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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "The Guidance of our Guides" Part 5 Conclusion

Jun 4, 2016

"The guidance of our guides"
Part 5/conclusion
As we conclude this blog series of understanding and connecting with our guides', hopefully we have provided at the very least at platform from which one can grow. There are numerous ways of viewing, embracing and validating self via the assistance of our guides.

While we have also shared some specifics on what we believe and support to be the purpose and abilities entrusted to our guides'; there are really no "wrong" ways to form or establish a connection or even to define our guides' and their spiritual existence.

Along with what has already been suggested and covered, we also encourage journaling, as keeping a written dialogue with self and mapping our spiritual journey is empowering. We are not always able to note shifts, growth or changes day to day, but when we can peruse back on where we may have been a month or a few weeks ago, our progress is often quite significant. In all spiritual and even our human or physical world and life, writing or journaling helps us to assess what was and encourages us to envision what is yet to be.

And as we find most of life or the journey of life to be, all things begin within our spiritual center or energy and then extend or overlap into our daily lives. Thus utilizing the power or presence of our guides' is no different. Although our guides' are not the Divine being of energy, all spiritual entities and insight, guidance and intuition trickle from source and therefore are always seeking with the purest of intention to serve our highest or greatest good.

Which brings us to one of the main influences and/or factors that continuously surround not only the connection between our spiritual self and soul and the connection to our guides', but the way in which we view self, life and the energy we emit and receive.

Therefore no matter which style, form or selection and process you may prefer to either establish a connection or interact with your personal guides'; your intentions are always the main focus and pathway. Whether you are involved with prayer, meditation, candle lighting or lucid dreaming, behind or beneath these and any or all other attempts are the intention to connect.

Universal law, the laws of attraction, cause and effect and all which we manifest and/or create in our life always begins with the intention of that outcome or towards that goal or purpose. And it could not be more true when it comes to our spiritual guides' and not only the connection but the ongoing interaction that can last a lifetime.

Even when life appears to be on a positive path or cycle, and we are in alignment, harmony and balance our connection or the intention to maintain such connection should be active. And we keep all things active by and through our intention.

So in essence all one really needs or requires to form the conscious bond or perhaps elicit more specific information is the intention to do so. Remember, our guides are spiritual energies or entities and unlike communication with humans, there is no lengthy verbal discussion or explanation required. Although they are separate from our own spiritual being, they are fully "plugged in" or connected and as such aware of all or any of intentions. And these are not limited to the intention specifically intended for our guides'. As we looked or examined in part 1 of this series, our guides' carry all of our past, the present and to some degree our future endeavors, fate, destiny or potential as well. And again as they cannot necessarily change at will what is to be, or interrupt our choices even if those choices are not truly serving of our highest, they can and do teach, mentor, guide and advise within their set of boundaries and/or limitations.

So as we conclude this series, the most important and significant in forming or continuing the spiritual connection and interactions with our guides’ are to harbor and maintain a constant intention to do so.

As with all things, the more practiced we become, the easier such connection becomes and the more aware we grow until the relationship simply becomes a natural part of our existence spiritually.

It is also important to always be vigilant in our spiritual self-awareness. As we now may know, those feelings, urges, and intuitive type energies all come from attempts our guides employ to assist us in our journey and facing choice and challenge.

Our guides' and their input or exchange within our spiritual core are equally empowering and attentive to that which is favorable in our life and that which is to heed a warning or be alerted to a potential "danger". We use the word danger lightly as most often this is more of becoming invested or involved in a situation or even relationship that will or can cause distress, anxiety, chaos and disruption as opposed to literal danger.

Our guides' do not "clock in and out"; their presence is always surrounding our esoteric energy and within reach of our ability or chance to take notice. We however as humans ultimately are granted free will and therefore the choice to listen or to ignore always has and always will remain as our own choosing.

Aside from those within the metaphysical and spiritual profession as their connection or interaction generally is on a much different and higher plane of existence; we should rely on trust (of self) and faith rather than proof or constant validations.

For those humans that have come to know the gift and blessing their guides' freely offer; they are much less hesitant in following that "gut feeling", and/or refusing to be pushed or pressured by external or outside sources. So as an example; when a stranger approaches and immediately those inner alarm bells go off. The feeling to back away and avoid this encounter becomes increasingly strong never let others convince you otherwise. Whether transmitted by the "stranger" or a friend who appears oblivious to what may feel to be dangerous or threatening. And of course the same is true of those situations where we strongly feel urged to move forward, join in, attend a function or inquire about a job opportunity.

For those humans that whether they consciously recognize their instincts to arise from their guides' or simply term this inner instincts or a strong ability to "feel" when something is off or offers an amazing possibility; no matter who or how such is accredited it is the outcome along with intention that creates the higher energy and state of being.

The full development and reliance of self-trust and faith that we feel, therefore we are brings a much more harmonious and balanced life and journey. Those that rely upon that inner sanctuary and warnings along with encouragement almost always find that life becomes a bit easier and decisions and choices are often made with clearer and stronger unity. We don't necessarily have to bow down or separate what is within our spiritual self-versus our guides' to reap all the benefits and rewards offered and available.

For those that struggle to maintain or establish their inner sense of self, unable to recognize or often ignoring those inner urges, feelings and red flags; life becomes more chaotic than necessary and often distrust or mistrust of self, others, the universe and life is the result.

The ability to take notice and follow the guidance cannot ensure us a carefree life without struggle or challenge, just as those that remain in ignorance necessarily never have a moment of happiness, joy or balance. It is not so much about changing our world, or altering others and circumstances as it becomes about trust, faith and inner spiritual wisdom.

It is about learning from previous lessons and experiences, the ability to embrace the present and the potential to create and manifest the future to its highest possible outcome.

And it is our guides', our connection to the spiritual real, the energy within and the myriad and expanse of guidance, insight and "help" that truly can become a blessing and advantage in our life and along our journey.

We are destined to succeed and to fail. To accomplish greatness and to falter and make mistakes. But within all that defines us, both spiritually and as humans; there is or exists that element, those energies and advantages that lead us gently towards the light, guide us softly into our own being and empower us with the tools to choose wisely and confidently.

May all be guided with compassion and with spiritual unity towards whatever dreams and visions are the intentions we can and shall manifest. Welcome to your life!

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