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From: CA, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Aug 30th 2011    Last Login: 10/28/17


How does your Mediumship/Channeling of My Loved Ones work?

I Channel your deceased Loved Ones at your request only. Please request this guidance specifically if you want it.

I will Channel only advice or updates from your Loved Ones on the Other Side. This means, if they have advice for you, I channel that. If you want to know how they are adjusting to the Other Side, I'll channel that information.

I will not channel anything sad or unhappy. That doesn't help you or them.

Please do NOT request a Channel from me if you are extremely sad or unhappy. This doesn't help them or you.

Please be CALM and OPEN. Thank you!

Rest assured that Your Loved Ones are there and they ARE sending you signs. You may write letters to them or talk to them at any time. They are listening and ready to help.

Do NOT attempt to Channel them yourself though.

Please do NOT try to split a first-time Channel of Your Loved Ones session up. This rushes me and causes the Channel of Your Loved Ones to FAIL.

No one wants that. Neither you nor I want that for your session with me.

Please request ONLY a first-time Channel of Your Loved One with me if you only have 15-20 minutes. This applies to FIRST-TIME Channel clients. Thank you!

I can only Channel ONE (1) Closest Loved One for first-time Channel clients in 15-20 minutes. If you only have 15-20 minutes and you're a FIRST-TIME Channel client, please be aware of this.

If you want to connect with MORE THAN ONE Loved One, please book a second session. Add an extra 5-10 minutes for each extra Loved One. Your closest Loved One will come through briefly first and then they will act as a bridge to bring in others.

After this time, I can open the channel even more. This allows other distant Loved Ones in for brief 5-10 minute updates. This is for your SECOND (2) Channeling session.

How does your Reiki Healing work?

Please request Reiki Healing. I only do Reiki Healings by request.

Clear your mind. Take 3 deep and slow breaths in and out. Continue to do this as I scan your chakras and throughout the Reiki Healing session. While scanning your chakras, I'll be looking for any information on imbalances or blockages.

If you know what the imbalance or blockage is, please SHARE it at the start. If you know how deep or stubborn the blockage or imbalance is, share that at the start as well. Thank you!

The scan will take about 5 minutes. The Reiki Healing will take 15-20 minutes total if you are a first-time Healing client. If you are a returning client, it can take 5-10 minutes depending on how clogged your chakras are.

Please do NOT try to split a first-time Reiki Healing session up. This rushes me and causes the Reiki Healing to FAIL.

No one wants that. Neither you or I want that for your session with me.

Please request ONLY a first-time Reiki Healing with me if you only have 15-20 minutes. AND you are a FIRST-TIME Reiki Healing client. Thank you!

How does your clairvoyance work?

I get flashes of people, places and things that are projected into my mind. These flashes are related to the readings I give to my clients. I might see the color, size and layout of your next house.

Or I could see the job duties you perform during your day in your soul-purpose driven ideal career. These flashes add to my Tarot readings. Any and all information I "see" I will pass on to you. :)

How does your empathy work?

While talking or chatting with you, I will tune with you and feel your feelings as though they were my own. I know they are yours because your energy is different than mine is. This empathy adds to my Tarot readings and allows me to better understand you and your concerns.

It helps me to know what advice to give you because I'll get a sense of what advice you are most likely to follow. If you're content, you're more likely to strike up a conversation with strangers. If you are anxious, this is less likely to happen.

How does the Cartomancy (Nationally), Psychic or Tarot reading work? What can I expect from you?

After greeting you, I will ask for first names, date of births and any specific questions you may have. Please include the first names and dates of birth for anyone you're asking about. If you are a returning client, please type this information in.

This allows me to quickly connect with your energy and situation. I am here to serve your Highest Good, and thus, I'm always honest. You are welcome to talk as little or as much as you like, I am here to serve YOU and YOUR needs.

If for any reason we do not connect, my Spirit Guides will tell me immediately. Any purchased minutes may be used with another advisor.

