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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - The Truth about Love Part 2

Apr 12, 2016

"The truth about love"
Part 2/ Starz BlogTalk Radio synopsis
As per our usual schedule, we had a great open and insightful discussion on "love" sharing personal stories and intuitive guidance about what love is and perhaps what it isn't. Starz BlogTalk airs live on Monday nights at 8pm EST; check Starz homepage for links on upcoming topics and to listen via a variety of venues to prior broadcasts. Featuring Natalie, AKA-StarzCast (Owner, founder and CEO of Starz and affiliates) and myself, StarzMayaMoon- Maya. And be sure to read this week's blog as I channel my guides' as we take a detailed look at love.

As always, Miss Natalie is the epitome of light and love, with a lift to her voice and a caring and compassionate energy that bounces across the airwaves with stories of her personal journey as well as her gifted intuitive and empathic abilities.

As Natalie pointed out, many of us may not even truly know the full measure of what we may call or refer to as "true love". Our childhood, upbringing and the way our parents or other caretakers related to us as children very often influences our interpretation and expression of love or loving ways. We both agreed whole heartedly both as human beings and spiritual experts that there are a few universal laws or truths about love.

And first and foremost love always is created, developed and is transmitted at our highest spiritual level always connected to the Divine; the light, the creator, source or for many of us simply God. To show love in any capacity or under any of the various definitions one must have a soul and it seems to be influential in how aware and/or connected to our spirituality we may or may not be in our true capacity to love.

We also firmly believe as do most that there are various types of love; from the love of a parent (even if you do not necessarily like or get along with such parent) to a child, or the deep platonic love we feel for long time or close friends. And of course the most sought after and yet often most elusive of all types, romantic love. That special something we feel for someone that is unlike or high above what we feel for other potential partners, regardless of our sexual orientation.

Without any type of labeling or stereotyping it just is a fact that those feminine versus masculine energy seem to express love or feelings of love differently and that may be despite our literal physical gender. (See prior blog topic and BlogTalk on "Spiritual gendering for more information) So not only does the definition and meaning of love vary the expression of love or the act of loving also can vary with individual, spiritual gender and what we may have been taught or exposed to.

Some other very key points that my guides will also take a closer look at this week in the blog is using the word or a formation of the words, "I love you" versus the actions or lack of that often speak louder and become much more definitive than the "L-bomb/Love" or those three words. It does seem to be true that saying I love you does not always correlate with what we generally, universally and collectively consider being love of the expression of such love. Simply put; we can be in a relationship with a soul-mate and life-partner yet never hear those words. And on the other side we can be involved in a romantic relationship with a human that consistently extends the verbal or written, "I love you's" yet their actions or lack of implies perhaps love is not really the agenda or the genuine motivation or feeling.

There can also be differences in how we love based on where we may be at in our own life, path and journey. What people will often call "puppy love" is the "love" or the feelings and emotions young people feel towards those first few relationships and the persons they are involved with. Our life experiences both positive, negative and neutral do impact our capacity for love and often shift or alter how or even if we express those emotions. (More on that in the blog this week) So just as maturity often changes or shifts many of our core beliefs, traits, habits and even our physical appearance it also has a fairly significant impact on who and how we love.

It was a very uplifting show and the interaction as always was in harmony and light. And while we both shared some personal stories and how we spiritually perceive, define and approach the various meanings of love, I will leave you with this final thought.

Both myself and Natalie believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that "love at first sight" not only exists but is one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences any human can incur. And although love can come slowly, quickly, in disguise and unexpectedly, it shows the true depth and profound beauty of potential this world offers to know that there really IS love at first sight and that such a love can and often has had the power to last a lifetime!

Like the song title and movie, Love truly IS a many splendid thing!

Next; understanding, transmitting and receiving love, looking in the right places and be able to uncover what love is not.

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