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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "Love; the truth, the lies, holding on and learning to let go" Part 4 Conclusion.

Dec 20, 2016

"Love; the truth, the lies, holding on and learning to let go"
Part 4/conclusion

The only path that truly leads us to both our intended destiny, purpose and most important (to most, not all of course) our life partner, is letting go. We can view this as letting go or releasing that tight grip or eliminating expectations of specific outcomes, and instead opening our heart and soul to the potential of all things. Throughout this blog series my guides have made comparisons in the pursuit of love or more specific a certain partner or relationship to be much like the recovery from addiction. We all have the power and inner, spiritual resources to make the conscious choice and develop the intentions that then become our actions. However this is never an easy or simple matter of simply waking up one morning and saying, okay, I am now "done". Because these perceptions that we have continued to "feed" ourselves with, or used all resources to protect the illusion or unfounded hope. And the fear of our identity without this projected outcome or the uncertainty of what may lie ahead without this pattern, habit or energy can cause anxiety, distress and even spiritual depression. If you read and were able to resonate with part 3, then it is our prayer that those in their own trap were able to use some form of evaluation to recognize the reality of the now or present. And as humans we may fear unhappiness or losing something that is precious, valuable and unable to be recreated, yet we are actually living in MORE chaos and dysfunction holding on than to let go or release.

As unique humans and spiritual beings, the manner and energy in which we become involved in all situations is as varied as we are. Therefore to some extent the way in which we learn or take the necessary steps to extricate our selves or move out of these same relationships or visions, expectations and outcomes also varies. There are however some universally existing steps, influences and manifestations that are unchanged regardless of our individual situation.

What seems to be the biggest hurdle for most of us is deciphering or determining the difference between hope or faith as part of our overall being and energy versus a lifestyle. My guides have always supported that we are all equal in our potential for a miracle or that which seems totally impossible to become possible. However the difference lays in how we live, our daily life path, and our spiritual and emotional identity and in general our energy and state of being.

As an example, if you have a very ill family member that is in a coma from perhaps an accident and is being sustained on life support with a medical prognosis that is poor. Hope and/or faith is to move forward in what exists currently; that may include things like moving that person to a long term care facility, or preparing other family members for the possibility of a difficult outcome. Healthy hope is to live in what IS but to use our spiritual or religious beliefs that allow us to be open to the possibility that a miracle could occur. So the difference is how we live or we view the current situation and what we interpret to be could rather than will. If we were to become in denial of all the doctor or medical staff's reports, findings or projected outcome, refusing to even consider any outcome that does not meet with the highest and most positive, we are putting our being or core in conflict. Our higher self always recognizes the gift that is possible, while at the same time trying to engage us in some acceptance of what is, rather than what might possibly be. To simply give up and say, well they will never wake from the coma or be of sound mind and to discard ANY hope is just as dysfunctional and not the message we are attempting to share.

So when we go back to relationships, whether a relationship literally exists on some level, which as stated requires input and interaction from both persons. Or a fixation or the energy of creating a relationship based on either a past relationship, interaction, assumption or just that outcome which we feel entitled to, supposed to be or envisioned. What we are not always able to realize, and the insight being shared is that if or when we truly step back and take an honest evaluation of things as they ARE, the CURRENT state, rather than one date, or perhaps even months of a relationship, or other influences that created a belief system in our then created outcome.

So then if the doctors all agree or share that in the case of an injured friend or family member, the damages are of such severity that all organs are beyond repair and there is absolutely no chance in any scenario or possibility that they will ever "wake up" or any major organs can function. Although we may need a few days to process this information, a miracle would have already occurred and the only choice left is saying goodbye. And yes that is a horribly sad, painful and unfair analogy. However what humans so often do not realize is the conflict, pain and suffering that we so often self inflict upon not just our own self but usually those around us that care as well. And once we find the courage to take those steps in releasing that, we DO find a huge burden is lifted, we slowly begin to reconnect to our higher self, the collective, Divine and even those persons that exist fully in our lives'.

And change IS always challenging, however when the intention is to serve our greater and/or highest good, then whatever the specific "outcome" it will always be a place of grace, joy and balance.

So although we have shared why we need to take certain steps, and some examples of what is only our perception of truth versus the literal or factual reality, the steps can still feel unclear and complex. And they generally are; these are also often done or accomplished with feelings of doubt and we all experience pain as we heal, recover or reclaim.

So, first we learn to accept that this "hope" or the clinging to one very specific outcome or relationship, person, situation etc., and then we set about making the changes needed.

And it would be virtually impossible for myself or my guides to list or attempt to cover or advice on every potential or possible scenario that has taken us from living to the fullest, to locked within our own manifested "jail". What we can show is in addition to what was shared in parts 1-3, that there are some universal coping skills or even spiritual influences, factors or intentions that should be recognized as unhealthy and unlikely.

For humans the biggest red flag or attempt of our spiritual or higher self to alert us to living as hope (towards an expected outcome without just general potential or possibilities) is apparent when we are or find we are engaging in the steps similar to grief and addiction recovery.

So when we are in denial or in an almost constant state of anger and/or anxiety over the unchanged. Or we are attempting self or projected "bargaining". And that can include those that pay large sums of money for the promise or assurance that another human can "change" the free will or destiny of another. Only source, universe, creator or God has that great power. So whether we seek a spell or a magical path to our desire, or we find that we are attempting to bargain within or even bargaining with that which we recognize as our creator, God or source. For example, praying or manifesting, using our resources, intentions and energy in a way that we offer some sacrifice or altered behavior or relinquishing a specific, in exchange for the outcome we desire, yearn for or simply want.

Denial; when we absolutely block out, ignore or refuse to accept, realize or even attempt to acknowledge there can and always IS an alternate path or outcome. (Which is always a happier, more aligned state of being?)

Anger and frustration; when we allow anger to become our main energy, or to fully encompass our overall state of being, we live in constant chaos, anxiety, disappointment and unhappiness. The change is nothing short of amazing when we finally release that obsession or the idea or "perception" that because a relationship, person or situation is unjust, unfair and not what we deserve, we can become embittered and full of despair. And although it can be a reality that what has occurred or is NOT occurring IS unfair, we must take those steps forward, and open our spiritual energy and heart to the idea that more awaits. More, better, fuller and certainly that which IS fair and we are truly deserving of.

When we begin to embrace an alternate state of being, energy and change OUR view, perceived truth and are able to fully accept what is, rather than what is wanted, or expected we have begun the road to recovery and happiness.

It is acceptance that brings healing, and allows us to be empowered with a strong spiritual and emotional identity. It brings a state of grace rather chaos, peace as opposed to anxiety and hope becomes an eternal and influential energy that is without any specific expectation.

When we finally release all toxic relationships, or even toxic perceptions, or that state of being, we are ready and able to move into our life as was intended. Hope becomes a part of all we do, rather than a disguise for gratification of one exact purpose, outcome or scenario.

Life is never an easy journey; no matter how true to our path, purpose and self we may be or become, we will always face obstacles and challenges. However those humans that live or become more cognizant and rely on our spiritual empowerment and grace are always able to find happiness, embrace hope and faith and believe there are many ways in which we can develop or become a partner or in a relationship that serves the greater good.

Those things in life which may appear to come without any risk or sacrifice are almost always if not a genuine miracle or blessing, those which are more illusion that potentially possible.

Happiness, joy, serenity, grace, all of these exist within; therefore the begin within and must be manifested and intended at any and all costs. If not, we are only left with "true lies" and as we discussed on our last blog series, lies always disappoint, cause pain, conflict and prevent us from living the amazing life that waits ahead. ~

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