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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "Guides and Angels among us" Part 4.

Jan 7, 2017

"Guides and Angels among us"
Part 4

As mentioned in part 1 of this blog series, I am often asked by clients (Even friends and family) if they or those asking have guides and how one validates this.

To begin, all humans have access to spiritual guides' and although the exact number may be difficult to ascertain, it is the plural meaning more than one guide. There are numerous ways of explaining and/or defining the purpose and even conception of our guides', but some universally accepted or commonalities as well.

As far as humans as a collective, or as a whole, it can be said that universally we all have guides' and whether we are consciously aware or unaware they do exist. The second or next universally accepted "truth" or perceived to be true is that our guides' always serve our greater good and highest purpose. My guides' (No pun intended) have shared within various topics that our spiritual cache carries all memories, lives', soul contracts and unique path and purpose. We also carry the knowledge and connection to our guides and total understanding or acceptance of their influences and purpose.

From that point there can be differing views or variances in the exact nature of our guides' and numerous ways to make contact or become consciously aware of their interactions.

So this is written from what I have been taught and embraced as the spiritual perspective regarding guides. It is not meant as the only or best definition or explanation and energy relative to our guides.

Our guides are assigned to us before we even enter the womb and this is usually agreed upon during or as a part of our soul contract. We define a "guide" (or the plural form also) as a spiritual being that interacts with us as humans telepathically or via our intuition, gut feeling or just our general spiritual energy. Unless we impart on a journey for the specific purpose of forming a closer bond with a guide/guides'; we do not usually use names, carry an image, vision or even physical description. Almost all guidance (Guides=guidance) is given in subtle signs, clues, symbols and in just generally being aware of our strong spiritual core, energy and being.

There are also many occurrences where we have very vivid and detailed dreams that involve problem solving. This is another way in which our guides' work within our human conscience and help us to sort through decisions, obstacles and challenges.

If you have ever gone to bed or fallen asleep struggling with a problem or decision, and upon awakening, the answer just seems to have almost magically appeared. Or perhaps things feel resolved and you are in peace with the choices made, it is most likely your guides assisted you during your sleep and provided insight, clarity and the guidance needed to make a decision.

Our guides' are a part of spiritual energy, core or being. They are assigned to us as their job or their spiritual duty to protect, support and guide us. And although they can be instrumental in our decision making process, they cannot or do not force our hand, nor do they alter or change our free will.

We can take the view that guides' are wise, spiritual energies or beings that unlike family or friends, can offer unbiased and clear advice and support. They are available 24/7, never take a holiday or vacation and are never further than a thought away.

Although there are lower level humans; those that have severe psychiatric disease, have committed heinous crimes with no remorse or regret that have totally and completely disconnected from their guides. But these have disconnected from ALL of their spiritual connections, not just self but the collective and Divine.

And on the other scale, we have those higher level humans that operate from a much higher vibration or spiritual intensity or connection that have formed actual relationships with one or more of their assigned guides.

For some, those that perhaps have reincarnated more or are older souls, are more easily able to feel and see the signs and symbol our guides' provide us. And when we have established a strong connection, rapport and interaction, just as with any relationship, we become closer; more connected and more easily understand the cues, insight and guidance.

For those of us that have not yet taken the journey of the intention to personally know our guides', perhaps use a name whether given or chosen and interact with an ongoing monologue, we still reap the benefits and rewards.

Our guides' are always available and the next time you almost "hear" a voice cautioning or urging you,  consider that most likely this is one of your guides', doing what they do best in guiding you.

So our guides do not "save" us in the sense of a miracle or a Divine intervention. They are in a sense our spiritual teachers, mentors and advisors and are always aware of our current state and all situations.

For those that would like more information on how to identify a guide and possibly even see a vision or telepathic image or a name, there are many resources and many experts on Starz that can assist.

Next in our final segment, we will offer some ideas on how to form a new connection or strengthen one recently acquired, and how we can best utilize this free and amazing blessing, gift and unlimited resource.

You may reach StarzMayaMoon at:

You may reach StarzMayaMoon at:

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