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I am a psychic medium and intuitive adviser offering you psychic readings, healing and love advice in a time of need. I can channel messages from your spirit guides.

I am here to help you with psychic readings and psychic love readings and guidance in all matters of life, including relationships, finances, your spiritual path, past lives, connecting with a deceased loved one or communicating with your pets.

I am known for connecting fast with your energy and getting straight to the point. It is my mission to help as many people as I can to make choices that will help them find happiness in life.

I will tell you how I see it, I believe telling the truth is the highest good. I am a 4th generation psychic taught by my grandmother and great-grandmother. I do not use any tools in my readings apart from my spirit guides Celeste and Oceania and my clairvoyant/sentient/audient abilities.
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StarzSofiaSpirit's Reviews

" I truly believe she is a living angel sent from above to relay true insights, accurate predictions, and messages when you need it most. And I believe she is genuine also. I absolutely love her and praying for her blessings and I do believe all her astounding and wonderful predictions will come true. Sofia you are a gift! And I will come back and let you know it goes! I recommend this lady to everyone. You will be so happy you chose her! "

Posted by: Sc444 on 01/17/19
" I had an amazing reading with Sofia. She doesn't even need date of birth or last name. The information flows with no added tools. Thank you so much for your session and I know what to do regarding friendship and relations in general. "

Posted by: Ctsui1 on 11/27/18
" Very fast and accurate.Thank you for the amazing reading. I ll be back "

Posted by: Nina on 08/22/18
" She's so awesome!And kind and have to try her to see."

Posted by: G on 08/20/18
" Great reading had to give her very little information. Quite impressed :)"

Posted by: Lana on 08/15/18
" she's really lovely and patient and listens well. No nonsense.. very good! highly recommend!"

Posted by: GF on 08/11/18
" very fast connection, could pick up on the situation right away- waiting to see what happens with this reading "

Posted by: vonnie on 07/29/18
" Picked up on person 100% , explained things with great clarity which was greatly appreciated . An exceptional reader and very glad I reached out . Many blessings here . "

Posted by: Anon on 09/09/17
" Great and quick . Detailed and fast "

Posted by: Girl girl on 10/13/16
" shes fantastic "

Posted by: sammy on 07/26/16
" Thank you sweet lady "

Posted by: L on 02/18/16
" Thank you :) "

Posted by: L on 02/10/16
" I've said, it before -I'll say it again and again SHES AWESOME! I will contact you back in a couple days! "

Posted by: L on 01/03/16
" kind and waiting for her words to be true,i will surely come back and write to her what happens..i am at the verge of loosing all hopes now,nothing works out for me the way it should,it all goes south at the last momentůso its not her fault either..its me,my luck..but i liked talking to herůbe blessed sweetie:)"

Posted by: r on 11/02/15
" YOU are amazing thank you :) "

Posted by: L on 10/05/15
" FANTASTIC! I have spoken with her several times... this time with a large gap almost 5 months and immediately she remembered me. She gave me some solid predictions. Will have to post when the come to fruition. Her take on current situations seems right on. I highly recommend her. So sweet and kind. "

Posted by: ~S on 09/17/15
" Thsnk you for all your help "

Posted by: L on 08/05/15
" I've had several readings with her and I always end up going back to her. She's patient and kind and not to forget very informative...I always end up getting clarity with her."

Posted by: Sara on 07/15/15
" I never want to not leave an advisor that I speak with a review. But one chat session with this lady and you will have no problem in telling anyone how great she is. I have talked to her for a while and she still leaves me, speechless. Sophia, you can pick up on the one in question, when there are so many others around me. I'm just speechless, that once again you zero in, on the one I asked about. With DETAILS NO ONE WOULD KNOW but the ones involved. You are a very special angel sent here to help, I truly believe that. Your accuracy is with out words. The BEST hands down. <3 I will be back, as I always do! "

Posted by: Lweb on 06/24/15
" Thank you sooooo much!!! :)) "

Posted by: Lwebb2015 on 06/15/15
" Very consistent with her messages/predictions and very kind in her delivery. Truly enjoy speaking with her. "

Posted by: ~S on 04/13/15
" Sophia thank you. You have helped me look into it much deeper so I'm not so confused. I will do as you asked. I've been left with no answers. You detailed some missing pieces for me. Thank u again. "

Posted by: Lwebb on 03/11/15
" Sorry we got disconnected, I do hope your right Sophia. Thank you. "

Posted by: Lwebb on 02/26/15
" She was very direct, honest, and very supportive in her relay of reading. I really enjoyed her and so far predictions seem to be panning out. She gave me time frames that are later in the year so can\'t validate until the time comes to pass. So far I have to say I really like her and feel she did connect very well. TY!"

