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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "Manifesting our dreams versus investing in spiritual schemes" Part 5

Jun 23, 2016

"Manifesting our dreams versus investing in spiritual schemes"
Part 5

As we take a deeper and more detailed look into how these two energies or influences effect or define relationships, we must be clear on all factors.

Any relationship whether romantic, platonic or even a colleague requires some form of give and take or input, intention and action on equal sides. Although it’s not necessary to constantly evaluate the equity or balance on a daily or even a weekly basis; at some point there has to exist that connection. In this context the connection is defined as not just the feeling, or the projected potential, but the realistic and existing risks and sacrifices required of both persons. Although all or every relationship supports the same protocol or platform, it is the romantic relationship that by far carries the greatest potential and therefore demands the most sacrifices and ongoing risks.

As we demonstrated in part 4, the "dream versus scheme" is one of if not the most misunderstood and misleading experiences we endure in our lifetime. And although there is always an exception to any rule, for the majority of humans a romantic relationship or the desire for such development becomes at some point a repetitive pattern. That simply means that most humans will experience more than one bonded relationship or more than one person in which the perception of that outcome exists or becomes supported.

And because we know that energy cannot be created or destroyed but only shifted in form or altered in content, it is not uncommon to find ourselves shifting from what was a dream, into the chaos of what becomes a scheme. And in that same focus on energy and resources, the majority of humans place emotional and spiritual resources as their highest gift, or resource in comparison to finances, money or career success. While many of us are unfamiliar with investments, portfolio's and/or financial endeavors; this a billion dollar industry and there is always a way of hiring those professionals to manage our "money" thus hopefully solving or resolving our lack of knowledge.

But when it comes to the heart, and to all the dreams, visions, speculations and perceptions that we often create, there is only self. We can of course seek advice from friends, family or even professional spiritual counselors to help or assist us in making difficult determinations. However my guides believe and my experience of more than 35 years in this industry have proven to me that no matter how accurate, predictable or insightful such can be; the heart simply wants what the heart wants. And unfortunately what the heart wants is not always realistic or even remotely attainable.

Spiritually love is generally viewed as "unconditional" and our society or our movement seems most inclined to accept this as a healthy and progressive energy that IF we just hold tight enough, long enough or hard enough will eventually deliver. And this strategy of allowing the emotional attachment and the creation of an entire future based solely on our desire, intention and tenacity portrays itself as being enough.

And the truth is that as one person, or one half of what is intended or desired to be a unit or eventually a couple, pair or bonded can never achieve that result. Most humans would never consider continuing to buy a product that never produced or even came close to fulfilling its promise or function. We may for example give a new product a couple of tries, but if the product failed to deliver or overcome the obstacle for which it was intended, we would move on.

But when it comes to that subjective and promise of "love" we seem to have a built in ability to ignore every large blinking light, every neon sign, and all obvious evidence that contrasts and conflicts with our hope, dream, intention and the outcome we seek to create. And this is the juncture or the crossroads when the "dream turns to the scheme". The energy becomes full and total denial of anything and everything that even suggests or proves that our vision is simply not attainable, nor sustainable.

Whether a first date, initial meeting or after a difficult break-up we either choose to accept in grace what is or what currently exists, or we enter into the energy and chaos of spiritual scheming.

And for many of us this has a rather insidious growth or development. We do not generally and openly or consciously deploy all of our inner resources to the point of exhaustion (emotional and spiritual) deliberately. Instead as humans we have put so much into an intention with the hope and faith of the manifestation that any outcome other than that one desire or vision is immediately declined or refused. And in essence that builds into a spiritual scheme which is in effect attempting to shift an outcome, along with the free will of another human, based solely on our own desire or determination.

Because love, relationships and those indescribable connections can be so overpowering, we shift all other focus and acceptance so that our view is one dimensional, and attempts to defy all odds, universal law and of course reality.

So to gauge where you may be in the course of romantic life, relationships and pursuit of happiness, takes hope and faith but not as the ONLY partners. There absolutely exists some form of true and real contributions from another. The easiest way to evaluate whether there is just cause or at least some chance for the outcome or creation (the manifestation of those intentions) when it comes to love, relationships and the potential is our state of being and energy.

