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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "Mind, Body & Spirit Part 1

Jun 27, 2016

"Mind, body and spirit"
Part 1
This week will be taking a close look at the interconnection and support system that exists between our mind, body and spirit. While most of us that are spiritual aware or vested and/or interested in the world of spirituality and metaphysics can or do see there is likely some unity. We may not fully appreciate the potential and significance of these connections. And not only is this ongoing connection or influence stronger and more prevalent in our beings or energy than we may assume. There also exists tremendous potential in utilizing these connections for our continued well-being and growth in all areas.

My guides often refer to this as the "trine" or the "trinity" as it symbolizes the three vital aspects or branches of both our spirituality and our humanity. When in alignment or harmony, each plays a specific and important role in assisting the others. When one or more become out of balance or perhaps even ignored or overlooked, the effect or outcome encompasses all that we are and all that we can become.

And there are many of us that may not have ever stopped to consider the overlap or the essential influence (positive and negative) that one has upon the other. This may be due in part to the misleading ideology or theory that each is its own entity and can exist without the effect of the other. A good analogy of how our trine/trinity works together and creates a flow or perhaps a block with the others is to look at our ability to be bi-pedal and walk on 2 feet rather than all fours. At first glance or initially it may appear that our legs and feet are responsible for propelling the motion of movement. Yet if we look at the scientific and medical data, we soon realize that walking is much more involved and complicated than putting one foot in from of the other. Aside from the use of our brains that transmit the signal of forward movement, our arms play a key role in balance and maintaining and upright position. And there are literally hundreds of muscles and ligaments moving in a strategic harmony allowing us to walk or even run. Our abdominal muscles, arms and hips to name a few all play a role in the ability to walk, something we have learned to take for granted as just a part of being human versus animal.

So when it comes to our mind, body and spirit, the same or similar reliance occurs. And although we can for example form a cognitive thought (a decision made via our mind/brain) without necessarily needing to rely on our spiritual energy or influence, the outcome can vary when we separate rather than conjoin these forces. Or the same can be true of our physical body; we don't necessarily need nor is it essential that we involve our spiritual energy, insight or guidance from our spirit or soul to for example, walk, run or bend down to pick up a dropped item. If or when we become sick, injured or challenged with disease, suddenly our spiritual energy and the potential contribution can make a tremendous difference in how and when we heal.

So the truth is that we are amazing creatures, with the potential and the ability to use all three significant and important aspects of our wholeness. Or that which is the sum of who we are, where we are headed and the path, lessons and journey which take us there. Join my guides as they explore the connections and the power that is contained in mind, body and spirit.

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