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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "The Guidance of our Guides" Part 2

Jun 1, 2016

"The guidance of our guides"
Part 2

Although we offered an overview of the actual purpose and intent of our "guides" we now take a closer look at these phenomena and attempt to differentiate the difference between guidance and intervention. As we never fail to remind and mention, spirituality is a broad spectrum and there are numerous valid beliefs surrounding this and all other topics. My goal is only to pass on what has been shared or taught to me by my guides and all that I have learned whether by traditional methods or via clients in this profession.

While there is to some degree, depending on the very detailed definitions an overlap of the terms, guides versus guardian angels; my belief tends to separate rather than conjoin these energies or entities. So although we may loosely refer to a guide as an "angel" or "angelic being" it would only be referenced by the fact that both are of the spiritual realm and do not currently exist as physical beings or humans. My guides and myself define the true meaning of guardian angels as those of the highest level in spiritual formation that are granted permission to intervene within our physical or literal life. So miracles would then come from either the Divine or Creator, or the involvement of a guardian angel or from the angelic realm. So while driving down a deserted highway late one night, and unseen force takes the wheel and pulls the vehicle to the far right, also pushing your foot on the brake, only to witness moments later a large deer bounding across the lane. This would be considered "Divine intervention" and/or a miracle and comes from those highest in the hierarchy of spiritual beings and energies.

So to grasp the meaning, intention and power of our personal guides we first look at explaining their purpose and perhaps even their "duties". Just as we all had teachers for various subjects while attending school, whether primary, high school or college, our guides too are teachers. But rather than teach math or history, they teach spiritual lessons and understanding and also much like a school guidance counselor; they offer advice, insight and assistance with our journey or life.

Again this material is extremely subjective and not easily placed into laws, rules or extreme boundaries. So this is an attempt to give a greater understanding and offer the simplest of explanations. In no way is this expected to cover all aspects or form a complete and total definition, there are far too many branches or varying factors. So using a teacher or looking at our school guidance counselor, she/he can listen and give some input based on our needs and current situation. However the counselor cannot tell us what choice to make or choose for us. It is up to each of us to make that final call or choice.

The same holds true for our spiritual guides'; even when we are not consciously aware or deliberately seeking insight, guidance or enlightenment, they are always looking towards the horizon, our future and assisting us as much as possible in reaching our destination. As mentioned in part 1, our guides' become that instinct, intuition or those strong and relentless feelings that either encourage or discourage us from certain choices.

While many humans have grown closely connected to their guides', such as I; it becomes almost an autonomous ongoing communication that has been developed by years of work and study. And many humans have developed this same open door of communication and awareness. Other's seemed or may be oblivious to their guides' and may even question their existence.

It is my belief again based on my years of experience and what has been shared with me that every human as also being a spiritual being has access to their guides. We can think of our guides as those teachers and counselors assigned to us specifically and for particular reasons. It makes sense that for example a first grade teacher needs less education and experience than a college or university professor would be required to have achieved. If we then relate that hierarchy or level to the spiritual realm, our guides' and how they are divided, assigned and the specific tasks entrusted to each are also based on their experience and abilities. So a human that is quite spiritually evolved, what we may often call an "old soul" indicating that spiritual being has lived many physical lives prior to the current life; their personal guides would need to exceed their current level. And this level refers to the energy and the sense of acceptance, understanding and our ability to view life and all resources with gratitude and grace. For a newer soul or a human that has yet to be enlightened or is naive or without much spiritual knowledge or interest, their guides would therefore not be required to have obtained or emit that higher energy or be as spiritually wise.

So when we think of our guides', we can say with a fair amount of validity that their ability or "level" is co-dependent upon our spiritual level or ability.

And it should not be viewed as any form of contest or bragging rights, but more of how we would or may view a soul-mate or life-partner; within that connection there is a "matching" of various facets of both our life or world views, interests and levels in life.

To avoid repeating that this is simply being shared as a possible explanation or the potential for understanding our guides' and how/why/when they help or assist, just note that in no way are we suggesting this to be the only view, nor the correct view. As I continue I will do so from what I have learned, the majority of such actually from my guides.

