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From: Blagoevgrad, Hungary     StarzPsychic Since: Oct 2nd 2014    Last Login: 4/27/17

I am Tarot reader from 10 years and I work like professional Tarot reader from 2 years. I discover my gift when I was a child and I knew what will happen every day before I go to school or even childcare. I had very on point dreams for the future and I predict everything important in my life and even my new partner for marriage, my car crash and really much predictions whch was straight on point. But it's not so easy to use my spirit guide every time, so I prefer to use my cards for predictions. I had clients which even change the color of their hair , I see their new color using my spirit guide and the funny situation was they she even forgot about her new color, but I saw her and at the end of the reading she remember that she is with red color of her hair. It was so funny situation :)

I do Aura cleansings, I clear depressions, stress, headechs, panic attacks, deep stress and depressions. I see people's thought's and feelings, future, career, money, sex, love, baby, marriage*

*People's thought's and feelings *Tarot readings *Cleansing of bad energies *Life Coaching

* I work with:

Tarot Cards :

- Radiant Rider Waite tarot cards
- The Quest Tarot by Joseph Ernst Martin
- Golden Tarot by Kat Black
- Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Vertue

With Tarot I can see long future and long past, I see people's thoughts and feelings. I ask for time frames and they explain exactly what will happen in time frames. Or is there something which will happen after time frames they show me sign for that. I use them more then other cards.

Angel Cards :

- Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Vertue

I use them for very positive answers. Sometimes people just need very positive answer and very lovely and caring answer, so I use them for these special moments. I can check who is your Protecting Angel. I can also ask angels about messages to you, and who is the angle who can help you in any situation in your life.

Lenormand Cards:

- The Game of The Fortune
- Lenormand Cards by Piatnik

I use these cards for very detailed answer , they show me thoughts feelings, wishes, but they answer only for the very near future, they are fast cards, that's why I prefer to use them for short time frames.
They show detailed answer with counts. I count the numbers of the cards and I see what is hidden from us.
And now and with Gypsy cards too.

I can help about love, career, past, future. I can tell you what your friends think about you, what they want to do with you. I can give you an advice about what to do the night before you go to your date with your soulmate :), I can give you an advice about the career - to make step to some kind of business, or to leave . So, if there are some issues, you can ask me.

I am very friendly and I always try to help. After the privates I still work and pull cards to my clients. I always keep working even in the free chat, if the time was not enough for answers. I am very empathic, and I give advices from that what I learn from my life, and believe me - it's a lot.

I can ask what our loved ones which passed do there where they are, how they feel. Are they doing good or bad - happy or not happy. Are they around you , do they protect you or is there any message for you form them.

Like professional Tarot reader I help to the people to clear out their problems and see very clear how to act in some difficult situations. I help to psychics too and they prefer my predictions, because I don't sugar coat my predictions, I don't lie and I am very, very clear and honest in my readings. I help to people who want to know where is better place to live, what business to start, and I just need names for that. I don't work with date of birth and I can even see future only with nicknames. So this is proof for my abilities. I also clean with egg and wax in my privates so these are some of my testimonials from very happy clients, which come again and again. They really trust me, and I never give them up as friends and clients.

I really try to help the people and you will see that. You can read my testimonials and see what the people talk about me. I am very friendly and empathic person and I can proof that.

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" She was lovely to talk to very quick and thorough on her reading and I learned so much about myself and what is to come. Definitely would recommend her readings! )O( blessings! "

Posted by: Eberey on 03/10/17
" Thank you "

Posted by: L on 09/10/15