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Having loved and lost; felt the pain of breakups; and felt the joy of new love, I completely understand the need and desire to go deeper into a relationship or to discover a new one.

I am a tarot reader and certified life coach. I utilize the tarot to find out what you need to know right now, and how to proceed. If we talk about love, know that love is tricky -- it can bring ultimate joy, or feelings of unbelievable pain. I understand. I've been there. Let's chat to see what (or who) can make you whole; or to find out what's going on in your relationship.

Together we will work through your situation and find the best path for your journey. I utilize the tree of life, numerology, color theory, and astrology. Most importantly, I care about you. Even if the card says one thing, I listen to my spirit and connect with yours to give you an accurate answer. I'm an empath and will feel your concerns as if they are mine. Life is hard, I know that. Life can be great, though -- you can choose to make it so.

❤ I want you to be open and comfortable when talking to me. I am extremely compassionate, and confidential. I respect you and your spirit -- I ask for you to do the same. I will not tolerate disrespect of any kind. ❤

I read the cards as they fall at the moment of your question. Because life is fluid, things may change quickly -- especially since you are aware of what could be.

~.:.~.:.~.:.~.:.~ What to expect .~.:.~.:.~.:.~.:.

When you request a reading, I will ask your first name, and your date of birth. I will then ask for a specific question or for an area to focus on (love, money, health, hopes). I never want to waste your time, so asking something with focus assists me to getting to the root of the problem. Likewise, when you visit a doctor or counselor, you must tell them what is wrong. That, too, is how tarot reading works.. I must know how to interpret the cards so they can most benefit you.

I may help you with rewording your question if it is too broad, or if it doesn't focus on you.

Good questions include you and are open ended (not closed like yes/no questions but, who/what/when/where/why questions). They start with things like:

What can I do to...
How can I improve my relationship with...
What can I expect from...
How can I change my view about...
What is causing...
How might I ...
Ethically, I cannot give answers on legal matters or health concerns. I also cannot give you an answer that concerns other people that doesn�t start with you as the focus. Tarot is for self-reflection, not for being sneaky ^_^.


Be blessed

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