate, my guides will advise me immediately and any purchased minutes may be used with another advisor. I am always very aware that we all have a budget, however I do ask that you respect my gifts, just as I respect your situation without any judgments or personal opinions. It is impossible for me to answer numerous questions or to provide the quality service you deserve in 5 or 10 minutes unless this is a follow up session. I will never waste your time or let the clock tick without typing as I am a very fast typist and my connection is always quickly made, however I am also a human being and it takes away from the level and quality of service I strive to provide when a client attempts to have an in-depth accurate, reading done in 5 minutes.** I truly feel blessed to share my gifts and it is always my sincere intention to provide you with honest, accurate insight and guidance.

**** Be sure to ready my daily blog entries as my guides share their insight on a variety of topics****Also join me on StarzBlogtalk radio every Monday night at 8pm- EDT and 7pm- CST. I look forward to guests, co-hosts, and we welcome ALL callers that wish to share their thoughts or comments on our provocative and varied topics. StarzCast/Natalie is of course always helping callers and co-hosting. Although we do not offer readings; please be sure to visit the chat room during our radio hours with our amazing hosts and readers for mini readings and questions! ** Please note that medium sessions are by CONDUCTED BY PHONE AND APPOINTMENT ONLY. This is a "specialty reading" and prices are listed in my "shop" or emporium, then contact Natalie to schedule your medium reading. Please contact Natalie, owner or use the contact support button to book your session today! If during a regular chat a message comes through I will always pass that on, but connecting to the other side is a specialized reading/session service. Please visit Starz Emporium for details and pricing information.

Many blessings, ~Maya~

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StarzMayaMoon's Reviews

" Wonderful advisor."

Posted by: RBTeach on 11/23/17
" Love her clarity"

Posted by: RBTeach on 11/21/17
" As always, thank you!"

Posted by: RBTeach on 11/19/17
" Talking to Maya is like talking to a wise friend."

Posted by: RBTeach on 11/13/17
" Talking to her is like talking to a best friend with wisdom!"

Posted by: RBTeach on 11/07/17
" Love her."

Posted by: RBTeach on 11/06/17
" Wonderful as always"

Posted by: RBTeach on 10/26/17
" The best."

Posted by: RBTeach on 10/24/17
" She is the absolute best."

Posted by: RBTeach on 10/19/17
" Love her"

Posted by: RBTeach on 10/10/17
" Had an important question and she was a great help"

Posted by: RBTeach on 09/04/17
" Gives me hope and brings my anxiety down. Very informative and look forward to having a reading again. Thank you and highly recommended."

Posted by: Angelstar on 09/04/17
" Love talking to her. Clarifies things for me. Great counsel"

Posted by: RBTeach on 08/29/17
" Always calms me down and is honest"

Posted by: RBTeach on 08/15/17
" Always comes thru for me."

Posted by: RBTeach on 08/09/17
" Always wise advice."

Posted by: RBTeach on 08/04/17
" Knows about people and dogs!!!!"

Posted by: RBTeach on 07/26/17
" Appreciate her honesty and care. : )"

Posted by: RBTeach on 07/25/17
" Great advisor in every respect. Love her."

Posted by: RBTeach on 07/10/17
" As I have stated before, she is the real deal. Love her."

Posted by: RBTeach on 06/20/17
" I have been going thru some heavy stuff and she is always there for me. Love her."

Posted by: RBTeach on 06/13/17
" Honest and real. You can't ask for more than that!"

Posted by: RBTeach on 06/10/17
" Maya is a sincere and deep reader, truly connected to her guides. She was a great help to me today. Thank you Maya!"

Posted by: Makamine on 06/06/17
" I have come to Maya since 2006 and she has never failed me yet!"

Posted by: RB on 06/04/17
" Love this advisor. Fast typist. Tells the truth in a kind way. She is real"

Posted by: RB on 05/27/17
" I am very happy with the reading I had with Maya! Watched her video beforehand and resonated with her energy. She gave great advice and I'll be back! Lots of love to you, Maya!!"

Posted by: Dalai on 04/25/17
" Thank you for the reading! I love how on point you were everything and it was good to hear what you told me. Thank you for everything. Talk to you soon."

