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❤Ruby Ann come enjoy the Magic of the Tarot....come give me a try!!!!❤

I have been doing readings all my life, let me Entertain You with magic from the Tarot. I give very accurate and detailed readings on all my spreads and let me revealed the magical secrets of the tarot...

My ancestries are French and Cherokee Indian. As an intuitive Psychic, I have over 50 years of experience in the metaphysical arena. With this wisdom, I am able to unlock and open up the secret of the Tarot and guide you to your path in life for love, money, happiness and any other given situation. As a very young child, my granny taught me the art of fortune telling with the use of playing cards. After years of studying the cards, I was introduced to the magic of the Tarot. Now, I am a Master of the Tarot. I specialize in love, romance, friendship, children, work issues and hobbies. I'm able to give you the wisdom needed, and shed light on any given situation for the best results that will lead you to happiness and success.

Online Dating Relationships,
find out what she/he thought & feeling are..
Pets & love ones that had past

Hope to hear from you soon.

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" She is a fast and excellent!!! I will be chatting again with her..."

Posted by: Becky on 03/23/15
" Ruby Ann , I can\'t say enough how much you Amaze me ! You are incredebly Accurate. Thank you for your gift, honesty and kindness. "

Posted by: Sue on 11/17/14
" Ruby Ann is excellent!! She is quick, very clear, and very, very accurate. She tells it as it is and is so helpful and honest! Ruby Ann is extremely sweet and patient and I will definitely be chatting again! Awesome!!"

Posted by: Carol on 11/17/14