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From: NJ, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Oct 24th 2013    Last Login: 2/23/24

Empathetic Tarot Readings With Psychic Sindy. Join me as we take a journey with the Mystic Tarot. Together with my spirit guides, I have taken people on spiritual voyages through their souls for over 40 years. Together we can find the answer questions ranging from love to finance, family to future. The Tarot Cards allow me to form a connection with those who I read with, a connection I have not found repeated in any other psychic mediums I have tried.

In addition to the cards I hold a degree in Psychology. Over the years I have discovered that the cards assist me more in life than any psychological theorem. The cards have always been an important part of my aura, and at a young age I found I had the gift of guiding others through the use of the Tarot. Let me give you the answers and guidance you’ve been searching for.

Together we'll go on a journey together, looking for answers to life's difficult questions. We may laugh, we may cry, but most of all we'll grow as human beings.

*Check my page for numerous positive reviews*

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StarzPsychicSindy's Reviews

" Sindy was spot on with things I mean really spot on. Get a reading from her she will give you clairity"

Posted by: Lana on 10/27/20
" Had a wonderful, enjoyable reading with Sindy! She was accurate, connected right away, and offered valuable, positive insights. "

Posted by: Moosie on 02/06/19
" She was awesome. Tuned into my situation and was spot on. Thank you!"

Posted by: Stephanie on 08/24/18
" Thank you. You are the real deal. "

Posted by: Violet on 07/26/18
" I always call Sindy to try understanding a situation. She is a friend giving good advices. Thank you."

Posted by: Shady27 on 06/12/18
" Amazing as always!! Thanks for putting up with me!! "

Posted by: Carolyn on 03/15/18
" This is the first time I used Starz psychics and man was starzpsychicsindy amazing def be back"

Posted by: Travis on 01/30/18
" She is SO SO SO great, so kind, accurate and fast to connect!! She gave me great guidance and support. I just love her so much!! One of the best tarot readers I've ever met. "

Posted by: lightseeker on 07/21/17
" Whenever I need questions answered I request Sindy - she is spot on and she always has time even when she is busy to chat with me...Thanks so much!!"

Posted by: CC on 04/07/17
" Sindy is my go to for everything when I need quick, accurate answers! I can't thank her enough!!"

Posted by: Carolyn22 on 03/28/17
" Amazing reader! Straight to the point, very fast to connect, very accurate. Loved her, loved her reading. She is caring and compassionate too. Her advices are very good! Highly recommend her!"

Posted by: preciouslife on 02/01/17
" My reading was cut off but I appreciated that she was cut and dry and got directly to the point. I'm hoping that her predictions were true and it was nice that I didn't have to give much detail for her to tell me what was going on. Deftput my mind at ease. Thank you!"

Posted by: Sailor on 12/31/16
" I can't say enough good things about Sindy - she is very direct and to the point and she is right on point about most everything I ask her!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 07/12/16
" Sind was kind and quick. Can't wait to see if what she says come true. Thanks for your details and insights"

Posted by: hh on 06/16/16
" Sandy is a guide and helps to take directions. I love her and recommand her. She is a friend. I have been reading with her for more than 3 years. Thank you."

Posted by: Cannelle on 05/15/16
" Another fantastic reading!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 05/09/16
" Another superb reading! My go to for the answers that I need!"

Posted by: CC on 04/27/16
" Sindy is my go to for answers and she is always spot on..I love her...she helps me when I need to know what's going on in my situation!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 04/20/16
" I can't say enough good things about Sindy - she is always on target!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 04/11/16
" Amazing is all I can say!!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 01/27/16
" Thank you for helping me during this time. I very much appreciate you and your advice and insight into this. You are truly a great lady. "

Posted by: L on 01/15/16
" The absolute best!!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 01/05/16
" Sindy has been reading for me around a few years now and she is always a Godsend...Thanks so much!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 12/29/15
" Sindy has been guiding me for more than 2 years and she has helped me to go through difficult time. She is a friend I trust. Thank you."

