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From: HI, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Nov 16th 2016    Last Login: Today

Life-long psychic and healer from England, bringing love, clarity and accurate guidance to your life. Warm, calm and assured - my compassionate, clear counsel on relationships, money, career, family, finances, business and spiritual development illuminates your soul-path.

From generations of psychics, mediums and healers on both sides of my family, my first sentences described the light-beings by my crib. Since I can remember, I experienced light beings, auras and people who have passed on. I receive auditory messages and can interpret dreams - my empathic gifts connect me to your soul’s purpose and life path in all situations.
I was shown early how to heal and send healing at a distance, this developed over time to helping heal emotional trauma and relationships. In 2002 after a profound healing and deep personal awakening I was guided into spiritual service.

Over 40 years ago I gave my first unofficial, unnervingly accurate reading at 7 years old and continued to read from then on. Throughout my life people sought me out for intuitive guidance, first for business and financial readings, and, in time, for more personal matters. Many of my international clients feel like family after nearly 30 years of reading for them regularly.

My psychic awareness helped springboard a successful early business career, from which I had to retire due to ill health. After my transformative personal and physical healing, I retrained in the healing arts (psychotherapy, shamanic rites, metaphysical attunement), deepening and honing my innate gifts in spiritual service to others.
Each reading is guided differently and I enjoy every reading I give - I may use cards, bibliomancy, pendulum, or simple clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, or any combination of these.

My experience is that every part of us we consider weak or vulnerable, hurt, bad or wrong, is a potential powerhouse of transformation – a divine opportunity for becoming the unique person each of us has been created to be.
Open your heart and welcome the transformation that awaits you in every area of your life - I look forward to connecting with you!


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StarzAamina's Reviews

" Picks up on situation and people exceptionally fast and very in tune . Fast typer doesn't waste time,. And on top of that the most beautiful soul to share clarity and energy with . If you're wanting a reader to assist and you're reading this , you have been guided to the one here .Absolutely AMAZiNG . So many blessings here ."

Posted by: Anon on 04/28/17
" She is fast in her responses and has great insight into situations. She was able to connect with my questions and gave some good advice. Honest about situations and doesn't sugar coat something by telling me what I want to hear. Accurate with her connections to myself and others I was asking about."

Posted by: Michele on 04/12/17
" Fast and accurate. Always a pleasure!"

Posted by: Michele on 03/19/17
" She is so great!! She's lovely, has a great sense of humor, and she's truly very fast to connect. She's dynamic and caring and patient at the same time, I loved every single second of our chat. Her insights are spot on. I'm hoping I can do the Healing sessions she has on her shop.You won't regret having a session with her. Love you already and many blessings to you, girl!!"

Posted by: lightseeker on 01/17/17
" Very honest and quick reading. Insightful into a situation that I needed advice with."

Posted by: Michele on 01/13/17
" Fast to connect,picked up on situation exceptionally well, with no details.Doesnt waste time,fast typer all the things you want in a reader who also provides fantastic insight, empathy and clarity. Many blessings here , TY ."

Posted by: Anon on 12/26/16
" Such a wonderful reader! highly recommend her!Truly touched by light and goodness. thank you!"

Posted by: GF on 12/17/16