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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - ""Is there a real truth, or is truth only our perception"? Part 2

Dec 10, 2016

"Is there a real truth, or is truth only our perception"?
Part 2

So as we continue to explore whether there is an absolute truth (Or truths) or if we can only perceive what we define as the truth we look at humans universally.

For most of us the truth becomes that which exists without question and many may argue that truth must be real otherwise all else becomes no more than a lie. However consider this; in most cases where this is no intention to mislead or deceive what we experience and upon sharing that experience it does become our truth. Let’s take our childhood as a good example. When we are growing up lets suggest a family of 4, a mother, father, 2 siblings that are brother and sister. All go on a vacation to one of the main theme park attractions. After riding one of the height or age requirement rides such as a roller coaster type amusement, all 4 exit the ride breathless and full of excitement. Perhaps the group seated behind seemed more frightened than excited and their screams quickly turned almost desperate. 25 years later as that same family reminisces about the trip, specifically that ride and the group that seemed to be unprepared for the drops and fast turns, everyone's memory is slightly different. The brother recalls one of the riders crying and yelling for the ride to be stopped. The father recalls the group making the most of the adventure with screams of delight and/or pleasure. The mother and sister don't recall anything unusual about other passengers but claim the son/brother in their family anxious to exit and refusing to ride again. They all engage in a loud but friendly argument about what actually occurred during the 3 minute roller coaster ride. As each pulls from their own trove of memories and experiences, what is shared is done so as the truth. No one has any hidden agendas or is trying in a deliberate fashion to invent what never happened. And it can then be said that in terms of recall and motivation as much as each story may vary, all were telling the truth as it was remembered.

So as humans not only do we deal with a constant flow of incoming stimulus that surrounds our life and impacts our spiritual and emotional being. We also then are storing memories that after about age 3 are fairly reliable based on what was perceived at that time, in that moment during that situation. Just because the truth can shift or be without an absolute doesn't equate the truth with lies. So then we look at the definition, meaning and existence of an actual or a "true lie". In this topic a true lie is when the intention of a person is to deliberately mislead another by creating a false or non-existent situation or occurrence. So if a member of our family for example were actually lying, there would be an intention, agenda or some perceived advantage in creating that which never existed.

So to some extent as humans (and always spiritual beings) we can consider whatever is shared or expressed in earnest or only for the purpose of expression or recollection to be the truth. Even when that may be an alteration or vary from what another may lay claim to as also being the "truth".

The biggest difference in truths is not whether there exists an absolute truth that is to be forced upon another but when compared with the energy surrounding lies.

As we now take a look at defining lies; the most significant way of defining lies is that which has or offers some type of personal gain. When a human lies, it always is with a deliberate intent and either to avoid certain consequences or to gain what otherwise could or would not be attainable. So those that lie are not simply seeing or expressing their perception of the truth, but manipulating or attempting to manipulate for personal gain. And in most situations there is a lack of compassion and concern towards others, as this is a coping skill that goes against our spiritual core. It also causes rips or tears in our spiritual and emotional energy, and even though a liar may appear to gain from a lie in that moment or situation, inevitably the price they pay is great.

Not only do those lied to or on the receiving end suffer, that person lying suffers most of all, as eventually all things (or almost all) come to the surface.

So there a huge gap between expressing what is seen or felt and present that as the truth because it for that person or that time and place IS the truth, just not the "absolute".

And for lying, which is the very opposite, there is often deviant and/or destructive intentions but at the very least, one is using a toxic and dysfunctional method for handling or dealing with others often in everyday life.

Up next, more on the building and creating of lies and how much that varies from the perceptions of truth.

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