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From: QC, Canada     StarzPsychic Since: Nov 5th 2015    Last Login: Today

I am a Certified Psychic for 25 years, Natural Born gifted psychic of 5 generations read thousands of people from all walks of life and countries. I am a Channellor, Clairvoyant spirit reader, Empath, Healer, and Master Tarot Reader.

I give spirit energy readings which connect to your soul through your energy and vibrations, with your name and questions of concern I can give you an in-depth reading. I provide you with real answers to your questions and help you develop direction on the path to achieving your deepest desires. With healing energies, and reading you will feel calm, centered, and clearer about all situations, with a positive two-fold end result, either to uncover a problem area and or to help a person with some suggestions, be it a give the client all the tools necessary for their own discovery of possible solutions. Together will attempt to resolve it, a realistic prognosis to covering all questions whether it's for love relationships, finance, or career.

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StarzKydra's Reviews

" Thank you 😊 what a wonderful honest insightful reading She is super real and honest and kind "

Posted by: Kaya M on 04/15/20
" Good Reading with StarzKydra."

Posted by: Moosie on 01/07/20
" kydra understood what i have been going through and sees it how it is. thanks so much for a great reading!!!"

Posted by: jess on 03/04/19
" Very on point very accurate... I love to have readings with her... she never seems to amaze me..awesome "

Posted by: Shacoya on 02/19/19
" I had a great reading with many details thank you very much "

Posted by: Ctsui1 on 11/15/18
" Had an excellent reading with Kydra. She connected with the situation right away and gave me the answers I needed."

Posted by: Moosie on 06/01/18
" She is direct to the point... even though it\'s not what you want to hear. Thanks ma\'am... "

Posted by: M. on 03/12/18