Posted by: mlvba on 03/29/17
" I'm literally crying as I have been taking Starz Maya's help from 2014 & she is an angel no doubt close to God to me ...I ask questions and Maya goes above& beyond explaining in detail saying things that no one knows except me...Im so grateful as she saved my life ...Maya is the real deal here ...Thank you I will be in touch & the reading was mind blowing as you have said so many things I told no one. Your predictions r 100% accurate..Thank u for so many details & u always write so much & all truth ❤ I owe u my life ...Love you so much Beautiful angel ❤"

Posted by: Anya on 02/20/17
" thanks so much! quick reading. trust you! will be back :)"

Posted by: mary on 12/17/16
" Had a wonderful reading with Maya. She was extremely accurate, professional, and very pleasant. I really enjoyed the reading and recommend her. Looking forward to more readings with Maya!"

Posted by: Sherrie on 12/12/16
" Thank you Maya for the lovely reading, and for the peace of mind!"

Posted by: ballroom03 on 10/14/16
" Thanks for yr reading time will tell of outcome"

Posted by: Kris on 10/12/16
" Awesome! :)"

Posted by: Jacqueline on 09/13/16
" Thank you once again for the insightful reading. I highly recommend Maya Moon She is quick and accurate. M"

Posted by: pat on 08/22/16
" I'm so sorry my minutes finished before I could properly thank you! I hit the wrong button and the window closed too fast too! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I HIGHLY recommend her. She's incredibly fast, accurate and objective. She's also kind and compassionated, I really love her <3 <3 <3 You won't be disappointed if you choose her. I'll be back for sure!"

Posted by: Lost Girl on 08/06/16
" she is amazing- and helped me through a very very dark time. "

Posted by: yogagirl14 on 06/13/16
" Thanks Maya....encouraging to have your insight on this! Will try to stay calm and will let you know. Take care, you are wonderful :)"

Posted by: ballroom03 on 03/05/16
" I just love her! She's the greatest!"

Posted by: GF on 02/02/16
" Many thanks Maya for your insight and encouragement. Great advice and guidance in putting it all into perspective as well, which I can take to heart."

Posted by: ballroom03 on 01/30/16
" Many thanks Maya for the accurate insight and reassurance....I will be in touch. Happy New Year to you as well!"

Posted by: ballroom03 on 12/30/15
" Maya is very gifted, saw what the problem was with what I came into the chat about without me telling her.....she then offered much insight into that issue and other issues, bringing me peace of mind and comfort.....thanks Maya for your kindness and support as well :)"

Posted by: ballroom03 on 12/27/15
" Perfect reading as always . Starz Maya is an angel here on earth. Been in touch with her from 2 years now almost & love her. She is very accurate and truthful & never judges ur situation. Amazing how she is so in tune with ur situation and her guides are so accurate like her. Missed u so much but will be in touch soon. xx"

Posted by: Anu on 12/14/15
" Thank you Maya, my session with you yesterday was most helpful and encouraging."

Posted by: ballroom03 on 12/13/15
" Many thanks Maya, you are you!"

Posted by: ballroom03 on 11/28/15
" Very accurate and comforting in nature. She immediately picks up on the situation and gives to you straight no sugar coating but not harmfully either. Great reader. :-)"

Posted by: OrangeMoon on 11/27/15
" THANK YOU Maya Moon, Once again talking to you was just what I needed. You have always been right about the people in my life . I look forward to my next reading . "

Posted by: Pat on 11/07/15
" MayaMoon was wonderful! She gave clear concise messages that I feel like I can trust. She was on target the entire reading, and her guides gave great advice!! THANK YOU"

Posted by: Sam on 11/05/15
" very very honest and accurate…will not lead you on…"

Posted by: r on 11/02/15
" honest n realistic…no false promises…"

Posted by: r on 11/02/15
" Lovely to connect with StarzMayaMoon. She is awesome, spirit guided, and she tunes into the energies around me and into my life situations so well to give accurate insight and great guidance. Thanks Maya!"

Posted by: ballroom03 on 10/10/15
" Lovely to connect with StarzMayaMoon.....she is awesome, spirit guided and picks up the energies and situations so well to offer great insight and guidance. Thanks Maya!"

Posted by: ballroom03 on 10/10/15
" One in a million!! She delivers such a great, detailed insight. I definitely bargained more than I asked for. You would not be dissapointed one bit. I suggest u trust and open up to her."