Of course love and relationships, no matter how in sync, united, equal and shared may be there are always hardships, challenges and adversity. But a real partner, or even the potential for the development of a partner, relationship, romance or more; we must have some degree of risk, sacrifice and intention from the other side (the person). And when or if you find yourself building, creating, hoping and lastly waiting; and waiting for the smallest symbol or any influence that is external. We are no longer building or manifesting a "dream" but simply investing into a spiritual scheme.

And it is not a comfortable nor easy task. And most especially the longer we have invested (contrary to all other aspects of life) the more we as humans seem unable to break away and instead build and rebuild, with no existing foundation to support such a future.

Because our spiritual core/center and purpose is based on the energy of love, acceptance, compassion and giving; many humans become absorbed in that energy to the point of their own downfall or detriment. As we mentioned unconditional love, unconditional giving is a very different matter. Yet time after time so many of us seem oblivious to the never ending cycle of giving even if that is intention, faith and hope without ever seeing any form of "return" on that investment.

So spiritual scheming then becomes defined or created by those of us humans that place priority, focus and all potential happiness on an outcome that literally is held by ONE other human. Love is a promise or gift we are all equally privy to. However faith and hope in love, or the belief that love exists and can be obtained is not the same as replacing that universal promise with another human. In a sense it becomes the idolization of a human, raising that person up to a God like status. Or investing all we are in energy, intention and action into the narrow box that ONLY that human, with that outcome can create our future and therefore our purpose, path and ultimately our happiness.

So as with all things the path to growth and change begins with recognition and the ability and/or courage to identify the true basis, platform and foundation-or lack thereof.

We first must be able to separate our emotions from the person and the relationship, or again the lack of such relationship. It sounds much easier than it is because in most cases when we have crossed over into spiritual scheming, we have intermingled, enmeshed and conjoined all forms and branches of our energy and being. We separate our emotions and all the visions, expectations, hopes and desires towards a person, relationship or outcome by viewing such as an object rather than a feeling.

Once we are able to dismantle our energies and view the object or the subject, we then have to work on clarity, balance and the scales of what is, or was versus what is desired. The results can often be stunning and/or shocking as we begin to face or identify the true nature of what is or more specifically, what is not. Once we have cleared the emotional and spiritual deck so to speak, we then need to use a gauge or assessment much in the same manner we would apply to a job offer, a business opportunity or an investment. If 100% or nearly so in risk, sacrifices, giving, affection, resources and support comes only from our own self, we clearly have entered a "spiritual scheme". For those initially able to view the sustenance or again lack of that is produced, provided or given by the other human, or the relationship aside from our input, we have begun.

We should then have a clear, accurate and truthful evaluation of what has value, even if the support is not quite matched with our level or input. Again romance, or relationships, connections, bonds and attachments do not necessarily have to fall into the 50-50 margins at any or all times to be attainable or achievable. However if we find that once we have withdrawn all that comes from within self, we are literally or virtually left with nothing solid, no foundation, no support and there is little if any fragments of risk, sacrifice, giving and some value provided by the other, we then must be willing to face the reality.

There does not exist in this world or within our self, no matter our dedication, desire, tenacity or any form or aspect of life that can rely only on self. While we can of course control our life via our choices, and reliance on our self-image and the energy contained therein, all forces from work, raising a family, business ventures and circumstances requires some portion from another source. Whether encouragement from a friend, business advice or investment, or the HR person that hires, there is always some form of energy from the collective and of course the Divine (that which we believe in as source, creator, God or other).

And when it comes to love, romance and relationships, the amount or the investment of energy, whether time, devotion, affection or support cannot exist without that investment. It is spiritually, emotionally and literally impossible to maintain any form of a relationship when all sources and input comes only and solely from self.

So to reach the conclusion of whether you are pursuing a potential dream (person/relationship) versus simply a spiritual scheme; the biggest factor becomes the distribution of resources. When none exists without or beyond self, we ARE spiraling and investing in a spiritual scheme that will not provide the vision, desire or outcome short of some amazing miracle. And should you be the recipient of a true "miracle" such will occur without devoting your life and every possible resource to that which gives nothing in return. Remember, time in of itself, offers no change. There is always some catalyst or some form of cause and then effect.

Next; learning to disconnect and withdrawing energy from the spiritual scheme. How we become empowered to seek the vision, but shift the focus. ~

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