Before we reincarnate to the next physical life, there are certain lessons and contracts that we agree to adhere to. Again using the school system, think of each consecutive life as being one step (just as one grade) ahead where we are preparing to learn additional or perhaps more difficult lessons and on occasion repeating lessons (like repeating a class failed, or even a full grade) that were not fully absorbed. It is at that time our guides' are chosen again based on our intended journey for that life and their spiritual ability and/or level to guide and/or teach us. Therefore our guides are assigned before we enter the physical world, and in general remain with us throughout our entire physical life.

Often clients will ask what exactly are guides’ were they ever human and how did they become spiritual guides. All guides have been human and walked the physical life and the majority of these have lived many lifetimes. All guides' are spiritual beings that simply lack currently their vessel or physical shape or form. There are those that have chosen, much like applying for a promotion or job/career change to be given the assignment of guidance rather than immediately returning earthbound. And those of the highest levels are those spiritual beings which by their energy indicate that they are no longer able to gain further knowledge, lesson or experiences by returning to the physical form. Therefore they become spiritual guides, teachers, mentors and counselors and in doing so have the potential to learn as well as to teach and guide.

Although it can and does vary; most humans have 3-5 fairly active guides'. Just as a school system has teachers, the head of departments, a vice-principal, principal and then the superintendent or head of the school district, our guides also have a chain of command.

We have our main guide, this is usually the one that handles the major issues and deals directly with our spiritual energy or core. If we begin communication, we usually interact either exclusively or most often with our "leader". From there we have other guides that can often be assigned to specific tasks. Examples of what our alternate guides may be in charge or control of are usually some factor or part of the following.

Our interaction guide; he who helps us to interact with others and works to assist us in achieving balance and harmony with other humans. Unless we become involved in a very serious or dysfunctional or toxic relationship, this guide generally works with our higher self to seek those that can add joy and balance and warns us when another person may have ulterior motives or simply be a negative influence.

We also have a guide that monitors our health and physical status. This being helps or works in harmony with our physical body's natural mechanism's to give warnings such as pain or the feeling of something being "off" to help us maintain our health. They are also responsible for alerting us to dangers that we may be inclined to ignore. It could be said that our justifiable fears are carried intact by such guide. So when we look at jumping off a cliff into the swirling waters for a "thrill", our fear of injury or even death prohibits us from following through. In part this is due to that particular guide opening the gates of fear knowing it serves our highest or greatest good.

Our last main guide deals with our perceptions of self and how this affects our world view. They tend to be compassionate, comforting and sympathetic. If you have ever experienced a traumatic event, and felt something from within helping to soothe, relax or calm you, chances are this was your emotional and self-image and perception guide assisting you with the ability to rebound.

Although there are often more, these are the main categories and in many instances their "duties" overlap and they each can assist with whatever needs of guidance or insight we may have. Our "top" or our personal guide, that which is closest to our connection and being, almost always intercedes and watches over all other guides and their work.

So our guides not only are connected to our spiritual being and self, but also carry all of our memories, both in this life and all others and are aware of all lessons learned and to be learned. So in a sense their performance is based in part on our performance, therefore the more able they are to connect, advise and guide us the higher they rise in ranks and the greater their spiritual lesson is learned.

Our guides' are amazing and fascinating beings that many of us have come to see as a part of us while others again seem to have no knowledge of, in either case their existence remains.

And while they have much to teach and share, they also have limits and protocol. Again using the teacher or school analogy, while a teacher can bend the rules or vary just a bit from the district program; they generally are not free to simply create their own format. A teacher must abide for example by a list of books approved for a particular grade and if they would like to use a book not on the list, permission must be granted and this is a lengthy process. Also if your papers or tests determine you to be a D student, the teacher cannot give you a B because they "feel sorry for you", or have formed a special bond. However if your grade is right on the edge between a C and a B, such teacher can easily justify allowing you the higher grade. So it works basically the same with our guides.

They are expected to cooperate and assist us while remaining in or within the established guidelines. Any altering or significant changes need higher approval from those higher beings or perhaps even that which we recognize as the Divine or Creator.

One thing to always remember is that we ALL have access to our guides and all that they can and willing has to share with us. It is only a matter of accepting or embracing their existence and learning to communicate and listen.

Next, examples of what and how our guides intervene and when they must stand back and allow us to find our own way.

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