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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "The Guidance of our Guides" Part 3

Jun 2, 2016

"The guidance of our guides"
Part 3
As we have explored thus far; all humans have assigned guides' with the universal (meaning the same) ability or tasks of guiding, protecting and offering insights. Although the main task comes from and deals primarily through our spiritual connection or energy. Our guides' also work with our emotions, physical well-being and our general life path and choices. We also looked at the number or the estimate of how many spiritual guides' are usually assigned to each human, an estimated 3-5 with the potential for variations depending on our individual potential and our history of experiences and lessons both in our current life and any or all past lives.

Using the "school or teacher" analogy; we were able to use a simple method for explaining the complexity of the spiritual hierarchy and give an overview of how we may be "matched" or partnered with a specific spiritual entity or guide(s).

Next we take a more detailed look at what could be referenced as their "duties" or their most common and universal agendas as well as what would be considered "off-limits" or beyond their usual duties.

As mentioned our guides' cannot intervene or disrupt our free will and/or choices, decisions by blocking or preventing humans from pursuing or denying various paths. So it's important to understand the limitations or boundaries our guides' must adhere to and that all of us are always accountable as humans and spiritual beings for all of our choices and the cause and effect of such choices. It has come to be my understanding that in very rare or unusual situations, our guides' or our "lead" guides can seek special permission to intervene beyond what are the traditional guidelines. Think of this analogy; that our guide then becomes a professional representative such as an attorney, advocate or lawyer and pleads our case before a "judge" or even perhaps a jury. A judge in the spiritual world would either be that of the Divine or creator, or those of the highest level of energy or trust that are able to make major or significant decisions that often alter or shift our free will, therefore our life. A "jury" would refer to more than one highly evolved spiritual being or entity again with permission to grant access to that which is generally not within the usual guidelines.

And when such is the case and let's assume your guide is aware that you are about to make a profound decision or action, most often a guardian angel is sent or a spiritual entity that perhaps "specializes" in intervention. One of the more common occurrences for free will or life intervention would be that of a human that is temporarily suicidal. This is almost always in a very specific set of circumstances which involves external events, or extensive damage created or causes by others, rather than that of the victim or person.

An example of when a possible "exception" to intervention or intrusion upon our free will may be granted is such as this; a recently discharged Veteran of the armed forces or military is returned home suffering from severe PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Let's assume this young male joined the military for the most honorable intentions and agenda and served his country with total dedication and commitment. During their time at war or caught in weapon combat, he witnesses death of such magnitude and so horrific that he is temporarily unable to function. His spiritual connection becomes jammed or blocked, his emotional being is filled with darkness, pain and grief, and he becomes unable to sleep, eat or cope with the non-stop memories that invade every pore of his energy. With a myriad of strong feelings of shame, guilt, betrayal and conflict; and before he has allowed himself access to healing and recovery in a moment of panic and the most profound pain and despair, he reaches for his gun. His guide has access to all that has occurred both prior to joining the military, the events while enlisted and is able to see beyond the current state of energy. His guides knows that if given another chance or a bit of time, he will use the many resources and tools available and while he may always suffer from these harrowing experiences, he will choose to live rather than take his own life as the solution. It is easy to view this scenario with both sadness and compassion and understand why this man may be granted the intervention or be spiritually "rescued" from his own free will. Whether the gun jams, there is a knock at the door, or some other interruption it becomes enough to alleviate that darkest hour so that he remains on earth to complete his contract and to learn to reconnect, eventually finding happiness both within and from the world or life.

So aside from these very specialized situations, our guides cannot control our life, nor can they change or shift what we ultimately choose or decide to do.

Our guides work in harmony with their true energy, that which is always of the light and without obvious trails or symbols, attempt to communicate telepathically and with our empowerment to assist or guide us in learning, growing and keeping or building faith and trust in self and then in the world as a universe or a collective.

As briefly mentioned the majority of interaction or communication is felt as that which comes from self, those nagging feelings, the sense that something is "off" or on the other spectrum; encouragement or the feeling that something is just right, or things will work out. These are more easily defined or able to be seen as coming from our guides when there is no logical or reasonable explanation to support that feeling, energy or what seems to be unshakable. The party for example that is being held at a known location, with people whom we have associated with before or might even know and includes close friends. However something keeps rising up, a feeling that we should not attend. For those that are more spiritually evolved or connected they have grown accustomed to obeying or listening to that inner voice (my mother always dubbed this the little professor in our head) and having faith and trust in our instincts therefore choosing to stay home. And while sometimes an answer or reason is made aware at a later date, there are times when we may never fully know or understand why we felt so uncomfortable about walking out that door, and instead stayed home. Perhaps there was a tragic event at the gathering, or the route we would have driven ended up in a multi-car pileup. Or perhaps later that evening we hear a noise coming from the front door, and after calling emergency services come to learn someone or a trio of criminals were attempting to break in. Had we been away at the party, it's likely that not hearing any noise or seeing the lights turned on and sirens quickly headed that way, our home would have been burglarized and/or destroyed. There are of course hundreds of possibilities, but the point is to understand all of these are in reality the guidance and assistance from our guides.

