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Hi there! I am Jai` (pronounced Jay) . . . a psychic tarot reader. I have been in this realm virtually all my life, growing up as a prophetic dreamer. Along the way, I dove headfirst and perfected my skills in the ancient art of tarot and conjure work. I am also a sun sign adviser. I can describe sun sign personalities and how the energy plays a direct role in your circumstance. I love questions about sun sign compatibility . . . just ask :)

As you consult with me, you will travel with me on a vivid psychic journey. You see exactly what I see, just as if you were receiving the vision with your own eyes. I am specific and detailed. I pass psychic information to you exactly the way I receive it. I do not add to it or take away from it. I use tarot, clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, claircognizance, etc. In your reading, I may use one or all of these.

Pretty please:
- Have your question ready and your mind relaxed and receptive.

- Please ask your direct question and you will receive a direct answer.

- Why DOBs are needed? I receive prophetic information through sun signs.

- Timing is slippery . . . I ~never~ guarantee timing.

Thank you for allowing me to support you :)

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StarzQueenClairvoyance's Reviews

" She's really the best! you need to try her. She gets so in tuned w/ the reader.Love her."

Posted by: AF on 02/19/19
" Fantastic reader! so intuned and accurate! will not disappoint!"

Posted by: Alex on 06/28/18
" She's really fantastic! On point each time! Highly recommend!!"

Posted by: Gio on 11/06/17
" She is so awesome! truly has THE GIFT. I highly recommend her if you want accuracy. "

Posted by: GF on 04/29/17
" very insightful reading and accurate. very kind and patient reader. Thank you so much and I will contact you in the future for sure"

Posted by: Naya on 07/05/15
" I loved her reading, very detailed and her source is true. 5 star reading....she is on my favorite list!! Will call her agian."

Posted by: Patty on 09/29/14
" Had a reading with her. She seemed to connect fast and have a good insight on the situation I asked about. She was very sweet and down to earth, and she stayed focused on the questions i ask her and was very straight with answers vs. telling me what i wanted to hear. I liked that. Will def come back and follow up :)"

Posted by: Ash on 07/08/14
" first reading with her. She was very friendly and nice. she connected quick and was very straight forward. I def am interested to see what comes to pass and I will come back and update. "

Posted by: Ash on 07/06/14