Posted by: Chelsea on 08/28/15
" I am in aww...she was able to describe exactly everything in my breakup. Hoping her prediction comes true. "

Posted by: sue on 08/17/15
" You are the best :) Thx! "

Posted by: L on 07/24/15
" You're awesome :) "

Posted by: Lwebb2015 on 06/15/15
" I have been in touch with Maya for a year now and she is Amazing. Besides giving great advice & being accurate in her outcomes always she is better then any Therapist. I have been going through too much and she is just the best and very gifted. A true Angel. Also Maya goes above and beyond, I know this as we have been talking for a year and sometimes I just ramble on in my questions and she patiently answers everything. She truly cares & is super gifted. Thank u as always. Love and Best Wishes "

Posted by: Anu on 04/04/15
" thank you for your positive messages . You have provided me with good advice as well as the truth about a situation. I will be back. "

Posted by: pat on 03/27/15
" Very good, everythign she said felt true."

Posted by: Ana on 03/22/15
" Absolutely fantastic. She was direct, did not waste time, connected to me very quickly and eased my mind but also was very direct in the things I need to change. She is GREAT. Love Love Love her. Many blessings!"

Posted by: S. on 03/20/15
" Thank you, once again maya. I somehow feel comforted with what you say cause it's u folded before exactly with how you've predicted. I will be back no doubt, as it unfolds lol I'm not going to let this bother me. I have my days but I also know I have you here, when I want to ring his neck! Lol ... Xoxox bye for now. :) "

Posted by: Lwebb on 03/15/15
" I want to say thank you again for helping see clearly and reaching into my situation with "C". I reached out and spoke again to him from my heart after we spoke. Although, you didn't say too, I felt guided to after we chatted earlier. I wanted the walls to go down with him. I said something's he needed to hear and wanted him to see that men n women aren't that different but it's how we deal with our differences and how we look at them. He contacted ME :) it's a start. Your awesome and I have to let everyone know that you dive into the truth and the heart of the problem. Thank you for being, who you are and being on this site. Blessings to you dear lady. My road isn't over I know I still have bumps but I'm moving again. "L" :) "

Posted by: Lwebb on 03/09/15
" Thank u I will contact u back "

Posted by: Lwebb on 03/09/15
" thank you very much StarzMaya for your clear insight on my upcoming journey. Gives me clarity to know what my direction is. Thank you. "

Posted by: staria on 03/09/15
" Your SO AWESOME! ... I KNEW you would tell me the way you seen it! You always have <3 will take your advice and once again thank you, sweet lady! "

Posted by: Lwebb on 02/27/15
" Amazing as always . No one could have helped me or guided me through my depressing situation . Really thankful to meet such a gifted reader like Maya . I have no words to express how thankful I am for ur guidance & insight. Maya has always been accurate honest and goes above and beyond anyone . She gives so much, and I cant say how much she writes & goes into details for any question I have. Thank u & Be in touch ...Lots of Love"

Posted by: Anu on 01/05/15
" Maya has been helping me through a very difficult confusing time and she has been always accurate with outcomes .. honest & sensitive . Maya knows so many details of the situation without me explaining too much . Thank you so much and you really are truly gifted. Thank u for the guidance so far . Love ..."

Posted by: A on 12/19/14
" Thank you :) your great! "

Posted by: Unknown on 12/11/14
" Thank you Maya, I will come back again and give you an update. I appreciate your time and advice. Thank you again! "

Posted by: Quartz on 12/10/14
" I wish I had more time. She was wonderful and honest. What I needed. I appreciate the guidance and insight."

Posted by: Licette on 11/25/14
" I just love StarzMayMoon, She is quick and a truly an amazing reader. She is my favorite all time reader, she is always on target and it feels so right chatting with her. "

Posted by: Pat on 10/04/14
" Just want to update everything Starz Maya said came true 100 percent and always has. She has helped me through a very difficult situation and will always be my go to friend . Starz Maya is real and a true angel . She is very truthful and understanding. Thank u for all ur help so far. Thank u for being truthful to me always . Lots of Love"

Posted by: Anya on 09/27/14
" You told me EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Your GREAT :))) and a million stars attached! I have faith things will eventually be as I hope. "

Posted by: Lwebb on 09/07/14
" Thank you and your words were uplifting and encouraging and true and on point as to where I do understand my path , thanks again"

Posted by: Steph on 08/16/14
" Felt very right after the reading! She picked up on what I feel at heart myself! So was a great validation. Will keep you posted with the outcome in 6 weeks time :) love "

Posted by: Shee on 07/07/14
" I am still in shock .. if you are looking for an amazing psychic u found her ..Starz Maya is real ...I did not even give many details of my situation but she knew everything inside and out ..she knew details about the people involved too ..I cant believe it ..I am amazed & cant get over how she knew so much . She gave wonderful advice which I will follow .she also handles it with compassion & is very truthful .....Thank u so much & u have a customer for life now ..I am so happy to have found u ..Lots of Luv "