During a difficult time in our life perhaps we are struggling with a major decision, of which either choice or path will result in significant life changes or shifts. Lost in confusion, fear and conflict we seem immobilized in making the best choices. As we struggle through sleepless nights and attempt to envision the effects or consequences of either or any choice, we seem to silently beg for clarity or some sign that guides or directs us towards one path or the other. We may be hard at work, going about our daily life, or perhaps even awake from a night of much needed slumber. And suddenly it is as if the haze is gone, the fog has cleared and the path seems crystal clear. It doesn't mean there are not risks, sacrifices and suffering as we move in such direction or shift into a new direction. However it is most definitely thanks to our guides'; their ability to offer us the guidance that always existed within our spiritual and emotional being, but we had lost sight of, or became too stressed to connect with.

Although our guides' as mentioned cannot push us down a particular path, nor force us to exit a dysfunctional relationship; they can and often are able to become much like a flashlight in the darkness. They can and do light up what already exists so that we seem capable of able of making the necessary choice that serves our greatest good, or helps us learn the necessary lesson.

For those of us that have worked intentionally with our guides, we are able to direct our insecurity, conflict, stress and anxiety towards their wisdom and ask for clarity or to be shown what is or has been held in our spiritual core. So in a sense our guidance is based on that which we already possess or know, or on tools we have access to but in the strain and strife of challenges may be unable to view or feel at that moment.

Those of us that meditate, practice religion, or adhere to a patterned belief system that includes a form or asking for assistance or relief, even if that is our state or being or energy. We are connection not only with the source of those beliefs, such as God, Creator or Goddess but also channeling our guides' and their wisdom, insight and guidance.

And to an extent our guides' can also bring our attention to that which already exists in the now or even the past and is directly correlated to our dilemma and resolving that conflict. So as an example if seeing an owl upon your windowsill has the spiritual meaning that change is needed, our guides may be sure we are near the window when the owl is set to appear. A reminder, our guides' do NOT control outcome nor even the journey, therefore they cannot manifest said owl, however they can gently guide us, or help us to manifest whatever is needed to assist us in our struggles.

And most of what our guides offer unless we are involved in the metaphysical or spiritual profession is to awaken or help us to become aware of that which already exists. Whether that is a dream of a past mistake we are close to repeating, or the vision of abundance and prosperity that can be waiting ahead in the distance, they can and do help to remind, enlighten and refresh our spiritual self or core, emotional status and all that which we have become and are destined or able to be.

So a bit like finding for us or helping us locate a lost key. We have the key in our possession; it just became temporarily lost behind our sofa. Our guides cannot "create" a key when such is not in existence, but they can provide us with clues, signs and feelings that lead us to the discovery of the missing key or the missing link needed to move forward.

Our guides also offer us compassion and sympathy when we are discouraged or in despair, even on a minor level. They also work in a multitude of ways by helping us to process, transition and rebound and recover from lessons or simply "bad" experiences.

So while they cannot magically "cure" us or alleviate the process we need to endure; like a best friend or confidante they offer spiritual support, encouragement and empowerment.

In a sense our guides' are always one step ahead. Because they have some ability or have been granted access to all of our past and much of what our future choices shall be. They have the capacity to assist us by preparing our spiritual and emotional strengths with silent or telepathic reminders, courage and helping us diminish non-justified fears.

They do not take time off, go on vacation or leave us in the spiritual sense. Although many believe that our guides' work on more than one assignment at the same time (more than one human) our guides' are no more than a thought or desire away and can be called upon at will.

Although the majority of humans view their guides' in a telepathic way; and included in that we may have formed a picture of their race, era of physical form, spiritual gender and sometimes even a name. There are some of us that have seen glimpses of the shape or literal form of our guides', much like one would see a ghost, without any form of fear, suspicion or concern.

Whether we call upon our guides' by name, see their form or unconsciously are guided, there is never a "right or wrong" way of interacting, nor does one way offer more substance or power than another. All of our guides' work within the same boundaries and with the same abilities. It is often our personal preference, our stage of enlightenment or spiritual energy or level. And what we seem to feel, or how things become clear, balanced and make sense that is our guides’ assistance.

So our guides assist in many ways, but those are the main forms.

Next we finish up with the guidance and mentoring as we move into how we can connect consciously with our guides. ~

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