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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "The Guidance of our Guides" Part 4

Jun 3, 2016

"The guidance of our guides"
Part 4

So as we hopefully begin to understand and appreciate the constant support, guidance and assistance offered by our guides we recognize this energy or entities are a part of our spiritual being. Although our guides' are separate beings or spiritual energies, they have aligned with our energy and spiritual framework to form a solid and consistent unity, connection or bond.

As we explored in the parts 1-3, the agenda or intention is universal for all humans in the relationship or connection to our guides. To always serve our greatest good, highest path and purpose, via mentoring, teaching and guidance. They do not make choices for us, nor do they pressure or force us into any particular or specific role, path or purpose. They work or engage, interact and attempt to firstly help us to be aware of our spirituality and secondly to learn to pay attention to the guidance and insight offered or shared.

Although there are as mentioned numerous beliefs surrounding this subject; it is our stand that all intuition, instinct, gifts and abilities associated with the metaphysical or spiritual all stem from our guides. Whether we seem gifted with the ability to read people exceptionally well, or often know when the phone rings who is calling. Also those working professionally receive their connection or the transfer of information in one form or another involves the assistance of their guides.
Although it's not required or necessary to be able to envision an image and have a name or the equivalent to interact, for many humans this is an important factor in making the connection. Whether we are given or shown an image or even a name or reference, that in no way effects their ability or strength in terms of our connection and how easily or difficult it is to interact or raise our awareness.

As we now should have a basic understanding about the principles surrounding our guides', and how we can best utilize their wisdom, direction and guidance we begin to look closer at establishing this connection.
As mentioned briefly, there are numerous ways we can and often do connect with our guides' however the following are examples of how we may practice or begin to form a definitive and/or purposeful connection so that we are then able to consciously seek their assistance.

When humans sleep at night, not only are we giving our physical and emotional self-rest and a period to rejuvenate or recuperate, we also dream. In other blogs I have channeled that all humans dream, we just do not always recall our dreams each morning or after we have been awakened. Our brain and therefore our state of consciousness and our spiritual energy reach its most open and absorbent time or period. In part why dreams are often problem solving, and help to reduce stress and anxiety. We reach a much higher state of energy or our level is raised so that just as we may use astral projection, we can much more easily connect with our guides during the sleeping process. Therefore asking for our guides' or a guide to come forward during sleep is one of the most successful ways of connecting. We also should ask that we are given any images, visions and a name, but our main intent should be that we desire to be aware of and to become more closely connected. Also ask that any information pertinent or relevant to our guides' be easily remembered or recalled.

We can also as noted use prayers, meditation or any form or rite or ritual that is in balance with our religions and/or spiritual beliefs. So if we pray, we may first give gratitude to Divine or creator for the existence of our guides', and then ask that we are aided in solidifying and becoming aware of this connection.  Often times we will suddenly have an image appear to us, not externally perhaps but more telepathically and if for example you see in your mind an authentic American Indian that is most likely your guide. Also the same is true with names or even a title. If a name suddenly comes into your thinking or consciousness, this is quite likely the name or what your guide or one of can be called. Because all guides' are pure spiritual beings and energy, they have no human needs to adapt a name; however for humans this appears to be an important and desired trait.

We can and should also keep an ongoing inner dialect with our selves, directed towards our guides. Although we are free speak aloud, it's not necessary and all is based on our intentions, so mere "thoughts" become just as strong or powerful as speaking aloud. We should always begin by giving gratitude or thanks and then conversing and asking that our guides' help us to be more aware of their guidance and that we are open and receptive to all they can share.

When dealing with a decision, choice or shift, we can open our spiritual self and mind and be sensitive and aware of any and all feelings or the sense of being given information. Once we perhaps feel that something has been triggered, or an element or factor overlooked now seems quite obvious; this is again almost always due to the guidance we receive. We can thank our guides' and pay close attention to the internal and external feelings, changes and details so that the next time the "feeling" that indicates our guides' are working in harmony and unity.

There are of course many ways to connect and up next we will look at some alternate methods, and what changes are likely to appear when we have established that conscious connection to our guides'. ~

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