Posted by: Chady 27 on 11/22/15
" What can I say - another fabulous reading with Sindy! :)"

Posted by: Carolyn on 11/19/15
" Sindy is so right on about everything....Love her!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 10/15/15
" What can I say - another Fabulous reading with Sindy! :)"

Posted by: Carolyn on 09/10/15
" A wonderful reading again with Sindy!!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 08/18/15
" I just love chatting with Sindy - she is down to earth, quick and to the point!!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 07/10/15
" Another great reading with Sindy! Simply the best!!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 05/25/15
" Another fantastic reading from Sindy!! :)"

Posted by: Carolyn on 04/13/15
" Sindy is always right on with me...she is such a sweet person and I love chatting with her!! I will be in touch!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 03/31/15
" With Sindy I find strength to go on "

Posted by: Chady27 on 02/13/15
" One of the top readers on Planetstarz...Sindy is wonderful!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 01/20/15
" Sindy has been a wonderful guide I needed in difficult time. Thank you."

Posted by: Chady 27 on 12/25/14
" Sindy is a very compassionate and wonderful Advisor. I love chatting with her and thank her for her advice. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and God bless you."

Posted by: unknown on 11/25/14
" Sindy is the best! She has been very helpful to me and I appreciate it!!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 11/12/14
" Another fantastic reading with Sindy!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 10/21/14
" Thanks again Sindy - you really are so helpful to me!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 10/16/14
" The absolute best! She puts me at ease!! Love Sindy!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 10/13/14
" Love, love Sindy, she is the absolute best! Thank you again!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 09/18/14
" Thank you Sindy I will try to continue htis difficult road."

Posted by: chady27 on 09/15/14
" Another wonderful reading with Sindy!! XO"

Posted by: Carolyn on 08/06/14
" I just love Sindy - she is definitely the best!! XO"

Posted by: Carolyn on 07/30/14
" Sindy was wonderful! Love talking to her!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 07/17/14
" I used to read with Sindy a while back and I am so happy to have found her again :) I wasn't sure if she was going to remember me, but she did! Hi Sindy! I'm doing great, hope you're doing well, it's been a while! Anyway, I adore Sindy and I was thrilled when I found her because she is always on point and really has a gift when it comes to reading the cards. I always used to turn to her when I wanted to know how someone was feeling or how I should deal with a certain situation because she always seemed to lead me in the right direction. She gave me a very thorough email reading and answered everything I wanted to know. Thanks Sindy, I missed you! -Brittany"

Posted by: Brittany on 06/22/14
" My second reading with Sindy and she is awesome. Thank you and God bless...I will be back with an update!"

Posted by: unknown on 05/28/14
" I am so sorry but I ran out of time and StarzCindy was awesome and focused right on with my situation and gave mea timeframe when things would start to unfold. I will be back to update her, She is a wonderful Advisor and she is my favorite here :)"

Posted by: Josie on 03/27/14
" Another wonderful session with Sindy!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 03/10/14
" I give Sindy 5 stars - she is definitely accurate and quick to her!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 02/25/14
" Sindy is always great and gives good guidance. Thanks"

Posted by: Chady 27 on 02/23/14
" Sindy is very quick and accurate...great reader!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 02/11/14
" Sindy is great - very easy to talk to!!!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 02/08/14
" Sindy was great - easy to chat with and to the point! I will be back for another reading!"

Posted by: Carolyn on 02/03/14
" She's been so accurate on so many levels, positive reader ! absolute angel !! highly recommend her "

Posted by: MIa on 01/04/14
" Sindy is Fantastic! She has been guiding me for months, and is truly the best advisor I have ever spoken to. She is not only a lovely person, but accurate and caring. She wants to make sure she gets the right information across. Thanks Sindy! Can't wait for everything else to pass!"

Posted by: Munch888 on 11/20/13
" Always important to stay in touch with Sindy when my life is at a turning point."

Posted by: Chady 27 on 11/19/13
" Sindy is a wondeful guide. I have been in contact for months with Sindy and I recommend you chat with her. She offers a strong help....and friendship. Thank you with you soon."

Posted by: chady27 on 11/15/13
" I have been reading with Sindy for months. She is Amazing so accurate and very sensitive & caring but will give u the truth. Sindy is amazing and the real deal if you are looking for answers to your problems & accurate predictions. Thank you Sindy . You are very gifted ."

Posted by: Anya on 11/14/13
" I absolutely love Sindy. I have been reading with her for months, and not only is she accurate about things that will happen, she is so caring and considerate - a true friend. She has been extremely supportive and given a lot of good advice through a really tricky situation. Thanks so much! "

Posted by: dragonfly on 10/27/13