I offer a Horoscope Tarot Reading. Be sure to ask for this type of Tarot Reading if you want to know what advice Tarot has for your horoscope. Or ask for Horoscope Tarot Reading for Couples.

This is good for checking the capability between two people who are interested in dating. A MUST for new couples!

What types of questions are the best to ask you/your Spirit Guides (Eastern US) or the cards? What types of questions will get me the most bang for my buck?

I'm so glad you asked! Not all questions are created equally. Some are MUCH better than others!

These are the questions to ask to get the most bang for your buck (and the best guidance too!)

1. What do I need to know about...?
2. What can I do to improve my relationship with him/her/them?
3. What do I need to do to achieve....?
4. How can I best help my child/partner/friend through this situation (Specify the situation.)?
5. Where can I do the most good at (my work/at home/volunteering/etc.)?
6. What do I need to do to make (fill in the blank) happen?
7. What can I do to be a better (person/partner/friend/employee/boss/etc.)?
8. What skills do I need to improve/gain to achieve/be....?
9. What can I do to improve my relationship with myself?
10. In the next 3-6 months, what can I do to maximize...?

I do not recommend asking timing questions farther out than 6 months. Unless, you understand how timing works. Google "time frames and Tarot cards" or "time frames and psychic readings".

Read everything. Information is power. Empower yourself!

What can I do to get the Best Love Psychic Reading with you?

First, be open and relaxed. Destiny and free will are equal when it comes to getting the Best Love Psychic Reading. This means that you, or your lover can act to change the future outcome.

My Best Love Psychic Readings happen when you co-create the future you desire. If you want it to happen, create it!

How long should I talk with you for to get the best results for my time and money?

Be prepared to spend at least 15-20 minutes in session. Exceptions are follow-up question and quick updates.

Please honor yourself by making sure that you have enough time for all your questions to be answered. This typically takes 15-20 minutes.

I am always very aware that you budget and save for a reading with me. I am honored that you choose to take your time and money to buy my guidance. Please respect my gifts, just as I respect your situation.

*It’s NOT possible for me to answer many questions in 5-10 minutes. I pride myself on quality service and strive always to deliver on that promise! I will never waste your time or let the clock tick without typing.*

*I promise to connect quickly! I’m also humble a human being in the service of your Highest Good.*

*Requesting an in-depth reading with me to be completed in 5-10 minutes makes it sub-par. Many clients become frustrated, understandably so, as a result of a rushed reading.*

How can you get the best possible Oracle card reading (Nationally) with me?

Previous clients reported that free-flowing conversation doubled the validity and accuracy of their reading. Consider opening up with me to improve your reading.

If you ask for a "general" reading, you will likely get more general answers. The more specific you are, the more details I can usually provide.

Please provide a brief and detailed overview of the situation you are asking about. Include people, events, actions and any other relevant information.

If you are asking about a marriage proposal, include details of your relationship. Specifically, how you and your lover relate to each other. This allows me to give you a more accurate forecast.

I can predict with 90% accuracy, whether the proposal will be accepted and how the marriage will go. Without this information, my accuracy falls to 60%.

How do I know you're receiving this information from God and your Spirit Guides? What about my Spirit Guides (Eastern US)?

I do not judge your situation, nor do I give my "personal" opinion. All information, guidance, insight, advice comes from a Higher Source. I understand that some clients feel a bit skeptical.

Believe me when I was quite young (7-11), I was skeptical myself! I'm never offended you prefer to give little information. Yet, I will always ask that you respect my gifts and my time.

Please have an open mind during our session. Having psychic abilities does not mean I'm "God", nor am I a mind reader. I can't unfortunately guarantee any outcome.

What I can provide, is some details that you have not shared. As well as the potential for outcome based on the current energy. Also, what we are shown as your special purpose and your path.

