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When I was younger, I always had a fascination with cards. In the Infants I loved the flash cards that the teacher would hold up for us to learn little words. One day I was drawn to the word Tarot in a shop window where a display of tarot cards were sitting. I immediately went in and bought some cards and started studying these cards from home from that day.
I started reading just for myself and then went on to read for friends and family. People started asking me for help and guidance and then telling me that things were happening, from what I had told them.
Later on in years I moved to a really spooky house, and I started to become aware of noises, smells, feelings, etc. I felt protected in this house even though my visitors were wary of the house.
One day I saw a soldier in the hallway, and was later told that many soldiers were killed in my road from a bomb that went off in earlier years.
I started selling Ebay readings and got some really good feedback, I then went on to take phone readings for a good company, and to perform email readings too.
Today I have just started working for Starzpsychics, so I hope the future will be bright for myself and all the team here, as this seems to be a great company to work for. I have had a very warm and friendly welcome here in this family of lovely people.
I hope to help you on your way through my tarot cards and my experience with them over the years.
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" You are the greatest... I was about to give up hope of j after this morning but I will let you know what comes of this week. Thank you again - I most certainly will be back "

Posted by: L on 01/17/16
" Thank you for shedding some light on this your help was GREATLY appreciated. "

Posted by: L on 11/28/15
" Thank you VERY GOOD "

Posted by: L on 08/12/15
" Thank you so much for reading into my situation. THis Reader is amazing and she was very intuned to the man I care for. I will be back to let her know what happened :)"

Posted by: Josie on 08/25/13
" StarzWorldofTarot was very insightful and spot on. "

Posted by: Yvonne on 06/27/13
" very good reader and picked up all the energy i have been praying for which means hope for me. thank you!"

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" thank you "

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" You are awesome and thank you for your insight."

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" Very nice and helpfull - very precise - I will return here and can highly recommend her skills !"

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" You are a gem! Thank you for such insightful information, it really helped give me great perspective!"

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