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From: ON, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Jul 25th 2014    Last Login: Monday

Do you wonder a lot? What do their actions mean. Why are they different now?

Lets chat and I can give you solid advice.

I know all the stages of love. I can tell you what stage he's in.

What makes him fear love? Find out this And the other BIG things I can find out- Imagine the possibilities…..

I am the Best Love Psychic. I do Horoscope Tarot Reading if asked, while reading energy.

When I was a child I suffered a near death experience. This has allowed me to connect with Spirit.

It is important that we take a deep look into our life to find the root of the issue and that is where I will help you find a solution!

Every client will receive an accurate, honest reading and will know exactly what's going on after speaking with me. It does not matter what the situation is. I CAN HELP!

I also do Oracle card reading, Numerology, and Cartomancy.

Love and light,
Lilith - your spirit guide

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StarzLilith's Reviews

" So good! Lilith is a great reader and picks up on a lot of things! Thank you for an amazing reading! You're the best! Highly recommend her!"

Posted by: Jackie on 09/17/16
" Thank you for all of your help. This has been such a emotional couple days. You're great. You really picked up on him and will be watching for the next few days. Thank you again. "

Posted by: Lwebb on 10/27/15
" Thank you for your help. You are great <3 "

Posted by: Lweb on 06/27/15
" Great insight to the situation!! Very helpful"

Posted by: nic385 on 04/09/15
" Thank u :) "

Posted by: Lwebb01 on 03/08/15
" Another great reading - thanks Lilith!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 02/19/15
" she was sweet and seemed honest. Didn't give false hopes."

Posted by: gudnurse48 on 02/14/15
" She is very good, she told me everything I needed to know, I'm so happy with her reading I will be back again. "

Posted by: Brittany on 01/22/15
" She was very good! And very sweet! Will use her again for future reading"

Posted by: Lori on 01/11/15
" Lilith was incredible. Her reading was very accurate and I could not believe the stuff she picked up on. Very impressive."

Posted by: Vee on 01/03/15
" Lilith was easy to talk to, and very tuned in to me and my circumstances. I was happy to have spoken to her and would contact her again! Thanks!"

Posted by: AfricaAmethyst on 01/01/15
" Another great reading with Lilith - :)"

Posted by: Carolyn on 11/29/14
" Lilith was wonderful...Would highly recommend a reading from this lady!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 11/21/14
" Wow Lilith blew my mind away she is amazing, told me some stuff that no other psychic was able to pick on..Gave me some names that no one else knew she was bang on about some stuff..truly nailed it hope her visions come to fruitionThanks xox"

Posted by: Mahz on 11/20/14
" A very lovely person who can help you through tough situations. also give good advice...."

Posted by: Tezz on 10/06/14
" Very good and nice. She gave me some insight and guidance. "

Posted by: Valerie on 09/10/14
" She told me a lot, she's a very sweet lady that gives you not only a bigger look into your situation but some great advice. Thank you :) "

Posted by: Unknown on 08/22/14
" I originally spoke with Lilith a couple of weeks ago, she gave me a prediction that happened within days!! She gave me the color of a guys car, and his sign--funny and scary!! Anyhow I was so impressed I just had to chat with her again, I will follow-up and keep her posted. Thanks Lilith:-)"

Posted by: Star Ty on 08/22/14
" Totally on the money , picked up on things could not have known. Very impressed and not to mention a wonderful person . Many blessings here look forward to speaking again soon. ;) xx"

Posted by: Anon, on 08/05/14