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What is Clairalience?

Clairalience is probably the least known and least popular "clair" since it doesn't give as much information as clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience. Basically, it is defined as "clear smelling," and is the ability to receive impressions of certain smells from spirit. This skill is usually considered a "bonus," to help the reader come up with extra information. A frequent example is that of smelling cigarette smoke when contacted by a deceased grandfather who smoked, or smelling a certain perfume associated with a grandmother. There are also many reports of people smelling flowers, in which case they associate the scent with the presence of higher beings such as angels.

Different smells can arrive unexpectedly, so it can be difficult to determine their meaning immediately. When this happens, work with your intuition or speak out to the scent and see if you get any response from the spirit attached to it. Smell is very subjective, so you need to spend time figuring out what it means to you and where it is coming from.

It has been reported by some readers that they can actually "smell" a person's aura and identify the color(s) it contains. Each aura color is said to have a specific aroma that, with practice, can be easily identified.