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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Soul Mates and Love in 2017 Part 3 Conclusion.

Dec 8, 2016

"Soul mates and love in 2017"
Part 3/conclusion

Because the coming year brings a universal or collective enlightenment to how all humans receive, transmit and recognize love, it will bring about some changes.

In our platonic relationships, we will find a deeper sense of compassion that is not only felt and expressed by self, but is then returned as this is within all of humanity. So rather than perhaps just saying or asking, "How was your day"? We will become more attached or connected to whatever pain, wounds, trauma or challenges those around us face. So rather than asking in more of a greeting, we will have intentional concern and spiritually attuned so we are able to offer support and compassion. And as with all things collective, this is also given or returned to us, so that humanity becomes not only enlightened as to the core of love (love as in care/compassion) but it becomes a very profound cycle and circle of empathy.

For romantic love or those meeting or seeking partners as mentioned in part 2, we are all uplifted to a higher level of love and in defining such love. For those that may still be involved or caught in unhealthy, toxic or dysfunctional relationships; this universal shift will help to create a safe and healthy way of exiting. Both partners will be able to resonate with the dysfunction even if ego (pride-ego) does not allow some to accept blame or accountability. Because all relationships are separate entities from either person's, there becomes a new or heightened sense of awareness that allows us to recognize chaotic patterns and to a degree work together even in breaking apart. There will be those humans that ignore or deny this potential, but such is always the case no matter the universal lesson or message and even in those relationships there will be the stirrings of intention. This intention will be equal for both and will only be able to sustain a holding pattern for a limited time, until change simply becomes inevitable.

For those seeking or still single, opportunities will arise in the most unlikely or random type encounters. Of course what may appear to be random is actually Divine or universe at work and is synchronicity rather than a true random event. So for example if our life partner owns a auto repair shop, it will be likely that our vehicle begins making a noise or some other issue crops up that sends us to the shop for an inspection. And in such an example, we may arrive to have our vehicle checked out only to find the noise, or problem just as suddenly has disappeared. The true agenda or mission was in external events requiring action that leads us to happen upon our life partner, or to in some association be led to that partner. So for many of us, 2017 will be a bit of the year of "Divine matchmaking" and opening doors that lead us to where we need to be.

In our life path and as we pursue our individual purpose, there will be times of strong intuitive feelings that create a need or desire to attend certain functions, or complete specific tasks. All becomes or is for the purpose of finding and uniting with our soul mate and life partner.

And although this is a major energy or influencing factor for us in 2017, there will be those of us that are for one reason or another not quite ready or able to accept or embrace a partner. So as to be clear, we are not suggesting or alluding that everyone will just wake up, go outside and find their "true love" standing in the street waiting. The way this is channeled is in a simple form so as to keep it from being overly complicated or too challenging.

For those that do cross paths and are united with their soul mate and life partner; the bond or connection is almost immediate. The biggest difference we feel in the New Year compared to previous years or perhaps successive ones is it becomes much easier to differentiate a lover from a lifetime.

We all seem to be gifted with a sense of prophecy when it comes to love and life partners, and while we may continue to date or explore romantic relationships, we will not easily be misled. In our world, it is the yearning, the desire and the need for our companion that has often caused us to cling to or hold onto that or those which we know spiritually and perhaps even emotionally are not the correct life partner or soul mate. Because we often meet more than one soul mate in each life, the universe or Divine will step in helping to limit encounters with those that for whatever reason are not capable or able to become life partners.
So romance, love and the bond we share takes on a deeper meaning to both or all of humans, and our instincts guides us towards true love, rather than mistakes or miscalculations.

We are human and all of us are hedonistic to some degree, therefore we do continue to procreate and to seek, find and embrace other types or forms of romance and pleasurable encounters. Again the significance is our conscious awareness or ability to acknowledge what is meant as a lover versus a true soul mate and life partner.

For those already united, this enlightenment helps the bond to be sealed and sanctified with a bond that will be virtually unbreakable. This prepares us to face and conquer whatever possible or potential circumstances that may arise. So for example a couple that is currently together as life partners, but facing extreme challenges or external intervention, rather than the risk of falling apart or becoming withdrawn or distant, stay strong. A bit like the difference between a piece of invisible, gift wrapping tape versus a welded repair using iron or another solid substance.

There are and always will be those that agreed to this lifetime or chose to return and remain without that partner and are able to revel in joy and happiness without that influence or factor. Not every single human is driven towards a mate, partner or in sharing their life intimately with another human being.

The next difference we find in this "love enlightenment" period is the direct and strong influence our life partner has upon our spiritual identity and our life in general and in all aspects. All that is done will be motivated or via the intention of the greater good of and for our partner, even if it appears to be at our expense or sacrifice. While it may seem to be that way at specific times or moments, it is continual balancing so that both partners are working towards the same higher and harmonious state of being; as individuals and as couples both.

And lastly there is a renewed and again universal acceptance and deeply spiritual understanding that true love is not bound by time, gender or sexual orientation. Love IS created equally and one does not love less or more because of gender choice, our true gender or physical gender or governed by the limited beliefs of others. Aside from the western world which has already make great exceptions in accepting love for being love, those that may be behind in terms of trying to "rule" love will find it is impossible and may even face their own dilemma or deliberation.

Love becomes a cleaner, purer emotion that stems from a significant spiritual place that is illuminated for us by both Divine and universe.

2017 will be a year that love blossoms and creates a foundation or springboard on which many other attributes and/or potential can be met. It will be the year of love, and for the first time in perhaps hundreds of years or more, we will all be arisen to a higher place of ethereal and eternal pureness and in the pursuit and navigation of love.

And in all ways, for always love is the key, the core and the foundation for all other enlightenments, lessons and spiritual awareness to enter upon.

May you love - love in 2017!

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