Posted by: Anu on 06/13/14
" Thank you starzMaya for all your wonderful insight. I am excited to take my new journey to another and higher level. I will keep you posted. Namaste"

Posted by: pixie01 on 06/02/14
" Wonderful reading, wish i had more time with her"

Posted by: Carrie on 04/29/14
" Honestly the best psychic ever. "

Posted by: pat on 04/21/14
" She really is gifted. You cannot go wrong by asking for a reading with the lovely Maya."

Posted by: GF on 04/14/14
" Good stuff-again, confirmed a lot that I was thinking and was able to speak to some visions I had for myself. Genuine. "

Posted by: ettuandyou on 04/12/14
" seemed on target and very nice woman"

Posted by: nursesrock on 04/09/14
" Thank you for all your help, and Nice meeting you !!"

Posted by: Shelley on 03/24/14
" excellent reader!!! Always quick and right on the money."

Posted by: Pat on 03/23/14
" Thank you very much StarzMaya for your wonderful clear insight of my journey as I am going through a lot of emotional chaos and life changes. You are a delight and compassionate. Thank you."

Posted by: pixie01 on 03/13/14
" Awesome ! picked up on the details I asked about :) cant wait for the end result"

Posted by: pisces1 on 02/24/14
" thank you again, much appreciate your insight which seems so very on point to me! Wonderful reading"

Posted by: Piscesone on 02/23/14
" Loved this reading ! short but insightful. I will come back in March to write how things unfolded, thank you."

Posted by: pisces1 on 02/23/14
" Thank you , she confirm one main thing that no one would know but me and my Dad who has passed , I was in aww"

Posted by: steph on 01/12/14
" Thank you so much for your reading, it is going to be so help full for me. Happy new year. ALi. "

Posted by: Ali on 12/30/13
" Didn't even have to say a word before Maya started speaking and she was spot on straight away with how I was feeling, would recommend Maya 110% i'm looking forward to the changes but I left the chat with a sense of hope and enlightenment "

Posted by: Dave on 12/11/13
" Wonderful reading! & very accurate"

Posted by: Lilian on 11/18/13
" StarzMaya wasvery intuned into my situation and she really saw things and was truthful. I knw at times it is hard hearing the truth but sometimes we need to hear it and to let go of things that are nt meant to be this lifetime."

Posted by: Josie on 11/07/13
" right on the mark...I now understand somethings and I will be following up with her again"

Posted by: lori on 10/31/13
" StarzMaya. you are an awsome person. we will figure out what it is that toby is trying to say. thank you for the insight that i may of otherwise missed, though we did not discus that. love y light"

Posted by: Ponee on 09/19/13
" Beyond excellent and accurate!"

Posted by: Joby on 09/01/13
" Thank you for your time, will check back when all is resolved"

Posted by: Goalseeker on 08/30/13
" Maya is amazing...and I truly mean that. I have worked with a ton of other psychics and I have never in my life ever had any psychic be so accurate. Tonight, I asked her about a new guy I was thinking about dating and she told me specific details about his past - including the exact locations where he lived and visited (which were completely different countries from where I am located) and she was right! My jaw hit the floor! Then she asked me if he had recently lost his dog - and he did in fact lose his dog today!!! She knows everything and she is extremely gifted. Additionally, she is compassionate in every sense of the word - truly just a great person. Every time I talk to her, I feel so much better about everything. I would definitely recommend Maya..."

Posted by: Debbie on 08/16/13
" Maya was AMAZING!!!! On point on everything and needed no coaching, nor hinting. Her guides are indeed with her! She is kind, compassionate and clearly cares! What a gift to be able to be read by her. Thank you Maya!!!"

Posted by: g. f. on 08/04/13
" StarzMaya is amazing, amazing and more amazing! Honestly, she is by far the best psychic I have ever chatted with in my life! She knows everything before I even tell her. Seriously, amazing! Would recommend her to anyone!"

Posted by: Debbie Hill on 07/26/13
" I gave very little information yet was provided with an accurate description of past events and current feelings. Thank you"

Posted by: P on 07/10/13
" I had a reading with Maya a few weeks back.. I read it again tonight, she was so accurate it was scarry. I am looking foward to a follow up reading. "

Posted by: Pat on 06/19/13