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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "Manifesting our dreams versus investing in spiritual schemes" Part 7

Jun 25, 2016

Manifesting our dreams versus investing in spiritual schemes"
Part 7/conclusion

As we come to the final process and the necessary steps to either avoid the lure of the spiritual scheme. Or for those already influenced and involved that needs exit guidance and strategies that work, we must also look at the blocks or obstacles that are not always easily identified.

As we have discussed along with providing examples and analogies; there can quite often exist a very fine line between a dream(s) manifested to the outcome, versus a scheme that that is simply a repetitive pattern of our own intention with no real path to manifest or create an outcome.

The main blocks or obstacles are as spiritual beings we often have the tendency to place all emphasis on the feeling/emotions and connections. Which as we mentioned in this series is defined as the feeling of “supposed to be”? And the other block or obstacle which in a sense both can be inter-related is blocking out or shunning all but that bond, chemistry and connection. And this often includes either the admittance or the lack of action or change that exists from the other person, or their contribution (or lack of) to the relationship or into building such relationship. While certainly love, soul-mates, life partners and all romantic relationships at all stages do share chemistry, connections and bonds, there also must be the choice, the desire and the drive that exists from or within BOTH persons. Therefore we come to what really excludes or formulates the difference between a dream and a scheme.

As we discussed in part 6, the biggest warning or difference in these two is the energy and the action and from where such arises, exists and continues.
When we step back realizing that all that we have created is only within our own self, our desires, yearning, hopes and desires. We can be fairly certain that without a significant change from the other person, we are only involved in a scheme rather than a dream that holds true promise.

As with all of our hopes, dreams, visions and desires for our self and future, letting go is never an easy process. To some degree it becomes a bit like death, as that which we have placed so much emphasis upon and invested all of our energy only to then be faced with releasing and letting go, it can be a painful experience. This can also become a block or obstacle as we naturally tend to avoid those things in life which create or cause pain.

So in order to shift our focus, assuming we have come to terms with the reality and awareness and are ready to look towards what exists in the future (and within self) as the true or viable potential for happiness within the form of relationships, or the interactions and encounters which allow that development. We must always close one door for the next door to open. And not only does our choice and ability to retract the unconditional giving, and the hope that offers no real stability change the now; it also strongly empowers us for our future developments.

Although it's much more personal therefore much more difficult, withdrawing that energy that we have created, nurtured and tended with no reward, no shift of alteration from the other person or the advancement of the relationship. It is no different in energy or in the reality of accepting a job or position of "manager" yet our pay and respect or assistance is more of that of a clerk. The majority of humans would not permit themselves to be taken advantage of when it comes to work, career, even family and friends. Yet that powerful light of romance, or the slightest promise that such may one day suddenly exist, often becomes enough to keep us floundering in our own creation and existence for months and even years.

All things in life must be at some point barter, exchange or balanced. And those involved in a spiritual scheme are consistently and constantly recreating and defending the potential of a change that is dependent upon another. And we do this over and over when there is nothing past or present to even remotely suggest that there is fulfillment at the end or the outcome.

So detaching becomes the practice and the dedication to self-preservation and the ability to view the world as being infinite rather that boxed. So our journey begins by placing our energy, resources, time and thoughts into only that which offers some form of reward. Again it means hope becomes our partner, not the only focus or the single path from intention. It also requires that we are willing to sacrifice the "scheme" by withdrawing all that has been created by illusion, hope or believing that there can and will be a significant and miraculous change in the future-based on that one outcome via that one person. And while it may seem or feel to be a huge sacrifice to let go of what we have held onto so tightly, in reality it actually provides us freedom. For there is truly no greater sacrifice we can offer spiritually or literally than to give up any and all potential for that which has proven or given absolutely nothing in return. So though it may seem or even feel we are giving up what may appear to be the best or greatest potential for that vision, or that outcome, in reality it is trading what exists only within for what can be within and externally. In many ways including the chance to meet or encounter someone with whom that same general desire for a life partner, or sharing our life and world is truly possible.

We are all dreamers. And part of our purpose in life is to dream and to dream big. But not each and every dream is destined to be created to its ultimate fulfillment or fruition, and to take us to the predicted or desired outcome that is the intention of that dream.

And when it comes to a spiritual scheme, no matter how tightly and firmly we hold on, in the end we are always left with only what we have envisioned, imagined and created within, there is not a path, an outcome or the potential for such to be realized in our life or journey.

To balance our spiritual energies with our human acceptance and boundaries is not always an easy task. And each of us must learn our lessons in our own way and our own time. And as my guides support and teach, the future exists equally for us all. But each day we choose to spend within our own creation without that clarity is a day lost to the real existence and potential of our future.

To dream is to envision, creating intentions and then acting upon those intentions by manifesting all that we desire, deserve and are willing to take the risks and make the sacrifices to achieve.

Spiritual schemes however, are self-imposed limitations that tie and bind, and fool us through only the emotional connection with no real path to manifesting an outcome. To dream is to be, and to become; too spiritually scheme is to pour all that we are into that which can never be so rather than a dream, it is simply fool’s gold.  ~

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