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What is Clairsentience?

The psychic ability of clairsentience means clear sensing. Clairsentience means the gift of being able to sense psychic information. Originally clairsentience was associated with the ability to sense smells sent by the spirit world, in particular familiar smells identified with deceased loved ones.

A clairsentient can be compared to a psychic sponge because they literally soak up everything around them in the environment. It's possible for them to sense a person's health challenges and this can be a very heavy burden. There is a great deal of the empath in most clairsentients. Because of this they often need to take more steps in order to protect and ground themselves than other psychics.

It is an interesting gift without a doubt but can also be a little frustrating at times. "Knowing" or sensing an answer to a client's question doesn't always give as much information as might be desired to be helpful. As a somewhat silly example everyone knows that the earth orbits around the sun but would be hard pressed to state all the science behind it. Knowing it and being able to understand why it is so are two completely different things.

Psychics who are clairsentient are able to retrieve information from houses, public buildings and outside areas. It is also one of the senses used in psychometry and aura sensing. Many people have this ability without realizing it. These are the ones who talk about getting a "gut feeling" – good or bad – when meeting someone, during a purchase or when entering a building

Empaths frequently have the added ability of clairsentience so that their sensitivity to their surroundings and emanations are greatly heightened. These are the folks who get a feeling when a loved one is in danger or know when someone is approaching them before they turn around. They also “know” where a lost object can be found because they sense its location.

A clairsentient can often times "see" another person's aura and identify what the person's talents and problems are. Some of the finest medical intuitives are strongly clairsentient.