There is a line where destiny or fate meets free will and choice. I believe that you have the power and ability to change your life for the better! I provide the needed direction and help for you achieve this for yourself.

It’s my personal promise that I’m dedicated to serving you and your Highest Good. I will always give 100% of my attention and time to your situation. I feel blessed to be able to share my gifts with ALL my clients.

What is your background?

I attended university, and have a degree in Psychology.

What do you believe?

I believe in destiny and free will. I believe in true love and soulmates. I believe in miracles, Angels, and God/the Higher Power.

I believe our potential and opportunities on this earth are unlimited. I am optimistic, caring, sensitive and very honest. I am accepting of ALL without regard for race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

I am constantly in awe of the resilience of the human spirit and have dedicated myself to this work.

Do you have any other tips for me?

If you feel I have been helpful and are pleased with my service, I deeply appreciate client reviews. To avoid “dead time”, please have all your questions written out ahead of time. Please don't paste them into the chat all at once.

This decreases the quality of the reading and of my service to you. Include time frames in your questions. Ask specific questions.

Phrase your question to be empowering and active to get the best and Highest Good advice every time!

To ask a specific question with a time frame try, “What can you tell me about my love life in the next three months?” To ask an empowering and active question try, “How can I improve my relationship with Stacy? We’ve been having some issues recently.

(She gets quiet when angry and doesn’t communicate with me and I'm nit-picky). I want this relationship to succeed.”

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Hi, I'm StarzGnosis (KNOW-sis). I am a third generation Tarot card reader and clairvoyant. I'm a medium and certified Reiki Healer.

I have 13 years' of professional experience helping thousands of clients. They've discovered their ideal life path. Let me help you find yours!

I am an empathic clairvoyant. I feel your feelings as though they were my own. I'll use that, as well as the Tarot, my Spirit Guides (Eastern US), (and yours!). Together, we'll to help you co-create your ideal path.

You are in the driver's seat of your life. Not me, not your lover, boss, or your business partner. You shape our lives through the choices you make.

My Cartomancy (Nationally) or Oracle card reading (Nationally) is an honest view. Where will the reading take you?

Wherever you choose to go! Many possibilities exist and are open to you.

All you have to do is look. Remember that knowledge is power and it's the best defense against that which is unknown.

Which path will you take? My readings can show you which option is the best for your situation. Where will that lead you? You might actually be surprised!

I truly feel blessed to share my gifts. It’s always my sincere intention to provide you with honest, accurate insight and guidance.

I'm glad you've taken the time to read my profile and get a sense of whether I'm the Psychic Advisor for you. Thank you!

Ready to chat with me? I knew you would be. See you in chat! To begin your Live Psychic Reading with StarzGnosis Click Here.

StarzGnosis's Reviews

" StarzGnosis was so accurate for me and validated what I knew without any hints. I would recommend her you will not be sorry. :)"

Posted by: Lana on 06/02/16
" She needs no info to connect. She was patient and kind, spot on and her energies are so great. Her reiki sessions at distance are definetely the best I've ever had. I'll be back for more sessions and counseling. Thank you so much for everything! You'll not waste your time with her!"

Posted by: Peace on 05/17/16
" She's really fast to connect and very accurate. Had a full reiki healing session and left feeling so much better!!! She is really really great, gave me very helpful advices and food for thought. She's so sweet, kind and compassionated!! I'll be back for a reiki healing follow up. She's the best I've ever met at distance reiki healings, this is the first time I felt a real difference before and after the distance healing and I tried many others, in different places. Loved her!! Highly recommended!! :) :) :) <3 <3 <3"

Posted by: Lost girl on 05/11/16
" Fabulous. To the point very quickly and accurately!"

Posted by: iinkk on 01/07/14
" StarzGnosis, asked for little info and quickly gave insightful information; very much appreciated. Thank you."

Posted by: yvonne on 02/21/13
" A real doll-thanks!"

Posted by: Ilene on 06/18/12