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hello and welcome.
I am a psychic clairvoyant Empath I am here to help give you answers no sugar coating Just truth lets chat now! I have over 19 years of experience In my ability.I specialize in twin-flame connections and i do special sessions on twin flames energys
I have been able to connect to just about any one. I use my spirit guides to give you insight and help you reach your goal. I do use other tools like tarot cards, runes, crystals, an voice vibration to connect with clients.
I am a straight forward reader. I have to tell you what I feel or see. I believe that I have been blessed with this gift to give insight and hope to the future I can connect with your bf/gf,to give you better look at how they feel an see . I can tell you about your past present and future. I am blessed to be here on this site and I am looking forward to meeting you feel free to contact me may gods blessings be pressed down shaking and over flowing in your life.

About me
I learned at a early age that i had the gift of clairvoyance age(6)
I did not quite understand it (what was going on!
But thankfully i was born into a family (aunts/grandma/uncles who also have/had these gifts which helped me open my third eye an be able to adapt and connect without fear and help me realize it was a gift from god not a curse.
I hope to do the same for my niece's/nephew's one day.
for now my goal is to be productive in my gift live and grow and meet new people who want to learn and open that door to these spiritual realms.

Most importantly i want to be able to help give insight and help people over come the past and look towards the future with positive attitudes

I am a christian and i do believe my gift is god given.
When i give a readings i do not judge your religion nationality or sexual preferences i am here to help no matter your back ground.

Hopefully now i you have a given you enough information to give me the chance to read for you and give you insight

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" Thanks Erica for your help "

Posted by: L on 10/05/15
" StarzErickaRose picked up on my person of interest quickly. Her responses are direct and informative. I will be contacting her again. Thank you!"

Posted by: zadygirl on 07/28/15
" You're just awesome! Thank you for the reading today. You picked up on my situation perfectly. I will be back! Thank you, again! "

Posted by: Lweb on 07/16/15