Posted by: ~S on 02/23/15
" Accurate kind and very comforting. Shes also said things that she couldnt have known unless I told her.Would read with her again"

Posted by: sara on 01/31/15
" I have consulted with her quite a few times now. Amazingly straight and fast answers with my real spiritual guides. I know because she says "your guides are saying so and so" about things or details I didn't mention to her, so she couldn't answer like that on her own. I love you Sofia, so much!!! :) :)"

Posted by: Crystal on 01/28/15
" She's my favorite, I really truly love her! She's fast, very sensitive, accurate, straight to the point but very very sweet and kind, and this is the second time she helped me sort out a very complicated situation. I don't think I'll ever consult another psychic anymore, I've talked to quite a few but she's the one for me. She's got a really good healing energy. I feel like the paths are open now, I was so so so confused and now I'm feeling so positive and happy!! God bless you for all the good you've done to me!"

Posted by: Peace on 01/25/15
" Pleasant and a lovely person to talk to. Was spot on with everything she said and waiting for a number of predictions to come :)."

Posted by: Sara on 01/17/15
" I had a wonderful reading with her and she stunned me regarding my future soul mate. She mentioned where his roots are which is same as mine and I didn't tell her mine. Thanks PG"

Posted by: Anon on 12/12/14
" She is accurate! Her predictions came 100% true! I was a little cautions, at first, but she is surprising and true!! I recommend her"

Posted by: Patty on 12/09/14
" Again, Thank you for all that you do and see. Your predictions are unfolding it seems, you've been my angel through this and I am VERY grateful for you. I will be back NO DOUBT. Xoxo"

Posted by: Lwebb on 09/21/14
" I loved her reading, she picked up and everything I felt and needed to hear. 5 star rating! She is more my favorite list!! "

Posted by: patricia on 09/18/14
" Sofia, you had predicted something that happened the NEXT DAY! I was doubtful, I will not lie but I didn't want to get my hopes up to be let down. You gave me A VERY DETAILED DESCRIPTION of what you seen, and I couldn't believe it had happened! This LADY KNOWS!! Don't hesitate on contacting her :))) "

Posted by: Lwebb on 09/15/14
" Sofia, thank you for helping :)"

Posted by: Unknown on 09/10/14
" This woman is an ANGEL sent here to help. Don't doubt if you have came to her page. I've spoke to many psychics a VERY SMALL handful are keen on their abilities. This lady has a very beautiful gift, and I'm very grateful for her and others like her who truly help people in need of answers to help during stressful times. Much love to u and yours <3 "

Posted by: Lwebb01 on 09/05/14
" she was awesome. too the point and fast responses. She answers what u ask and doesnt drag time out. "

Posted by: gud nurse 48 on 08/30/14
" Thank you! Your a awesome reader and looking forward to next week :) I will let you know if it happens!! :)) "

Posted by: Unknown01 on 08/30/14
" Thank you very much. You are a wonderful advisor with so much insight and clarity. Your honesty and vision really put me at ease. 100 Stars!"

Posted by: Vee on 08/28/14
" Wow she is so quick with her responses! Second time of talking to her and she tuned in and gave me details about someone that I asked about. She is GREAT! :) "

Posted by: Unknown on 08/22/14
" Love her!! Honest, compassionate, kind, very fast and accurat. Highly recommend her and her readings!"

Posted by: Bee on 06/03/14
" She is the best. Very patient, a true medium! Very sweet and kind. She talked to me for hours and gave me sound advice and answered all my questions (and they were many!!!). If you believe in spirits, she actually helped me to send away a suffering spirit that was stuck around my family when no one else did or even cared (and I tried many physics in many places). They only wanted money and even their advices were risible. All the other physics were so "professional", cold. When you talk to her, she seems a good old lost friend! She's really really sweet. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You gave me hope that from now on my life will really start to move on and I'll be better. God bless you and all those who you love."

Posted by: Starlight on 05/06/14
" good and to the point. very nice too"

Posted by: nurses rock on 04/26/14
" Thank you so much for the reading , I got much insight of my business."

Posted by: Dipak on 03/09/14
" Thank u so much! Loved the reading... Can't wait for predictions!! Thank u so much.. I feel so much better! "

Posted by: Lissette on 01/18/14
" Fantastic reading, very accurate and made me very happy :)"

Posted by: Jack on 12/24/13