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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Creating versus Waiting Part 3

Apr 7, 2016

"Creating versus waiting"
Part 3

So as discussed in part 1 and 2; patience can often be a form of "waiting" that actually serves our greater good and highest potential when pursuing our path and purpose.

However we often need to be clear on the major or significance difference between disconnecting from our path/self and purpose and becoming totally passive which equates with having or showing no vested interest in where we are and where we are headed? As pointed out in part 2, we can usually determine the difference based on how we feel and the general flow of our life in all or most areas.

Waiting or the energy of patience often serves our path, purpose and greater good as this energy flows from our strong connection to self- to Divine and is directly affiliated with faith and hope. And one of the more obvious ways to detect the difference between patience (waiting in grace or faith) versus the passive energy of just perhaps going through the motions is how we feel (our affect or emotional energy) and awareness. So for example if our career goal is to become office manager at our current location but the promotion was instead given to another with more seniority and perhaps a higher education; the difference lies in the subtle or perhaps not so subtle reaction and/or response. For those that are creating and manifesting their future or waiting in faith and patience for or to achieve a specific outcome; a decision is generally made or at the very least the circumstances are evaluated. For those creating which often encompasses waiting for the right or appropriate timing, we may feel disappointed but able to either recognize there are still numerous future possibilities and we only need to keep moving forward, absorbing information and perfecting our skills or job duties. Or we may in our evaluation realize that there are no longer any realistic avenues to pursue that greater or higher goal and we therefore make the difficult decision to seek a different path forward. This may mean looking for work or job openings within other or similar companies or organizations or it may incite us to venture out on our own. Whatever the ultimate decision becomes our energy is concentrated or focused on the long term goal and consideration is given to all probable aspects or potential choices. Even those that choose to stay and await for the next promotional opportunity choose to do so not due to fear, laziness or apathy but because we can spiritually and logically recognize that patience or waiting IS serving our highest or greatest good. When compared with those that take no real interest in creating a life or building towards a future; not concern or thought is spent or given to alternate outcomes. What is becomes accepted as what is, and there is a profound lack of response, engaging or even concern over how or in what manner our goals can be met. In fact passive waiting with no vested interest of time, energy or resource simply becomes another day. And chances are quite high that at least in part if not more the reason for not receiving the promotion is the energy we transmit. The passive and obvious demeanor that nothing has the ability or capacity to change our lives' is not only truly apathetic and disconnected but is often interpreted as having no interest in our self or our future. Not the type of person most would be motivated to promote to an authorative position.

For those that have become or embraced the "passive-waiting" energy this becomes the new normal and attaches itself to all phases, and aspects of our life, both the present and the future. The idea or energy of simply "waiting" in the context of passive or loss of power, we can often begin to assume that all things are not overly connected to fate and use fate and/or destiny as our supporting reason or logic for taking no control, nor accountability for what exists or lacks within our self and our life. So for a human that desires to find human companionship whether that is simply a close friend to share experiences with or more significant there exists even the tiniest shred of desiring a life partner or mate, we may act in the following manner. Using the adage, "well if it's meant to be it will be", such person uses destiny or even the Divine source as a reason for taking absolutely NO steps in any direction that has the potential to lead to friendships or romance. There is a refusal to seek out or become involved in any form of social interaction. Whether via family, acquaintances or even work related gatherings, there exists no interest in attendance or engaging others. It is as if such a person expects that their solitary life can literally change and almost to the point where a potential soul mate will simply knock at the door as we sit at home totally disconnected. While fate/destiny and certainly the Divine source or creator has a hand in our life, we would all be loners and the streets, pubs, restaurants and such would become abandoned as there would be no reason for stepping outside or engaging in social events. This can create an unhealthy state of being as not only is such energy in total conflict with our true spiritual light but it also becomes habit forming and in many cases can and will drive away those few people that have attempted to remain active in our life, both emotionally, spiritually and literally.

So again while this theory or energy is often complex, complicated and varies in degree or levels; it always has or shares some common misconceptions and beliefs.

Passive waiting; that in which we take NO accountability and give no external response, no expression and for the most part appear very disconnected from all things positive and negative. If you feel that this resonates with you, then chances are you have become or absorbed and taken on that very passive and waiting energy. And waiting can be deceiving as when used in this context we often do not even know exactly what we are waiting for. And it is almost always more general and then specific rather than specific and then general. So it could be said we are "waiting" for an event or circumstance to shake us to the core, so that we can then reconnect and begin to take our power back.

And ultimately and at the core of the passive-waiting are fear of course and also a total loss of power. Power, with power of the mind, of manifesting or just basic empowerment comes from our connection to faith and the fully understanding and acceptance that all things are subject to change, and most things will and do change. And those of us that are creating are able to see the reality of that by the choices that are made that at one point or another bring about some form of the desire, dream or intended outcome.

Waiting versus creating in this defined context is the result or the personal outcome or choice that began somewhere. We are not intended to be pawns in life, or to bob in the open sea like a float or buoy, at the mercy of the waves (life) with no potential and without even the realization that potential exists. And again the very core of this existence is the lack or broken connection to self and more profoundly faith. And we all get to come back, we all have the potential to rise out of the sea, the chair, the job, relationship and even our own spiritual energy, life and path and begin to take action to create that or those which we desire and deserve.

The first step is always recognition and awareness, and within that truth, we find the chance for change, and for creating rather than waiting.

Next making it count, creating our self, our life and our future.   ~

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