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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Creating versus Waiting Part 4

Apr 8, 2016

"Creating versus waiting"
Part 4

If you have been following along in reading this blog series by now you should have a good understanding of the difference between passive waiting and patience or keeping faith.

So to understand the energy, influences and various elements of "creating" our life we began with what is NOT conducive to affirmative action. Which is what “the waiting” is meant to convey? To briefly sum things up to this point, waiting in the context of not creating implies taking a totally passive approach and failing to engage with intentions and especially actions in moving towards goals, desires, visions etc. It may even be true that many that remain disconnected from self and life; therefore passive generally do not even relate to specific intentions, and set no standard for any type of achievement or personal gain. There are however many humans that desperately desire to attain that creative energy and do hold intentions or goals and desires that are visions or expectations, even perhaps dreams for their future. The difference is that those of us that truly DO want to learn to create or manifest our future have simply either abandoned their faith (that all things are possible or potential exists) and hopes. And then there are many that for various reasons seem unable or unwilling to accept the risks and sacrifices that are always required when pursuing our true path or purpose. Although the specific and/or individual reasons or experiences or even the energy of its own were developed or conjured via various sources; it can be said universally and collectively that in almost all if not all, the past or an occurrence in the past is paramount in what exists currently.

So for example those that desire a life partner, to find companionship on a romantic level that has the stability and all the right ingredients to last, have likely been betrayed or worse. Whether a series or string of relationships which always ended in some form of failure or a long term relationship that was ended without consent, so that person then perceives such as being betrayed and abandoned. Or even those humans that have been alone for the most part with only perhaps dating here and there but never finding or retaining an actual relationship; after so many years and trials it can become in our mind simply hopeless. And as we should know, hopeless is the total opposite of hope and also faith. There are many other examples of being "passive" rather than creating and for some it can be fear of failure, poor self-image or lack of confidence. And even situations whether a job/career or relationship where we become so numb to the realities of what is, versus what could be that we have learned to compromise our highest self, our core and in effect we then have given up on that original dream or vision and literally force ourselves to suffer by accepting what is rather than run the risk of what could be.

Regardless of the event, relationship, childhood or the exact or specific nature of this passive energy, creating our dreams our life, finding and then living our passion, our dreams always requires choice. But then again being "passive" and letting life live you or being that buoy out at sea IS also a choice even though we may have lost touch with that.

So in order then to create and to pursue, there are key features that are required no matter the actual path or purpose. We must first recognize that while no outcome can be 100% guaranteed, when we follow our intentions and initiate action on those are odds are far greater than doing nothing. It has been said that the one prediction that will always come true is; "I can't"- (author unknown) and it resonates profoundly with the truth.

So we must acknowledge that all that we do is by some form of choice that has been made. And although we cannot control every circumstance nor does making a choice to pursue our "dreams" guarantee there will no delays, challenges or obstacles, we accept this or these as a part of that risk and the sacrifices we may make to achieve personal greatness.

So the next energy or that which we must embrace is risk and sacrifice. No matter how dedicated we become or how intent we are on pursuing our own unique path and purpose; there will always be risk and sacrifices. In most situations moving forward requires releasing what was. A job or career change to improve our life means leaving the old job/career behind, so one door is closed so the next may be opened. The risk is that perhaps the *new* job lacks in what had been expected, perceived or even portrayed. Yet the beauty of creating is that we can choose to see this as a fork in the road, and we simply keep moving forward, intentions intact and our eye to the future. Even through disappointments or setbacks we still can continue our journey towards the vision. The future is always filled with infinite potential and possibility and often the risks we take and at times even those that fail to bring about the desired outcome serve as valuable lessons and can also be used to help us become even more intent on achieving.

So we risk and we sacrifice. And sooner or later doing so does pay off not only in the outcome but in the empowerment we are given, the confidence and the unity that increases with our spiritual self, our core, the collective and of course Divine.
Faith and hope; if life is a journey, then it could be said that faith and hope are the vehicles that transport us along such journey. Without faith and hope, we have nothing to engage us, nothing to incite us and the future becomes a bleak and barren landscape. Embracing faith and hope, through all the positive outcomes and especially during the more difficult and trying or challenging paths, it becomes the beautiful scenery that lies ahead. The journey at times fast and other times slow, nonetheless the view ahead is one of beauty, of joy and of moving into and towards all that we have believed in. And for those traveling and creating their life, there is always an oasis to be found among the barren field where hope and faith reside. So faith and hope are essential as they not only instill the belief that no matter where we have been, we can always go somewhere else, they also empower self, for no matter who we have been or mistakes we have made, we can always recreate or become our highest self.

There are many dreams; dreams being the visualization of a life we yearn to live. From having children to climbing the corporate ladder, each of us finds a different path or carries a different dream. And thus our journey often varies as well; some of us prefer the fast and furious highway, while others stick to the back roads. There are just as many options to reach our destination as there are destinations. And while how and why can vary considerably; faith, hope and choice remain constant. These are the energies, influences and that which must be understood, accepted and then embraced to find our way.

Next, the journey, creating the life we desire and deserve. ~

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