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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "The Guidance of our Guides"

May 31, 2016

"The guidance of our guides"
Part 1

From time to time clients will invariably ask me if they have "guides", and if so how or in what way can contact interaction be initiated. For those of you familiar with my spiritual insight or connection, how I write the blog or generally tap into what may be considered "gifts" or abilities; I consistently refer to my guides.

As we take a closer look at guides', we first need to address the definition as it relates to this context and to keep an open mind that there are alternate views and beliefs all of which are quite valid.

For me personally, being in the spiritual profession for over 35 years, I have learned or acquired what resonates within me as the explanation and/or definition of what is meant when I refer to my "guides". These are spiritual entities or energies that reside in spirit, not physical or human form or life and seem to have superior knowledge of the past, present and future. In addition, I view my guides as teachers or mentors that seem to have amazing knowledge, insight and information which are often shared. It may be shared with me to assist a client, or to help me to understand universal laws, our collective spirituality and how the spiritual self and human self-work together or attempt to achieve unity or alignment.

"Spirit guide" is a term used by the Western tradition of Spiritualist Churches, mediums, and psychics to describe an entity that remains a disincarnate spirit in order to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human being.

The above definition was taken (copy and pasted) from the Wiki online resource. Although in part we agree, it does not cover the entirety of guides' nor their full capabilities and Wiki tends to be submissions rather than actual or definition, so such shouldn't be taken as all inclusive.

So as we begin this blog series; keep in mind that there are again alternate definitions and meanings and various ways in which our "guides" interact with our spiritual and human self. And it also is my belief (based on personal and professional experiences as well as traditional studies in metaphysics) that our guides can also alternate their purpose or interaction and even involvement depending on our need at the time.

There is a lot of information to cover when we talk about our guides' and some often refers to these beings or energies as "angels" or spirits, and to a degree all of those terms are true.

A few things that are universally true and not subject to our spiritual and/or religious beliefs are the following.

We all have spiritual guides. While there can be variance in the number of those that are active or that can be tapped into, every human being is also a spiritual being and therefore we all have our guides'. Just because many or some of us are totally unaware of such existence or have never felt their presence, sought their guidance or insight does not make guides' any less real. In whatever way they do interact, guide or help to shift us it is always, without any doubt to serve our highest good or our greatest potential. Although there is a very small risk that some of us may allow spiritual entities or energies to invade our being, core or even life, our true or the real guides are always seeking to assist us with what is best for our purpose, path and life. Our guides' can be assigned from Divine, Creator or from a higher spiritual realm, or can be passed on family members, even those from past generations in which we never actually met in our physical life. And may also be those we have shared a prior or past life with.

As far as their "code of conduct" to simplify things; for the most part our guides cannot interfere with our free will, choice and decisions. As an example, if we are considering a job change, we may experience a strong feeling that this change may not be as it appears or could result in regret or remorse. And this is very likely our guides' attempting to communicate a potential outcome to us; however it still remains OUR choice and therefore our guides' do not generally have the power or permission to sabotage being hired or offered such position. So although they can guide, warn, share and offer insight in a variety of ways, they in general cannot change or interfere with our choices or decisions even when this may lead to chaos or a mistake. We all need to learn our life lessons and this cannot be accomplished if our guides' were so overprotective or were continually interfering with the natural flow of life and liberty.

So join my guides as they share their world, and we take a close and personal look at our guides', their purpose and intent and eventually how we can learn to interact or seek their wisdom or guidance with intention and purpose. ~

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