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From: OH, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Oct 20th 2015    Last Login: 6/01/24

REVEAL what's on HIS/HER mind? Their full Intentions ? Dose he or she love only you ? or seeking someone other then you. Meant to be and want to hold on an work things out ? Or are you dealing with a battered relationship and you should let go and move on? Lets reveal the truth and the truth will set you free and you can see things for your self on how they really are. World Wide Renown POWERFUL CONNECTION*Reunites RELATIONSHIP is possible because everything is possible!/accurate answers regarding your future/Love/Relationship/Life. Predictions have come to pass for many and so can yours..
LIFE Expert ! I'm a Master Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Empathic Psychic. use several methods of reading to help you. By using a combination of these methods I can ultimately read any situation, regardless of the area. Whether you have a question about Love, Relationship, Career, Finances, Life ot's self or any other question, I feel confident I can provide you with an answer. I DO NOT use tools, I DO NOT need them. To help you better understand my abilities and how they work I would like you to read the following: I am a Powerful Healer Reader and Advisor I help you with all and any problem you may have , Large or small.
As a Spiritual Healer Life Coach Evangelist I speak with all Faiths and backgrounds you may be . Life is a blessing and life is good, Life is how you want it to be because it is your FREE WILL and your choice to be happy glad luck successful thankful cheerful and happy with peace of mind, or your choice to be the totally Opposite and make your life harder then it is. FREE WILL

I am very honored to be able read for you connect with your spiritual world and to empower you to help your self and enlighten you with the answers that you seek' for most honestly as it is and not just tell you what you just want to hear, but hear the truth as it will free your from pain and losing sleep and holding your self back from moving forwards to start a new happy clean start future, and to be able to help you help your self live life to your fullest known the truth that indeed will set you free. Are you ready to tackle your reality? and make new positive changes ? face new challenges, new Journey new changes to help you make new choices? Call me and let me show you that you can achieve your goals and conquer your dreams and help you let HIM or Her go so you may start a new positive life .My readings do come with lessons & homework and guidance for self care at home because often times we do forget to take care of ourselves and readings are a reminder that you are important too and need to self balance to be able to help your self and yes others in all and in many ways. I do not need tools to see fee or sense, But to get the job done right we need all the right tools to fix the home as we do for one self.

Clairvoyant – Ability to See -Objects -Images -Signs -Symbols -Events.

Clairsentient – Ability to Feel -Emotions -Resistance -Barriers.

Clairaudient – Ability to Hear -Sounds -Voices -Phrases -Music -Talks surrounding Events.

Awaken - your spiritual ability.

3rd eye - Opening. Power-wisdom-

Spiritual Cleansing - An expert Vedic meditation and himalayan yogic practice, Spiritual cleansing encompasses," rituals, practices and actions performed to create harmony and connect between the MIND-BODY & SOUL AND SPIRITS.
She classifies a spiritual cleanse as anything that causes Purificantion or removal of anything toxic.
if our attention is always absorbed in stress, negativity, loss, drama, gossip, lack, comparison, competition, past, future, or ego, then our energy becomes low and weighs us down mentally ,emotionally, physically and spiritually," From my perspective, if we don't do our daily spiritual practices energy can become stuck, stagnate, or absorb whatever our attention dwell in, affecting our entire life.

Powerful positive Rituals - candles, Jars, full moon manifestation, etc.

Past life cleanings to help you achieve the good from the past life and to block all the unbalancing from the past life to help you achieve and to fulfill all on this life.

Empathic – Ability to Discern -Comprehension of the ‘State’ of Others -True Intentions -Hearts Desires.

I am renowned as a Positive evangelist.

If you have questions about Love, Money, Career, Finances, or any other Life Question I am here to help you get the answers you need
Natural Clairvoyant Psychic Ability ~ Study in Metaphysical Science Study in Parapsychology ~ 1978
With the help of my guides Ruzsha & Chef Westlaw We can help you through your difficult situations. I’m intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient & empathic.. Life is full of crossroads that leave us with difficult decisions to make. We are here to help with those decisions. I have extensive experience both personally and through my clients with relationship problems. I’ve been personally involved in abusive/addiction relationships. Even the best of marriages & relationships have their ups and downs. Things at times can be extremely over whelming. I have the tools to help you through those difficult times and get you back on the path that is right for you. The path that will lead you to the happiness we all deserve. My readings are accurate, precise and informative. You will always leave our time together feeling better about your situation and knowing what to expect and how to handle the curve balls that life throws us. I've been working online for many years and have a large clientele on other sites. I have a high accuracy rate with many regular clients that have been with me for years. We only tell the truth with no fairy tales and no sugar coating. *PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A LOW RATING JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT READY TO HEAR THE TRUTH. I WILL NOT SUGARCOAT ANYTHING…IF THE TRUTH IS NOT WHAT YOU SEEK…I’M NOT THE ADVISER FOR YOU. *

IMPORTANT: We are here to help. We are here to give you the info to help YOU make decisions for YOUR life. We can NOT live your life for you. PLZ don’t ask me to tell you what to do .. we can only guide you.. not tell you what decisions to make.
While doing these readings is my livelihood my motive is NOT about money alone. My first priority is being your advocate and showing you the path that is best for your own benefit. If I do not feel my readings are of help to someone I will be upfront and let them know it. All I ask in return is for my clients to listen to the advice they ask for and trust in their own ability to make decisions and remember that they hold their own destiny in their hands. I cannot tell someone what to do, but I can tell them what each choice can bring to them. Free will plays a big part in every reading and this is why I NEVER give specific timing or dates. Every one has their own free will to make changes to their paths and this can change the timing of a reading to come to pass sooner or to delay. Nobody is in charge of timing but we all have our own free will and if you remember that you will be in control and understanding why things happen when they are meant.

Bringing clients peace of mind for over 45+ years professionally. I can bring you peace of mind too!

Make new positive changes in your life your free will to do so, Your chance to step in to a new chapter, Live life and really once and for all see the clear open sky's . Have all the joy in life and how you can have peace and love and health by wanting to achieve your goals needs and wants in life.....
Powerful and will share it with you and can teach you to connect with your spiritual guide to a point where you can be aware on your own about Blocks/negatives and all so be ready for the Positive Opportunities that are ahead of you :) and be ready for them.
Tarot Card
Spirit Guide
Oracle Card
Channeling the Spiritual world or spirits and your self as well.
Rituals & Spells to help you do cleansings for home , Mind Body and Soul.
Pendulum board

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StarzSpiritualWisdom's Reviews

" great reading - connection was made very quickly. Great insight, gave me more information than i was looking for - but tied everything together "

Posted by: vonnie on 01/06/21
" Really great reading with StarzSpiritualWisdom. Connected to the situation immediately and provided answers and insights that were greatly needed. Highly recommend."

Posted by: Moosie on 05/02/19
" Starz Spiritual Wisdom - Perfect name! I appreciate the overview given from her :). I had no specific question but she was able to pick up on a situation that requires closure and said that I will have the opportunity for that closure and it would finally be understood by my ex. Also all things going forward are positive and good. I am so grateful! What an encouraging reading. Thank you!"

Posted by: Tanya on 04/23/19
" So I get an email from this wonderful person warning me about someone so I asked more questions and everything she said made sense. She warned me that I might be upset by someone -totally spot on. Someone I was close with or thought I was close with turned on me. I’m very thankful for the warning and I’m still smiling! Thank you! "

Posted by: cklein42 on 02/19/18
" Wow is all I can say. Blown away by what she had told me. She even told me about things I did not ask about, but that made me feel so encouraged and empowered. Thank you very much. Definitely made my day! "

Posted by: Maybelle on 10/18/17
" Amazing reading. Picked up on things immediately, kept typing to ensure I heard everything and was very comforting. I highly recommend her!"

Posted by: Jen on 10/17/17
" Thank you sooo much! I only had to give my date of birth and name and it was like you knew my whole story without saying anything. So munch information and really quick responses. Thank you. So much to look for ward to. Xo"

Posted by: Sarah on 04/25/17
" AMAZING! Picked up on things that I didnt even say. truly was amazing and will be looking forward to everything that we talked about."

Posted by: lions2018 on 03/14/17
" Picked up person in question very well and gave some great insight . No information required , didn't waste time and was straight forward . So if you're reading this you and book a reading you definitely will be glad you did . Lots of clarity .TY "

Posted by: Anon on 08/03/16
" Amazing! Five stars!"

Posted by: Lucy on 07/24/16